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So back to fall. That means a number of things.


Fall Season of shows–hellllloooo NCIS, Psych, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle and many more!

The big Ford Family Reunion is this weekend! (it’s a serious party. One year my cousins and I drank, sang and danced until well after midnight. Yep. Right there with our parents and grandparents. That’s how we kick it.)

8 years of marriage swings around on Tuesday!! (dude, I have to remember to pick up his gift!)

Our County Fair is also coming…Tuesday! (It always lands on our anniversary. Our first or second year we went to the fair and got funnel cakes and candy apples *g*)

HALLOWEEN! If you know even a little about me, you know I’m a serious candy junky. I like candy like whoa-get-your-hands-out-of-my-candy-bucket-before-you-draw-back-a-nub. Lucky for me, son does NOT like candy. Son wants to be Jake from Jake And The Neverland Pirates….so yeah. Fun times trying to pull that costume together.

Changing of the leaves! All the pretty colors. Love it. I have a lot of pine trees, so I don’t get too much color, but I enjoy what does come through.

Cooler weather! Windows are opening, air conditioners are going off!

Fall also unfortunately means that the holidays are just around the corner. Eek! I heard someone say Christmas some 110 days or so off. I’m pretending I misunderstood that. Which is completely possible.

So tell me, when you think FALLLLLLLLLL what comes to mind?

12 Responses

  1. First of all, happy anniversary!! I’m totally not ready for it to be fall already. It seems like the trees just got their leaves and now they’re already turning colors.

    That said, fall weather is probably my favorite because I love the mild temperatures, that are more consistent than spring. The only downside is that it’s followed by winter snow, freezing cold (yeah, I’m an all things in moderation kind of gal, including my weather), and no more green. *whimper*

    • Gwen, I am looking forward to the cooler temps, but then our winters aren’t overly harsh, just cold. this 110 weather is ENOUGH! for a few days we were down in the 70s. was lovely. and this week we jumped back in the 100s.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Fall = crisp temperatures, campfires, college football, leaf color change

    Downside..Also means the end to lake fun ends soon.

  3. I love the Fall too. I don’t have has many problems with my allergies as I do in the spring and the temps are nice. I love sitting around a fire outside roasting marshmellows.

    College Football – Go Hogs Go!!!!

    Happy Anniversary Keri.

  4. When I think of Fall, I envision the gorgeous smear of reds, oranges and yellows from my childhood in Oklahoma. I think of pulling on a sweater before going out the door and being met by a crisp bite of cool air on my cheeks. I think of wood smoke from an early evening fire.
    I do NOT connect Fall with 100-degree temperatures, semi-tropical vegetation and me still wearing shorts.
    C’mon Fall.

    • LOL JD, you are so right. love love love that first fall day when it’s crisp enough outside to pull on a fav worn-in hoodie sweatshirt out of my husband’s closet. am so over all this heat!

  5. Yeah, fall is holding out on me. Come on down, cool air and rain. We need you.

    I think of football (how can I not think of it…starts in August for us) and much of what Keri thinks of. I’m so copying. I love the fairs, Halloween and contemplating wearing boots. It’s my favorite time to decorate the house – come Sept 21st there will be decorations out in the Talley house. I also think of gumbo and hot chocolate. Ready for some of that.

    Thanks for reminding me that fall is almost here.

    Geaux, Tigers!

    • Liz, you are tempting me to get out my fall decorations. the pumpkins, wreaths, strings of fall colored leaves, fall scented candles! oh, man. I love all that stuff!

  6. I totally watched Tom Brady break records all over the Dolphins’ asses! I warned Tony Sparano that if he was going to blow his wad on the first drive, it was going to be a long game. And it was. (And then I mocked/imitated him and threw my neck out. Good thing I work for a chiropractor!)

    I love fall for all of the reasons you stated! Best weather of the year, NFL returns, my kids start playing soccer again, my 19th anniversary is in 3 weeks, TV! Good things always happen to me in October, too.

  7. Hope you guys have a very Happy Anniversary, Keri! 🙂

    I think of football, cooler temps and the return of CASTLE! Finally!! LOL How dare they end the last show like that. 🙂 I just can’t believe it’s already the middle of Sept. Sure doesn’t feel like it around here. Ugh…

  8. Definitely ready for some cool fall weather after this Texas summer. Wouldn’t mind a bit of rain either. And I’m with you on the football – love college, NFL and the CFL. And I still get baseball. And NASCAR.

    Happy Anniversary, Keri!

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