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Traveling…it sucks

Yup. Let’s just put it out there. I hate traveling. I am not someone who is all “Let’s go see the world, honey!” Nope. I love my creature comforts. My own bed. My own sofa. My own kitchen. Eating out every night gets old after awhile…and doesn’t make my jeans happy.

Not to mention…once we had the Tot, our load doubled as far as “essentials” we have to pack. How is it someone who is literally one eighth my size needs two times as much stuff as I do? Seriously, how?

At least my husband likes to drive. Thank you sweet baby Jesus. I am not a fan of driving, unless it’s to the Taco Bell three blocks over and back again.

And the packing. Inevitably, I forget something. There was that lovely time I had to inform my brand new mother-in-law that we had to go the sixty miles to Walmart (yes, they live out in the boonies) because I managed to forget underwear (minus the pair I wore) for the two week visit. Or when I remembered my cell phone, but not the charger. No toothbrush. My hairbrush. No shoes. I really should have someone who will officially pack for me. And make my meals for me. And do my laundry. And vacuum…

Really,  I just need a wife.

Think my husband would mind?

All in all…travel sucks. I hate being out of my element, despite going cool places.

So…are you a travel nut? Or are you like me and dread leaving the tri-city area?


ETA from Keri: I think Jeanette is traveling today to RomanticCon so I’m not sure when she’ll get a chance to respond to her comments.


9 Responses

  1. I like to travel some but we usually stay within the 5 to 6 hr travel time. But you are right, eating out every night gets very old and the tot definitely adds double to luggage.

    We went to Memphis (I know 2 hr trip) over the July 4th holiday and spent 4 days maybe. The back of my car was packed and even in the space in front of the car seat. We had to have a travel crib (don’t trust the ones at hotels) toys, formula, Lilly has CF so we had to take her medical equipment with us, not to mention her pillow and blanket and a bag full of toys and a bag full of clothes (about 3x more than you need because she’s a tot). my husband is a master arranger and griped the whole time he was putting everything into the trunk.

    Best part of trips though, coming home to my own bed!!!

  2. you need to marry me!!!!!

    because seriously? How long have you known you were going on this trip and you didn’t make a list??? Did you pack by outfits alternating around shoes? And have your outfits organized so that you swap uncomfortable shoes with an uncomfortable pair? Just going on a limb here…I’m gonna say no.

    What about hair products? That’s HUGE. You know this is a big deal and I bet you blew it and are going to use that nappy hotel junk that is really just cheap body wash in a bottle marked shampoo/conditioner.

    I dont’ know what to do with you. I know you probably didn’t take jewelry under consideration either. Or the need for extra outfits just incase on the day you’re supposed to wear pink, you’re not “feeling” pink.

    what about a foot bag for bandaids and stuff for blisters? advil?

    I can see now you should have consulted me ahead of time on this matter. Or bet yet, after our talks of packing during pre-Lori Foster conference, I should have known better and asked you about this stuff at least 5weeks go. 😀

  3. My husband has the travel bug. If it were up to me, I’d never leave home.

    Love my house.
    Love my view of the lake.
    Love my bed. Love my 55″ tv.
    Love my fenced yard (so dogs can run without me having to walk them on a lead.)
    Don’t mind packing.
    HATE with the passion of a thousand suns UNPACKING when I get home.
    Hate strange beds.
    Hate worrying about bed bugs, strangers, dirty hotel rooms, etc.

    Now if I gave you a list of all the places we’ve been and all the things I’ve seen and do and experienced, you’d think I was such a travel queen. Nope. Just the husband or job responsibilities.

    I get where you’re coming from!

  4. I love traveling. Even the driving doesn’t bother me, but since I commute 110 miles a day, I sort of road-ready. ‘Far’ in my book is anything I can’t drive in one twelve hour day.

    On the flip side, I hate packing. Always leave it to the last minute and always forget SOMETHING. This summer I outdid myself. Managed to forget to pack my birth control pills for two trips in a row. My husband could care less if I remember deodorant, make up or clean underwear, but now he asks me as we walk out the door if I remembered my pills.

    • Kari my husband did the same thing. We went to Tunica, MS for 3 days for our anniversary and I forgot my meds (several I take daily) but I didnt’ want to turn around and go back for them. he asked if I had my little blue box and when I said I did, he was good to go. 🙂

  5. It’s probably already obvious from my previous posts, but I’m a travel nut. Yes, I adore my own bed, I always forget something, and I get tired of eating out, but I LOVE going new places. I’m not a go-back-to-the-same-place-every-summer kind of girl either (though there is fun in that too). Give me someplace new, new, new!

    Granted, travel has gotten much easier now that my kids are older. I have some particularly hellish memories from our Seattle/Victoria/Vancouver trip one summer when my youngest was very, very lucky he was adorable. Very lucky.

    Something often goes wrong, but those trips are also sometimes the most memorable, the ones we talk about for years. Like the time we left our wedding reception clothes at my MIL’s two hours away and had to go shopping with 45 minutes to spare. Or the time the car battery died and then the a/c went out on the way back to Tucson from San Diego. In July.

    Or our recent trip to Miami when my husband had to get an emergency root canal just hours before our cruise ship left port… Come on, that’s fun stuff, people! 😉

  6. I have mixed feelings about traveling.

    I like visiting new places, and I love to fly. I especially love traveling by myself, but a plane or train is best, because driving puts me to sleep. I don’t mind hotel rooms and have to say we’re really lucky, because we haven’t had any vacation/travel disasters as a family. Well, not MY part of the family. Have had family vacations with trips to the ER for nieces and nephews, though.

    Keri, you’d be proud of my trip spreadsheets, though I don’t go into *quite* as much detail as you do. 🙂

  7. Well, put me in the mixed category when it comes to traveling. Just going places to see something is not my cup of tea, but when it involves a chance to see old friends — pack me up, I’m ready. Just returned from three weeks in England which was wonderful, even though a) I always pack too much, and b) the shadow of old ailments persisted, i.e. difficulty with carrying heavy stuff on account of shoulder and hand which meant dear noble husband wound up carrying my too much. But oh, we had good visits by the fire in Hastings when it rained and there is nothing better than a cream tea, which is plain good English tea along with scones that you split and slather with clotted cream, which is cream whipped almost all the way to butter, and then strawberry jam on top of that. And then north to Yorkshire, with cousins driving through the marvelous dales with the dry stone walls climbing up the hills to keep in the sheep, and a fresh Yorkshire wind. We finished in Bath, which was glorious.

    I purr just remembering!

    Yeah, friendship, glorious scenery, and cream teas make travel definitely rewarding.

  8. I love to travel, but I understand where you’re coming from because it is always so nice to be in your own bed again.

    I agree with Keri. Lists, lists, lists. They are a life saver.

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