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Our Guest – Jennifer Bray-Weber

What a great treat today!

Please help me welcome my good friend Jennifer Bray-Weber, author of Blood and Treasure.  This is her newest release in the Romancing the Pirate Series, but it is not to be her last. And  I for one, can’t wait!  We’ve been traveling on this bumby writing journey together for the last two years.  Boy, it’s been one wild, crazy, adventureous ride so far.  LOL  Jenn is an amazing award-winning author and I highly recommend her books.   So come “Sail Away with Me” as we learn a little bit more about what makes Jenn tick! 🙂

 Please tell us, have you always dreamed, I mean written about pirates?

Not pirates specifically. But for as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of epic adventures.  Not your typical falling, flying, or chase dreams, though I have those, too. But over-the-top action, occasional romance, and always with danger dreams. Sometimes I wake up and think “Wow. What a rush!” If only I had a stenographer typing out my utopian escapades.

What sparked the idea for Blood and Treasure?  Did you know you were writing a series when you sat down to write the first book?

A dream, of course. 🙂 Frankly, I had no intention of writing more pirate stories. My heart was set on the paranormal world I had built around dragons, a renaissance faire, and the 7 sins. I love paranormal romance. It’s what I read. I figured I’d begin my dragon series once I finished writing Blood and Treasure. But the pirates weren’t done with me. They threatened to hang me up by my toenails from the bowsprit if I didn’t continue to tell their tales. Once I began writing the second novel of the series, pirates became an obsession.

Can you give us a brief look into what your writing schedule is like? I know you have a little one under foot during the day.  But I’m sure she doesn’t cause you a bit of trouble.  🙂

 My littlest one is a sneaky stinker. I can’t turn my back on her for one second. Not unless I want her to finger paint with the red food coloring again or empty an entire box of baking soda over every square inch of the kitchen floor – again. Ugh, I’m still trying to get the floor clean. But to answer your question, it is a desperate bid for time. I try like the devil to squeeze in what little writing I can, mostly during nap time. My attitude is even if I write only 300 words, it is 300 words closer to ‘the end’.

 About how long did it take you to complete your first novel?

It took 7 short months. I quickly found out by the nice folks in New York that I sucked. Then it took another 2 years of learning my craft and editing the piece over, and over, and over again.

 Would you consider yourself a plotter or a pantser?

Oh, I’m a pantser. I’ve no idea what’s going to happen. Somehow, I make it from point A to point B, with a little help from the business end of a cutlass.

Your characters are all so original.  How do you develop and differentiate them? You know I’m wondering about one Pirate in particular.  🙂

I’m a visual person with a strong personality. (I can almost hear the laughter from those who know me.) Somehow that translates to my characters. I “see” them and then I give them at least one dominate trait that defines them. From there they naturally reveal themselves. It’s like how Shrek the ogre describes himself as an onion. The characters have layers. I just peel one layer away to expose another. 

Because I write about a world where only the strong survive, the nature of the adventures dictates that my heroes are Alpha males and my heroines are tenacious. Captain Zane Fox in Blood and Treasure has anger issues. Lianna Whitney’s sharp-tongue gets her into trouble. And Blade, your favorite, Missy, he’s a honeyed- talking libertine. Blade was easy. He epitomizes everything in a smokin’ hot bad boy who’s in desperate need of taming.

 Who would you consider your ideal reader?

Great question! I think my ideal reader is the person who loves a good story. Okay, lame answer. How about this. My ideal reader probably loves to go to the movies and loves to be swept away by dark action, spicy romance, and a dash of humor.

 Please tell us about your writing journey. Hit any bumps along the way?

 Oh, I’ve hit my share of bumps, drove off into ravines, run out of gas, changed a flat or two…Bottom line, I’ve been lucky. I dove into writing head first, never letting an opportunity pass by. I hooked up with the right writing buddies and have a network of wonderful supporters. That is so, so important because you just can’t do this alone. I’ve garnered recognition and validation, became a 2009 Golden Heart finalist, schmoozed, advocated, and volunteered. It’s all part of my diabolical scheme to take over the world. Er, I mean, become a successful author and buy myself a piece of paradise in the Caribbean.

I’ve heard rumors there’s a second book due out through Carina Press. What can you tell us about it?

The rumors are true! I’m very excited to announce the second book in my Romancing the Pirate series is scheduled to be released next spring with Carina Press. A Kiss in the Wind is Blade Tyburn’s story, and the knife-wielding thief Marisol Castellan who causes him all sorts of trouble. And then steals his heart.

 Who are some of your favorite authors?

 Sherrilyn Kenyon, Katie MacAlistar, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Stephen King….see the trend? But I have many other favorites from different genres and some pretty talented friends, too.

Do you have a secret writing quirk? Like favorite bunny slippers, or special music that helps spark your creativity if you ever have a moment of writer’s block?

I’m most productive sipping on a can of Sugar Free Rock Star energy drink. I also enjoy listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. The sweeping music helps get me in a pillage and plunder mood.

 Since this is Everybody Needs A Little Romance, what’s your idea of romance?

It’s when your heart flutters as you think about that someone special. Your breath quickens when they enter the room. You lose sleep. You giggle. You anticipate. Your heart literally hurts from being so full. And when the stars align, BAM! There should be mutual attraction, humor, understanding, communication, compromise, bantering, and a healthy dose of spice. Oh, and according to my pirates, there should be rum. Lots of rum.

