To Be Read

Whether it’s a mental or an actual physical list, almost everyone who loves books has a TBR pile. (To be read)

Some books have been in my mental to be read list for years. I will read them; it’s just not a priority. Others I download almost immediately. This week, with news of EPIC winners and gearing up for the RITAs (which I hope to enter) I was wondering what moves a book up the TBR list to that I-must-have-it-now status.

Sometimes, for me, it’s simply a really good blurb. Other times it’s a witty interview with the author that makes me want to see the inside of his or her mind through their writing. A nice cover will do it, as will hearing so many good things from the book from readers (not the author) that I have to see what the buzz is about. Honestly, how much money is in the Paypal account influences my decision too.

Which brings me to my question. What moves a book to the top of your TBR list? What turns you off? Have you ever been excited about reading a book only to be disappointed and wonder what every one else was talking about?


11 Responses

  1. Shawna,

    what usually moves a book up my TBR list is if it’s an author I follow (Like Nalini, Lora Leigh or JR Ward) their books always get read, even if I have other stuff waiting – including school. Review requests also drive my TBR pile some but I try really hard not to let them and deadlines take the joy out of reading and make it seem like a “job”. i love to read and reviewing has given me the opportunity to read/review some great books.

    I like pretty covers but they don’t always move me. A good blurb goes a long way. There are books that I loved but other’s hated and vice versa. I think that’s always going to be the case and the wonderful thing about reading, there is always going to be something out there for everyone.

    • You know, that is what usually drives me too. However, I love Ilona Andrews. They are like my heroes! And I still haven’t read the latest Kate Daniels book. I do have an Amazon gift card though… and a Sony : /

  2. Oftentimes, it’s my mood. Some days I’m up for dark and dramatic, other times I direly need something fun. I’m shuffling between three books on my ereader right now for this very reason. Which one I chose on a given night just depends on how the world treated me that day.

    • Kari,

      I am the same way. I usually have 1 book on my phone, 1 on my kindle and one of the paperbacks beside the bed or with me too. It depends on my mood which one i actually pick up to read. (a lot of times right now it’s been the Corp Strat book LOL).

      I tend to like a lighter/fluffier book after I’ve read something dark or dramatic too.

    • I just can’t book hop. Or rather, when I do, it’s because the book hasn’t captured me. I have a Kathleen O’Neal Gear book that I’ve been reading for 3-5 months now. I put it down to read anything else that comes my way. I like the plot, the writing is okay, it’s just not grabbing me by the throat and telling me I need to read it more than I need sleep.

  3. I like reading several at once too, so for me, it’s also a what strikes my fancy sort of thing.

    I do have autobuy authors, but I’ve been in a slump lately with them. Right now I’m looking for something new and luscious to dive into.

    I also tend to buy off excerpt on my kindle. I poke around on the top lists and download the samples. Oftentimes, I’m so engaged that I go ahead and buy it. That’s a pretty wonderful tool.

    And, I’m admitting it here. I buy my friends even if I don’t read them. Many times I do get to the books, but I want them there to 1. support them and 2. to read them when I have more time.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to read lately. Been too busy writing my own stuff. But I just sent my last book in to my editor today, so I have a little time before I start my next book. Maybe I’ll get around to some of those TBR.

  4. I keep book lists on Evernote. One for fiction, one for nonfiction (usually research related or writing craft), and one with ideas for my boys. I use them when I’m at the used book store, browsing the library catalog, or looking for something new for my Nook.

    What I actually choose at any given moment is definitely mood-related. If I’ve just read several historicals, I’ll be in the mood for a good RS, and vice versa.

    I generally won’t start a book if I can’t finish it that day. Mainly because if it’s good, I won’t have the discipline to put it down. So sometimes I read slow books just so I can get other things done, but generally I have only one novel going at a time, and one or two craft books.

    I don’t read back cover blurbs very often. They spoil too much of the story for my taste. A good cover helps, as does “buzz” from friends, or a lot of good reviews. And, of course, I have a list of must-buy authors, including writer friends.

    Too many books, not enough time or money!

  5. Shawna, you always make me think! I read this earlier and the past few hours I’ve been thinking over and truth is, I don’t know.

    If I know the author, I’ll jump on the book faster.

    If I know the author the genre is a favorite, I’ll jump on the book faster.

    Other than that? pfft. Not. A. Clue. my moods play a lot into. am I wanting something like and fun? dark and sexy? gritty and underbelly? <<when mood plays a role, I look at covers and blurbs to make my choice.

    and this is the only time I don't like my kindle. so fracking hard to browse on that little screen!

  6. My TBR pile is such a disaster at the moment. I guess what moves to the top of the pile — or more accurately off the pile entirely and into my hands to be read — is, as for Keri, dependent on my mood when I find some time to sit down with a book (which, by the way, is the same for opening a new book on the Kindle). Is it light romance? heavy romance? nonfiction? or women’s fiction — a recent enthusiasm. When I only have five or ten minutes to read I generally pick something to re-read instead. That way suspense doesn’t draw me forward.

    Although I have to admit, although the suspense of never-read isn’t there, it’s sometimes an insuperable temptation to read through to a particularly good bit I remember.

  7. No real rhyme or reason for me, either. Sometimes it’s because a book I’ve been waiting for for a long time comes out (Trinity Faegan’s first, Darynda Jones as examples), sometimes it’s mood, sometimes I feel guilty for leaving things in my TBR pile (paperback)/file (Kindle) and I just pull the oldest one. šŸ™‚

    I buy as many of my friends as I can, though sometimes if it’s just something I don’t ever read (like historicals), I might not. I always have a reluctance to read because I’m afraid they won’t grab me, and I never want to dislike a friend’s book! šŸ˜¦

    I tend to go on buying binges. When my Kindle TBR drops below 10, I get a little frantic. I keep pre-release books in my wish lists, and already-out books in a “to buy” folder on my Kindle, and those are what I go by when I can’t stand it anymore and MUST BUY NEW BOOKS. LOL

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