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Bunny Fever

Oh, what a fun Fall project this is going to be!

We get to raise a rabbit for FFA. Really? This will be a new adventure for me. I had friends in high school and even cousins who lived, breathed and spent every waking moment with their show animals. Talk about time consuming. But they loved every single minute of the grueling work. At first my oldest daughter wanted to raise fryer rabbits. You know, the ones you raise and sell to be eaten.

Gulp. Not gonna happen. I can’t get attached to an animal and then let someone take it away knowing what they intend to do with it. It must be hereditary. LOL

When I was about nine, we lived out in the country and had lots of animals running around. My parents traded our barn full of hay to our neighbor for this cute little calf he had that kept sneaking over to our side of the fence. She was about the size of our dogs at the time. We named her T-bone. Yep, we planned to raise her and then….and then. Ack. I still can’t even think about now. I’m such a wimp. LOL

Needless to say, when it came time for us to make a decision, we just couldn’t do it. This little calf had become a cherished pet. Not only did she play with our dogs like one of the pack, she also chased my brother and I around for hours of fun, playing our warped version of tag. I truly believe the crazy animal forgot she was a cow. I remember looking out the window and seeing one of the dogs flying through the air from a playful head butt from T-bone. Talk about comical. Well, until she grew too big that is. Once  the cute calf stage disappeared, things got pretty scary. The game became “Run for your Life” instead of “nah-nah-na-boo-boo you can’t catch me.” I still have nightmares on occasion. LOL

Thankfully, my daughter decided it might be best to start with something easy for her first go around. A breeding rabbit. This one we will get to keep as a pet when it’s all over. Whew…I’m safe for one more year at least. 🙂

We picked Rafiki (named after the monkey from the movie “The Lion King”) up on Sunday and he’s the cutest, softest rabbit I’ve ever seen. Now to learn all the in’s and out’s of showing rabbits. He’s a Mini Rex, so he’s already full grown. But boy does he have one huge personality and attitude to match.

Anyone ever raise rabbits? Got any tips on how to keep the crazy thing from turning over its water bowl? 🙂 It won’t use the drip kind.


16 Responses

  1. hmm…sounds like a Bugs Bunny to me with that personality + attitude. just the way he stares right at you in the picture. lol! he’s definitely a handsome bunny. beautiful coloring! sorry. no clue how to stop the water bowl tipping. : ) good luck and enjoy!

    • LOL Donna! That would be the perfect name for him. 🙂 He has this way of looking at you that makes you wonder if he’s planning his escape. The water tipping is a decoy. LOL

  2. He’s beautiful!

    Rabbits are the softest creatures on earth. My roommate had a couple in college. One slept on my back at night, until my then-boyfriend came in late one night and scared him. Then he peed and pooped all over my comforter and ruined it. 😦

    No advice about the water bowl, unless you can find one you can somehow anchor to the cage bottom. Maybe use a plastic container, poke holes in it, and tie it down? Bungie cords could work, to make it easier to remove for cleaning.

    Have fun!

    • Oh, Natalie! How awful! The breeder we got him from warned us not to hit or be rough with rabbits. She said they remember and pay backs are not fun. She must be telling the truth! I’ve got the bowl wired to the cage around the lip of the ceramic bowl right now and the little stinker still managed to turn it over. He better learn to drink from the dripper real quick because this is getting old real fast! LOL Too smart for his own good!

  3. Absolutely no idea on how to waise a Wascalilly Wabbit, but I bet you’re in for a GOOD time…:)

  4. Oh, wow, a bunny.

    I think they are super cute, but it’s one animal I’ve not had experience with. But he’s very cute and seems like a good fit for your family. Thanks goodness you don’t have to send him off to become rabbit stew. That would be traumatic.

    Good luck

    • Thanks, Liz! He’s the same color as our Golden Retriever. 🙂 The poor dog doesn’t know what to think yet. I keep telling her “No! It’s not a squirrel!” LOL

  5. I know nothing about rabbits…including how one might taste if fried! They are just too cute and soft.

    I’m not sure I could raise anything that I knew I’d be eating tomorrow. Yes, I’m a wuss. I’d have never made it in the wild west!

    Good luck!

    • I’m with you, Cyndi. Now, I must confess that I love deer meat though. But I’ve never seen the deer alive first. Hubby brings the back strap home and It’s just like I went to the store and bought the meat. 🙂

  6. Hey, Missy!
    I had a pair of pet rabbits as a child. Bertram and Anastasia (Yeah, trust me to come up with weird names) and one of my friends has a huge black house rabbit who romps with the dog. He uses the litter box. I raised a pet skunk (Petunia), not deodorized as a child and as an adult my kids and I adopted a baby possum who turned out to be a very charming pet. Her name was Oreo. So, I totally understand your pet connection.
    For the cage, they make a water bottle that hangs on the side and your bunny can have water available all the time. Be sure to get the metal one so those gnawy bunny teeth don’t destroy it. You’re a woman after my own heart. If I had to kill what I eat I would be out looking for wild mushrooms.
    Have fun.
    June/J.D. Faver

    • LOL J.D.! I’ve heard you can litter box train rabbits. Please don’t tell my daughter! I don’t want this little critter inside. 🙂

      We’ve got a water bottle hanging on his cage, but he wasn’t trained to use it so he’ll have to learn. But he’s not in a real big hurry. Grrrrr…

      Are we having fun yet?? LOL

  7. cows. *shudder* we raised cows for beef and I never had problems frying them up. needless to say, we didn’t get along. we didn’t play. they would chase me on occasion when I tried to catch my horse. I don’t mean one cow either. try 50+. yeah. that was some good dinners. *evillaugh*

    rabbits are CUTE. I wanted one. DH said no and now we have a dog instead. I’d still rather have the rabbit.

    • Oh, Keri! Being chased by one of those big beasts was bad enough. I can’t imagine 50+!! Ack! I might have had a different feeling about it if that was the case. LOL

      At the moment, all this rabbit has going for it is its cute side. At least dogs are friendly and want to please their masters. Well, most of them anyway. 🙂

  8. I gave dh a rabbit when we were dating…It was a lop…so it had the long ears…it was precious when we got it and dh would take it out of it’s cage and it hung around the house, just as docile as all get out…until it reached about 20 pounds…then dh had to put on heavy duty steel gloves just to feed it! For some reason it became vicious! I’m sure your sweet bunny won’t be like that…but, beware…it can happen!

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