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Who’s Talking Anyway?

I’m looking at the world a little bit differently today. And having a blast doing it.  I attended a great workshop by a wonderful writer this weekend. Christie Craig, you are my hero!  🙂

I thought I knew what POV(Point of View) was.  I learned the hard way to stop head hopping as they say, and make my character’s behave and speak differently. But I had no idea there was so much more to this POV stuff. Internal dialogue and intuition. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Then there is Deep POV. This is what makes a reader love, hate or feel sorry for a character. It is what makes us want to keep reading. What makes us think about a character long after the story ends because we’ve come to care about them. Imaginary friends we feel like we really know or may have run into somewhere along our busy day.

The light bulbs went off and I believe a few sparks might have shot out too as the rusty wheels started turning. This is why I love Christie’s books so much. They are full of emotion. Her character’s think, move and react like real people. I relate to them. Duh… It’s easy to see now.

I’ve been going back through the books I’ve read that I just can’t get out of my head and sure enough, there it is as plain as day. These character’s thoughts and actions make me laugh, cry and cringe. They literally jump off the page and smack you with the emotion they are feeling at that very moment. I learn about their past a little bit at a time, not through three pages of backstory. Ah…backstory. Another one of the painful learning curves I’ve endured during this writing journey.

This insight couldn’t come at a better time. I’m doing final edits right now and can’t wait to go back to add these little gems of information and give my character’s that added boost they’ve been missing. I know why I love or hate them, and if I do this right my readers will too.

It’s been quite comical ever since the workshop. Now every time I walk into a room, I find myself trying to figure out what one of my characters might be thinking. What would jump out at them, bring back a painful or special memory. Even people watching has become more fun. LOL  No one sees the same thing quite the same way. Brilliant!

I guess this is another one of those, “You know you’re a writer when” moments. 🙂 To the girl at the McDonald’s drive through window – Sorry for staring at your Hello Kitty nose ring, I was just trying to figure out whose voice was in my head and why the heck they were freaking out.

Hmmm…Was that just me or one of my characters. LOL

Be sure to check out Christie’s Blog and websites!


www.christie-craig.com Romance Books

www.cchunterbooks.com YA Books


10 Responses

  1. A “Hello Kitty” nose ring would make anyone stare! I’m trying to visualize that, and it’s not working too well…:)

    CC Rules! Pass it on…:)

  2. Thank you for sharing, very insightful. I sometimes find myself people-watching and wonder what’s going on in their world. I will be sure to watch what I wear, if we ever meet (JK).

  3. Hello Kitty Ring? I’d be starring too…and not because of my character’s thoughts but because of my own! LOL

    POV is one of those things that young writers always “think” they understand but they don’t. Personally, it’s taken quite a while, and a hell of a lot of writing, to begin to get a grasp on deep POV.

    Good topic

  4. Back in college (aka my “wild child” days) I had a nose ring…I opted for the more subtle, barely-there diamond though. Much to my mother’s relief… I mean, she’d have preferred no ring at all. haha But hey, the tiny diamond stud was way better than a massive hoop or, well, Hello Kitty…at least in her mind!

    And POV…dont’ get me started. I’ll get a headache just thinking about it. But hey, I got McDonalds today too! No kitties in the drive-thru for me though.

  5. the women who work my mcdonalds arent quite “hello kitty” material. and like Cyndi, there would have been no character thoughts involved there. those would be all mine!

    and pov. *yay* It can be taught! 🙂 but it takes time for all the gears to click in place for it all to make sense. or it did me anyway.

  6. Sorry to be away today. Kept my nephew’s 6 month old for 7 hours. Wow, can you say exhausted! Sweet little guy, but very active and wanted to be held alot. I feel like I’ve had one heck of a work out right about now and really want a nap!

    Yea, I think it was pretty much me doing the freaking out. LOL

    With writing, there is always so much to learn and unlike school, I enjoy these craft lessons. 🙂

  7. I think it’s awesome any time “writerly need” and “fantastic lesson” converge at just the right time. 🙂

    There’s also a difference between understanding something like deep POV, and being able to apply it. Learning curve never stops! 🙂

  8. Sounds awesome…and we all need a brush up every now and then. I have to really remind myself whose head I’m in. I’m constantly thinking, “Wait a minute, Abram wouldn’t say lavendar. He’d say purplely.” LOL. I better keep my eyes peeled as I go over my ms one last time before pressing send.

  9. I constantly struggle with deep POV, Melissa. I think one of the reasons I’m so in awe of Suzanne Brockmann is because she gets you into the character’s heads like almost no one else can. In fact, I believe she coined the term “deep POV”.

    For my last book, I actually wrote some of the early scenes in 1st person, just to get more into character. It helped, but unfortunately, I still occasionally find a “my” where there should be a “his”. 😉

    My first job was at McDonald’s. No Hello Kitty nose ring for me. Just a burn from the toaster oven and another from the fry vat. After that I moved on to sporting goods.

  10. Wow! Sounds like an awesome workshop. I love deep POV. If I can’t go deep, I figure I don’t know the characters enough and step back to evaluate why. Writing is one of those occupations in which there is always something to learn, at least for me. ; )

    Now I think I need to go read some Suzanne Brockmann!

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