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Does Your Idea of Romance Match Jennifer L. Armentrout’s?

Everyone needs a little romance in the books they read. There’s nothing better than a good love story. The kind that brings a goofy smile to your face, causes that deep flutter in your chest and makes your toes curl. And the best kind of romance I’ve found lately doesn’t exist in your normal adult romance novels, but in young adult novels.

Gasp! Right? How so?

There’s something about first everythings: first kiss, first touch, first love and first heartbreak that reaches inside me and makes me all ooey-gooey. A good young adult romance novel takes you back to the time when you first fell in love. Reminds you of how you’d do anything for that boy, how the entire world revolved around him.

Looking back as adult, all of that is kind of…melodramatic, but also heartbreakingly familiar. And in the stories I read, I want those two kids to have the happily ever after. And I also want to see their relationship grow into something beautiful.

One of the biggest pet peeves in romance novels I read is the whole insta-love thing going on. Now, when I was a teenager, I had some mad cases of insta-lust. No lie. But I don’t think I ever saw someone in English AP for the first time and thought, “I WILL SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH THEM.”

I may have thought, “You are so purdy. I like you.”

So when I wrote Half-Blood and my other novels, both adult and young adult, I really wanted characters that started off as friends, strangers or enemies and grew to love one another. There’s something breath catching while reading when you witness these two characters come together in a natural way. It’s more realistic, and romance that’s realistic is the kind that lingers with you long after you read the story.

So that’s my idea of romance—the kind that is real, the kind that grows over a period of time. Hey, it may start off as a mean case of insta-lust, but becomes something more.

What’s your idea of romance?

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12 Responses

  1. I agree with you, the insta-love thing doesn’t work for me… Now insta-lust is believable! lol Just look at most book covers with hot male =D
    The best thing with hero and heroines is their getting to know each other phase, because, then we get to know them too

  2. LOL at “you are so purdy”!

    I like romance in YA because there doesn’t have to be one clear hero. My daughter doesn’t necessarily like that, because she hates when the heroine winds up with the “wrong” one. But I’ll take that risk for the excitement of not knowing which guy she’ll end up with by the end of the book.

    Thanks for being our guest today, Jennifer!

  3. Jennifer: Interesting post. I haven’t read a lot of YA, but I can usually identify with the characters because I remember being that full of emotion and angst. Also, I think the sexual tension can be off the charts in a YA even if there’s no sex. Maybe the authors even have to work harder at it, because if there’s no sex–or no good sex–then it’s all about the tension, and that’s what really makes us turn a page, IMO.

    • Sexual tension is off the charts in a lot of YA. It’s not that there can’t be sex, but in the same aspect, it’s not like an adult book where your characters are having it like rabbits by page 29. Not that there is anything wrong with that *wink *wink

      But yes, I agree, then tension is a page turner.

  4. I don’t read a lot of YA but I know it’s really gaining in popularity and I love the fact that more and more teens are actually picking up a book and reading. So I say a huge THANK You to you and all other YA authors Jennifer. BTW I really like the cover of your book it would definitely draw me to it if it was sitting on the shelf (even without a half naked man on it LOL).

    I do agree that the insta-love doesn’t work. I too like the build up and when they start out as friends it does seem like a natural progression (like in Turn it Up by Inez Kelley). I know in a lot of short stories they rely on the insta-lust a lot because they don’t have the time to build a long term relationship.

    thank you for blogging with us at ENLR today.

  5. Ah…so THAT’s why I keep drifting to the YA aisles in libraries and bookstores. I have noticed that instant-finger-tingling-upon-first-touch thing is beginning to wear thin with me (although I am guilty of using it myself). I love the anguished-longing cliffhangers, though, which definitely ups the score on the romanceometer for me.

  6. My “You’re so purdy…I like you” still runs through me today. Why, I was at rodeo just a week or so ago and I saw this cowboy and thought to myself…”You’re so purdy. I like you.” However, I didn’t have the courage to say it out loud. After neither his wife nor my husband would have appreciated the sentiment. Sigh. But boy…was he ever purdy!

    Welcome to ENLR! Come by and visit us often!

  7. LOL. I still get the “You’re so purdy” too. Not sue if that ever fades. I do think that insta-love can be pulled off in some instances. Almost all cases, insta-love is enjoyable to read.

  8. Welcome to the blog Jennifer! Like insta-love….when dealing with friends-to-lovers. that’s one of the few times it works for me. other than that, yeah “your so purdy”

    Thanks for joining us on the blog today!

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