LOL Gotta Love that Rum! 🙂  Thanks so much for joining us today, Jennifer! Wish you all the best with “Blood and Treasure” and can’t wait for “A Kiss in the Wind!”

The Blurb:

(Award-winning Novel) Although Lianna Whitney was gently bred, she must now empty slop buckets and fight off randy sailors in a seaport tavern to survive. One night, she unexpectedly comes into possession of a golden medallion. But when the man who left it with her is immediately murdered by soldiers of the Royal Navy, she’s afraid to admit she has it. Unsure who to trust, she’s caught up in crossfire between navy officers and a pirate captain, who, realizing she possesses the object he’s been paid to find, whisks her away to his ship during the fight.

Privateer Captain Zane Fox is not interested in the mystical healing powers the medallion is said to hold, even though the legends claim it can bring a dying man back to life. He only plans to procure the medallion, drop the chit off at the next port where she’ll be safe, and collect the money he was promised. However, as they fend off storms at sea and attempt to outrun the Royal Navy, the two are also fighting the attraction they feel for one another. But when they are captured, Zane must choose between recovering the medallion and saving Lianna from the noose. And soon it becomes clear to him that the medallion is not the only treasure worth risking his life for.

Find out more about Jennifer and her books here:  www.jbrayweber.com


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30 Responses

  1. Great interview! I can’t wait till Spring!!!!

  2. Hi, Jennifer! Welcome to ENALR!

    1, I love pirates. I can’t believe they were ever deemed lame and unmarketable.

    2, congratulations on your sale to Carina!!!

    and 3, I am SO glad I didn’t get kids like that. LOL It sounds like you’re totally up to the task, though. 🙂

    • LOL Natalie! I’m thinking Jenn may have had a tiny bit of that mischievous spirit growing up. Not sure why. 🙂 Both her daughters are absolute angels!

    • Thank you Natalie.
      I’d been told numerous times pirates don’t sell. I beg to differ. And so do the boys in my series. And so does Carina. LOL! Laughing all the way to the bank.

      As for the kids, momma just hasn’t figured out how to lock the lazy susan. Ha!


  3. Enjoyed the interview, Jenn.
    It’s, uh, ‘interesting’ to hear that you’re in a “pillage and plunder mood” with plenty of rum.
    I may try that recipe before too long. LOL

  4. Jenn was headed to the beach for the weekend. Probably to work on her next high seas adventure. The lucky wench! LOL Hope to see her check in later today. 😉

    • I’m here, Missy! The beach always gets me in a pirate-y mood. And yes, I did work on a new pirate tale. My heroine’s cover as a lad has just been blown by a pirate captain. (tee hee) Oh, what fun I’m going to have with this one.


  5. I have read a good pirate book in a long time. Can’t wait to read this. Congrats on Carina picking up book #2

    LOL on the kiddo! Luckily for me, my “kids” have four legs and can be locked in the backyard or in my bedroom when they get on my nerves.

    I know what you mean about the paranormal that is “patiently” tapping a toe waiting to be written. I have a demon series that is on hold while I write about cowboys in tight jeans!

    Thanks for dropping by ENLR. Come back and visit anytime.

    • If you are talking about the Demon series you let me read – I loved it and really hope it gets published.

    • Hi Cynthia~

      Thanks for the congrats. I just found out last week Carina will be picking up pirate book #3, too. YAY!

      I love reading about hot, sexy demons. They appeal to my bad girl side. But then, cowboys in jeans are a must! Hmm…sounds like we both have trouble waiting for us. LOL!


  6. Thanks for sharing with us Jenn. Hope you enjoy the weekend at the beach.

    I enjoyed the interview and agree with Cyndi, there are so few pirate books out there. Congrats on your Carina contract – I love their books.

  7. Thanks habrewer~

    I love Carina, too. I’m truly fortunate to be considered one of their authors.


  8. Awesome writing! Love the pirates. Sooo many congrats for signing with Carina Press. Lots a love, Jenn!


  9. Hi, Jenn, fun interview! I had a little one dump a whole bottle of baby powder on the floor in her room. She said it was snow. (yes, she was imaginative from a young age) Best smelling snow, but what a mess, lol.

    • Thanks, Diana!
      At least you could vacuum the ‘snow’ up. LOL! I tell ya, I’m still trying to get that baking soda up and finding new red stains. Ugh!


  10. Welcome to the blog!! I love me some pirates and sailing adventures!!!! there’s something romantic about being trapped in this heaping pile of wood while crossing the atlantic.

  11. A little late to the party, but GREAT interview, ladies! Arrrrrgh!

  12. Even later to the party, but hopefully better late than never! This was a really fun interview to read. Let the rum fly and the pirates run a muck!!!

    I can’t wait for your next book to come out, I know you’ve been hard at work on edits for a few weeks. Congrats to one of the nicest people I know.

  13. Wonderful interview, Jenn & Melissa! Looking forward to a long run of pillaging pirates…oh, wait! That’s Jenn. Pillage on, Jenn.

  14. Okay, I’m so very late. Good excuse, but…well, there is no excuse for not welcoming my Ruby Sister to my group blog. Bad Liz.

    So excited for you for all the success you’re having. It’s just going gangbusters for you and I couldn’t be happier!

    Ahoy! Set sail, baby!

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