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A Touch of Scarlet, A Tough Goodbye

Well, this post will be short and bittersweet…mostly because today wore me out.

Why, you ask?

Well, October 4th marked the day my fifth and last book in the Oak Stand trilogy hit the shelves. It’s called A Touch of Scarlet, and I freaking love it because it’s fun, sexy and fashioned after the romantic comedies of yesteryear. When I was young, I loved watching Hepburn/Tracy movies…or Hepburn/Bogart movies. African Queen anybody? And this book has those same characteristics with some modern flair. So I think it’s the perfect book for a lazy afternoon, snuggling in the bed, on the couch, or up to the tip of your nose in bubbles.

It’s good, but I’m slightly sad that Oak Stand is in my rearview mirror cause that little town has been good to me. I’ve had imaginary burgers at the Dairy Barn, played Wii with Ester at Tucker House and climbed fictional trees with Hunter Todd while Herman the Chihuahua runs circles beneath us. Let’s just say this place became very real to me. Maybe it’s because there are elements of realness nestles within the pages. Realness of my childhood wandering the historical labrynth of the town library, of splashing my hands in the water fountain in Academy Park or fresh as the breeze through the pines as I wheel around on the four wheeler. Oak Stand is every Southern town (especially my hometown of Minden) rolled into one. It’s one person’s paradise (Bubba Malone) and one person’s hell (Kate Newman), but whatever it is, it has been my playground for the past five books.

So do you miss your fictional worlds? I miss Harry Potter’s Mythical World. Oh, for some butterbeer at Hogsmead! Leave me a comment about the fictional places (or, heck, even real ones) and I will choose a lucky commentor to win a copy of A Touch of Scarlet..or any book out of my backlist. And let’s open this up to all commentors, ENALR and guests alike.


13 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Liz! I’ve loved visting your playground and getting to know your characters. I’ll be sad to see them go too! Looking forward to your next books! 🙂

    And yes, I miss my characters when I have to move on. It’s kind of scary how real they become.

    • I can see that it would be exciting to move on, but sad too. I definitely miss my characters when I start a new book. Sometimes I go back and reread and think, “Oh, I love this story!” Now, if I could get someone else to agree… 😉

      Good luck with whatever’s next!

  2. Thanks, gals. It is a little sad, and it’s true our characters (and settings) become very real to us. In fact a friend of mine who I visited with a few weeks ago, after hearing me talk about my new series, said, “These things are real to you, aren’t they?” She was so amused that I got so passionate about things that didin’t exist. LOL.

    Well, we do hear voices, so does that make us crazy?

  3. Congrat’s on your new release Liz. this has been a fun series to read.

    I still have to read the last Harry Potter book. It has been sitting on my shelf forever I just haven’t picked it up to read it. I love the series though.

    I can’t think of any series I was sorry to see go – Most of the series that I follow are long running (Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Lora Leigh, Nalini Singh) and then there’s LKH who’s series just needs to finally end.

  4. I get you, Heather. Sometimes a series goes on and on and on…I don’t really care for those. I’d much rather have a fresh perspective on some new characters. That’s why I only went five books on Oak Stand. I was ready for something new, too.

    And I loved the last HP book 🙂

  5. I absolutly love Hepburn/Bogart movies, African Queen was wonderful, and of course so many other movies too. Not even romance movies, another favorite is Cool Hand Luke! I have my father to thank for actually getting me to watch them =) 12 Angry Men too. lol
    As for different worlds… I read so much, I have so many books that I’d love to pop into for a day, or longer. It makes me really sad when I read the last in a series, knowing I will not be able to go back to that world


    • I remember watching the African Queen with my grandmother – it was one of her favorites. And my great grandmother loved Two Mules for Sister Sarah…or at least I think that was the title. She loved the spunky dialogue. Guess I get that love naturally. I’m not sure if I’ve seen Cool Hand Luke. May have to check that out 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  6. I’m sad to see the last book, too! I am still mourning that Mary Balogh finished the Slightly series and then the Simply books. Finally adjusted to her most recent series that started out magnificently with First Comes Seduction and ended triumphantly with A Secret Affair. Now she’s doing novellas for a bit — how dare she? I want another long meaty series.

    So I have utter faith that you’ll come up with something equally spell-binding. Until then, I’m sulking about the end of Oak Stand.

    • Aw, thanks, Beppie. And may I say that I’ve not read many Mary Balough. I know. She’s your fav, but I didn’t discover her until I got too busy to read much. But one day when life settles down, I’ll have a bunch to choose from.

  7. Congrats Liz! I’m right on your tails with the end of a series. in a few weeks my last apple trail book comes out. *sniff* It was HARD to the write the last book in a series. I have 3 next year in the same town, but it’s all new people, different side of town. I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to layer in some old characters or not. (yeah, I’m totally going to try!)

    • Well, I’ve moved on to a new state, so I don’t see that happening. But I’m excited about my new series. It’s different, but good. Good luck with your new series.

  8. I miss a lot of things from the past. I remember losing myself in Nancy Drew’s world and in Sweet Valley. It was sad to these series come to an end especially since they were years in the making.

    Congratulations on the release of your book.

    • Oh, I loved me some Nancy Drew! Read all of them. I liked her world…in fact, I wanted to name my daughter Georgia so I could call her George. Of course, I ended up with stinky boys, so my lab is named Georgia 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

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