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Guilty Pleasures

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Okay, get your mind out the gutter. Or if that’s your guilty pleasure, we’ll all wait a bit for you to join the rest of us in PG-13 land. : )


For me a guilty pleasure is something you do that maybe you shouldn’t.  You know, like eating that chocolate fudge cake with the rich, chocolate icing when you’re you’ve just decided to watch the calories.

Um… this actually happens to me a lot. As soon as I start a diet, I crave sweets.

But I’m getting off track.

One of my guilty pleasures is Starbucks. If you know me even a little, you’ll know I love coffee.  I’m on a tight budget and really can’t afford Starbucks, but oh, it’s so worth it. My oldest daughter buys me a Starbucks gift card every year for Christmas. I just used the last of it a few days ago. Well, there’s .34 left so I might convince myself somewhere down the line it’s worth it to pay the extra 3+ dollars.

Oddly enough, reading has also become a guilty pleasure. I say oddly because I’ve been reading everything I could get my hands on since I can remember. Sitting at the table at a restaurant, I read the labels on ketchup bottles, every item on the little triangle thingies they leave on the table. (You can tell we don’t eat at the upscale restaurants much) and anything else handy with printed words. But lately, the library books sit unread in their wicker basket collecting dust. With 6 kids, a husband, housework, writing career and a day job, I’m so busy during the day that I could be working on one project or another from the time I wake up to the time I crawl into bed and still not have everything done.

So when I sneak into a quiet room and open a book, it feels like a luxury. Sometimes, if I’m feeling really indulgent, I’ll take a break from my day job (one of the benefits of being self-employed) and read when the kids are at school. Add a cup of Starbucks to that and you have ultimate bliss.

Okay, your turn. It’s only fair. What are your guilty pleasures?


27 Responses

  1. Reese’s peanut butter cups and frosted cookies! But, as much of a reader as I’ve always been, that’s become a guilty pleasure for me too. I feel like I should be doing something else instead of sitting in my favorite chair just, well, sitting.

    I should be writing, cleaning, paying attention to the kids, walking the dog…something! Right?

    But yeah, a good book–pretty much anywhere–is definitely a guilty pleasure for me these days.

    • Oh… Reese’s peanut butter cups are my favorite! And you hit the nail on the head! How can I just sit and do nothing? LOL I don’t even watch tv without a load of clothes to fold or iron.

  2. Guilty Pleasures? Hmm this could take all day!!

    Hot Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Reese’s PB Cups
    Long daily naps
    Long drives by myself
    Lusting after cowboys (even with hubby sitting beside me!)

  3. Reading, definitely. And on Friday evenings, serial episodes of House Hunters International

    • Kari,

      My husband and I DVR House Hunter’s International, and House Hunters. Lately I’ve been watching one when I take my lunch break. We went to an open house Sunday afternoon on a whim. The real estate agent asked us what our time frame was for finding a house. My husband turned to him and said, “Oh, we’re just House Hunter fans and love an open house.” LOL

  4. My guilty pleasure is when I hide in the bathtub and take time for myself with a good book and a hot bath. I don’t do it very often because I don’t want to miss time playing with Lilly (our granddaughter).

    Last night I put my book down and walked away from the TV and my husband and I sat in her room playing ball with her. She had so much fun running around, laughing and giggling. Her laughter is something that should be bottled.

    East er time is my favorite time for candy because that is the only time you can get the resse’s peanut butter eggs (in the yellow wrapper). We buy them by the bags around our house. LOL.

    • Oh, I love those eggs. You can buy them after right Easter at a discount! Ah, there is nothing like the sound of children and babies laughing!

      I haven’t had a hot bath in a long time. But you’re right, that’s a wonderful guilty pleasure.

  5. Hi Shawna!
    My guilty pleasure is going to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby clutching a coupon in my hand. Somehow, having a coupon is like having permission to splurge on a totally unnecessary art or craft supply. I can get really excited when I come home with a new drawing pencil, tube of oil paint, pane of stained glass or pad of paper. Or yarn, although I stockpile this for our brief winter(?) because I can’t stand to have anything hot on me. That is my real guilty pleasure.

    Oh, and The Houston Firefighter’s calendar. (Yum!) I can justify this as hero inspiration.


  6. Love those Reese’s cups too! 🙂 Then it’s cinnamon rolls and apple pie. Shoot, who am I kidding, anything sweet, especially if covered in icing or chocolate. Okay. Now I need to run to the store!! LOL

    • Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting… Oh, this post is not doing my diet any favors. That is a guilty pleasure I indulge in every year at the fair…which is coming next month! : )

  7. A new pair of shoes (often flip flops)
    Chicken fried steak
    Expensive soap
    new lipstick from MAC or Elizabeth Arden
    dessert at a fancy restaurant
    Chocolate martinis
    a new book
    an expensive bottle of wine
    A piece of jewelry that I buy for myself

    Ummm, I live for guilty pleasures, or in my case, not even guilty. Just pleasure. I’m an epicunerean (did I spell that right?) and love all things bad from me. Well, most things. Money and water are interchangeable, right?

    Which means sometimes I have to get hold of myself. LOL. Aren’t you glad you chose this topic. Now you really know me.

    • LOL, Liz. Yes, I am. I’ve never tried a chocolate martini but ever since Angela James mentioned them on Twitter, I’ve wanted to. Giving yourself a little treat now and then is good for the soul. I think you’re right, I have more pleasures–things that give me a boost–but I don’t necessarily feel guilty about them.

      Of course, I do admit to an over-active guilt meter, so it’s probable.

  8. CHIPS. I shouldn’t eat them at all, because I have no concept of portion control when it comes to them. Especially when dip is involved!

  9. Oops. Forgot to sign in.

  10. I buy Chocolate, hostess cupcakes (my favorite), milky ways and Butterfingers… Then I just look at them for days. When I feel in the mood, I find out my Hubby already ate them. That’s my little vice… If it weren’t for my Hubby our house would be full candy! lol

    • I love Hostess cupcakes. I rarely buy them though and if I do, they go to the kids. I often hid candy in my underwear drawer for emergencies… just sayin’ ; )

  11. Nope. I never feel guilty about pleasures. I eat plenty of things I shouldn’t and sometimes feel guilty about doing it, but I don’t count those. LOL

    People often call things guilty pleasures because others would ridicule them for liking those things. Lately, the term is used often in relation to reality TV. I get that. LOL

    But my pleasures:

    Supernatural, Doctor Who, Haven (and several other shows)

    Reading (NEVER feel guilty for that! 🙂 )

    Jason Manns concerts with my best friends, usually in big cities several hours away on a work night.

    Fresh-popped popcorn with real butter and salt.

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