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Guest Blogger Barbara Longley on Samhain and Romance

Heart of the DruidSAMHAIN lies betwixt the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, and marks the Celtic New Year. Samhain is the beginning of the winter season and the end of the harvest. If the crops were good, Samhain was a time of celebration, storytelling and reflection. For the fortunate, it was time of ease.

On the eve of Samhain, the gates to the otherworld were thrown open. Communication with the dead became possible. It was, or maybe still is, a time when the veil between the worlds thinned, and the barriers between humans, their ancestors, faeries and gods could be breached.

Heart of the Druid Laird begins with Samhain. By consent, only on Samhain can Diarmad Macaoidth search for the reincarnated soul of his murdered wife.

I LOVE this time of year, and always have. Maybe I was a pagan Celt in another life, because their culture and belief system has always been a soul-tug for me. I had to have Heart of the Druid Laird start with Samhain. To end the curse he’s been living with for 1,600 years, he has to find the reincarnated soul of Mairéad, his murdered wife, and when better to do that than Samhain? Here’s the blurb:

Cursed with immortality, Dermot MacKay craves death. To lift the faerie curse placed upon him and his men over 1,600 years ago, he must return the soul of his reincarnated wife to the exact place and time of her murder. But her soul is currently residing in the very modern Sidney St. George—and first he has to convince her to accompany him to Scotland.

Sidney doesn’t believe Dermot’s wild claims of immortality and rebirth, yet she cannot deny that she is drawn to the sexy Scot. Nor can she explain the sense of déjà vu his touch elicits. Desperate for answers, she agrees to go with him—only to learn too late that to help the man she loves is to lose him forever…

If you’re interested in reading the first chapter, please visit my website. Leave a comment if you’d like me to get back to you.


What is my idea of romance? Well, it isn’t flowers and a nice dinner. Anyone can buy you flowers and dinner, but if that person doesn’t accept, respect and value you for who you are, then eh, it’s not romantic in my book.

True romance means setting aside your pride, allowing yourself to become vulnerable and open with another human being, and sometimes putting their needs first. Sometimes your needs will come first, but true romance is the willingness to negotiate and give in gracefully from time-to-time.

I write romance, and within the scope and sequence of that genre, romance means personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and finding happily-ever-after. I love, love, love that about romance. Real life is hard enough, and too many of us never do find that happily-ever-after in our own lives. When I read a book, I want that satisfying resolution the happily-ever-after section of the bookstore has to offer. It’s true what they say. Everybody Needs a Little Romance.


10 Responses

  1. The story sounds fascinating, Barbara. There’s already something haunting about Druidism–it’s perfect for fantasy romance.

    Tell me, how would you pronounce Samhain. I’ve always wondered.


    • Sow-in, or saw-ween is how it’s pronounced in my Gaelic to English dictionary, but many say sam hain, the Americanized version. I understand the publisher has gone with Sam Hain, cause it’s just easier for everyone. You go with what works for you, and thanks for stopping by, Robert.

  2. Barbara, what a great conflict you have set up. Immediately made me wonder how they’d resolve it. Which makes me want to read the book. *sigh* 😉

    Thanks for sharing about Samhain, and stopping by the blog!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my guest blog, and for commenting. If you do read Heart of the Druid Laird, I hope you enjoy it. :0)

  3. Yes, thanks for joining us today! 🙂 I’m with you. I love great conflict, but I want my happy ending! Best of luck with your book!

  4. Oh, there’s definitely a happily-ever-after in my romance. Just not gonna tell you how it happens. :0)
    Thanks for having me here today. Happy Samhain.

  5. Thanks again for guesting with us, Barbara! I’m sorry I didn’t make it over here sooner. Good luck!

  6. Barbara,

    Sorry I’m late to post but I wanted to stop by and say welcome to the blog. I had class after work so it’s been a long day.

    I have your book in my TBR pile and can’t wait to get to it. I like how you see Romance. I like flowers but they don’t last. typically hubs and I try to go out to dinner for alone time.

    My husband did something a few weeks ago that was super sweet. As i said earlier, I have class on Tuesday nights. When I got home hubby had dinner almost ready. You see, typically I get home from class around 9:00 and I still have to fix dinner when I get home.

  7. Late to post as well, but what a splendid vision of Samhain and the Celtic world to take with me to bed!

    Welcome to the blog — it’s good to have you here.

  8. I’m even later getting back. Yeah, having dinner ready when you’ve had a super long day is def. high up there on the romance meter. :0)
    Beppie, the pleasure has been all mine.

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