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Homecoming Memories

How on earth did October get here without my knowledge? I thought school just started!

There is one thing in life you can count on.  If you don’t pay attention, it will pass you right by. We are getting ready for Homecoming around here. This will be my oldest daughter’s first time to go with a date. In the past, they’ve gone as a group. Just a bunch of friends hanging out and having fun. Not sure how I feel about this one on one stuff. He’s a great kid and all, I just don’t like the idea of her being old enough to date. Gulp. Again, when did this happen?

I sort of remember my first Homecoming dance. I liked the football game more than the dance, but there are still vague memories of buying a pretty dress and wearing that mum that in no form or fashion matched my pretty dress. My date was a friend. Well, he actually wanted to be more than friends and before the night was done I’d had enough of his trying to get closer. Poor guy didn’t even get a good-night kiss when he dropped me off at home. Boy, I feel really bad about that now. Why is it the unpleasant moments seem to stick around longer? Ugh…

I’m finding out that these mums have become a big tradition these days. And when I say big, I mean BIG!

In the past two years, I’ve seen girls come out of the high school on game day with these things so huge you have to wonder how on earth they are even walking upright. Not one flower, but three. Not normal length ribbons and gadgets, but to the floor ribbons and gadgets. And most of the time there is some kind of stuffed animal attached right in the bid middle. Oh, and even those feather boas are a popular addtion.  Geesh.. And don’t get me started on what one of these gaudy things costs. My mouth is still sore from hitting the floor. Let’s just say we made ours and even that wasn’t cheap. (Pictures are only examples. Not the mums we made. LOL)

But it will be a special night of first for my daughter and hopefully the memories will last a lifetime. Well, at least I hope the good ones last longer for her than they did me. LOL

Any great Homecoming memories? Have you ever gone back to your high school to watch a game?


18 Responses

  1. I love those costumes! I wish Homecoming had been Mardi Gras when I was in high school (it was more like Prom-on-the-Cheap).

  2. LOL Keri! Costumes is right! 🙂 At least they don’t wear the mums to the dance, just to school and the game.

  3. I grew up in a tiny town in Oklahoma. Homecoming was THE big event. Loved every minute of it–making the floats, decorating the cars for the parade, the dance, and the cheesy mum corsages! Could do without the guys barfing after drinking too much…

  4. It’s been over a decade but from what I remember, my date didn’t get anything either, wait a free dinner at a fancy cafe with a nice view (not me).

    As for the dating thing. I imagine that will be “weight-loss program” for me because I will not be able to eat or sleep during those years. Missy, I feel for you, let’s share a glass of wine and try to relax. Oh screw that, let’s follow them … jk. Now you have me going. Have a great day.

    • LOL Terri! You don’t know how many times I’ve thought about that same thing. They wouldn’t have to know, right? 🙂 Forget the wine, just bring the Tequila!!

  5. OMG. The MUMS! I’d forgotten about those. I worked for a year at South Grand Prairie HS and I was absolutely gobsmacked by those things. Bad enough how much they cost, but most of them were flat ass ugly, they were so gaudy.

    Up here in Montana the Pep Club sells single, real, pale yellow mums with a little gold or purple football in the middle and a few gold and purple ribbons. Everybody gets the same ones, even the mothers of the players. Cost five bucks. Or maybe ten, by now. I was happy to see that’s one tradition that hasn’t changed over the years.

    • Kari Lynn, I don’t know how the teachers get anything done with all those bells ringing and things clancking together. I sure like the idea of five or ten bucks a whole lot better! 🙂 I can’t see how they can get any bigger so maybe a new tradition is just around the corner. Fingers crossed! I still have a few to get through high school. lol

  6. It’s been over 20 years since I graduated high school and we used to get spirit ribbons for all the games in blue or silver and the homecoming ribbon was like double the size of the reg ones. Everyone bought a mascot pin and you used that to wear your ribbons (they did come with gold football sickers if you didn’t have a pin).

    most of the homecoming flowers were just carnations. Nothing like those big old things. I think I like the carnations better. LOL.

    • I remember those spirit pins too! We wore them on our jeans with the ribbons attached. I think that was for the entire week before the game. LOL Wow! Funny how just reading over these comments has brought back more memories! 🙂

  7. It’s kind of funny considering how much I love football now, but I never went to a game in high school. Can’t remember if my first high school had a homecoming dance. My senior year, the school had no football team.

    My daughter also loves football, but doesn’t like to go to the HS games. She went to homecoming with friends the last two years and hated it, so refuses to go this year. No idea if they do spirit ribbons or anything. Definitely no mums, thank goodness! 🙂

    • LOL Natalie. I’ve always like PRO football. Even enjoyed my daughter’s high school games last year when she was in color guard. But college football is another story. Don’t like it. Don’t watch it. Make poor hubby go to his room to watch it. LOL I’m so bad!

  8. The MUMS!! Yes! Bright yellow with a black T (for Trojans)! I’d forgotten those. LOL

    Never missed a football game OR high school dance. NEVER. And I had some of the most awful dresses. Believe it or not, I wore an honest-to-goodness hoop dress to homecoming in the 10th grade. Yep. Scarlett O’Hara has NOTHING on me. 🙂

    And October? Where in the h^ll did August go? I swear I had so many “plans” of things I wanted to get done this summer and yet, these are all still awaiting my implementation. Sigh.

    This will depress you…I wrote a CHRISTMAS BLOG this morning! I’m doing a guest spot and the subject is Christmas. Oh brother.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth, Cyndi! LOL So many things still to do. And you’re right. Not a Christmas blog already! Man, it’s getting to where I’m afraid to fall asleep at night. What year will it be when I wake up? ack!

  9. Oh, wow, those are overcompensating for something. LOL.

    Ours were a decent size, but not nearly that big. I liked mine because I got to wear my boyfriend’s football number on the mum, so everyone knew I was dating one of those studs. There were a few streamers, one with each of our names, the name of the school and some cute little charms, like a football and little bell. I still have mine…or at least the streamers.

    Hope those girls don’t throw their backs out 🙂

    • Never thought of it like that, Liz! LOL I guess it’s just part of this new generation’s thinking. The bigger the better. But geesh….

      And didn’t you marry that football stud? 😉 So cool!

  10. Sorry I’m late. I got a new computer and it took so long to transfer files that I never got online yesterday. Anyway, I have very little in the way of homecoming memories. I’ve never heard of the mums.

    I’m sure we had spirit week, but I didn’t get into it much. I did go to all of my high school games, and my senior year at my new school I was dating a football player, but the dance is more memorable. It was a semi-formal thing, where at my old school they were casual, no date required. I’m sure if I’d been more popular this would have been a bigger deal. I was never in danger of being homecoming royalty. 😉

    • Hey, Gwen. New computer…say no more. LOL I’m still trying to learn the new Windows 7 and Microsoft Word. Not fun at all!

      And no danger here either of being homecoming royalty. LOL Too funny! 🙂

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