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All wet

My poor baby exposed like a turtle on its back. 😦

Man, I hate being late! I usually get my posts done the night before and schedule them for the next morning, but this week hasn’t been my best.

It started out great. On Monday I finally gave in and upgraded my tired old MacBook to a glittery new MacBook Pro. High of the week! I spent two days getting all my files and programs transferred over, setting things up just the way I like it, and generally smiling a lot while staring at it. 😉

Feeling a tad under the weather yesterday morning, I opted to write rather than work out during my kids’ 4:45 am swim practice. (Yes, being up that early is totally gross, and this night owl does not like waking at 3:45 unless it’s for a quick trip to the bathroom.) I had a stellar writing session getting almost 1000 words (four pages) into the start of my hero and heroine’s first love scene.

I couldn’t wait to get home and keep writing–something that hasn’t happened to me enough lately. Screw the nap, I was bursting with enthusiasm. Can you tell I like getting my characters together? Maybe I should write erotica…

And then life slammed me. Uptown problem for sure, but still. When I got home and pulled my laptop from my bag, I noticed a few drops of water on it. Oh, damn, my water bottle leaked when the bag fell over. Stupid, but just a few drops on the lid.

So, I wiped it down, plugged it in and opened the case. Wherein the computer started up and immediately shut itself down. WTH? That’s when I realized it was dripping from the bottom of the case. Inspected the bag and it was soaking wet. No, no, no!


So I got online and read up on how to deal with it, and now my new baby is “airing out” with it’s backside removed after having its insides wiped down and lightly blow-dried, and sitting over night in a bed of rice, followed by a quick “bake” at really low oven temperature.

And I’m trying not to freak out, keeping my fingers crossed that when I put it back together and turn it on it will greet me happily.

So for now, it’s back to my tired, but so far trusty MacBook that just hasn’t been the same since I dropped it at swim practice last year, even after getting a new hard drive and keyboard. Yes, it seems swim practice and my computers are not a good combination.

You’d think I’d learn.


20 Responses

  1. […] my day over at Everybody Needs a Little Romance again. I was late getting my post up today, but here’s my sob story. Remember my accidental MacBook upgrade earlier this year? […]

  2. That sucks so bad. Oh, man, I like hurt for you. Hope all you’ve done works – keep us posted.

    • Thanks, Liz. I almost couldn’t breathe yesterday. I just couldn’t believe it. I’ve been so careful since I dropped my last one. I’m not usually a walking, but I’m starting to rethink my self-assessment where computers are concerned.

      I’ll check back in after I try to fire it up.

  3. Good news! So far, it appears to be working. Started right up and I’m on it now. I’m cautiously optimistic that it’s going to be okay. =)

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed! Assuming this all works out, I’m thinking the old one should be the one that joins you at swim practice from now on. A bit of a pain, I know, since you’d have to transfer any work, but at least for a little while I’d leave the new one sitting safely on the desk at home. That’s me, the worry-wart. 🙂

    • I know, Maura. I’ve considered it. Maybe I like to live dangerously. 😉

      Definitely no more water bottle in my tote bag! The water went through the laptop zipper compartment and everything.

  5. How painful, Gwen! I managed to spill something on my laptop a few years ago. Drained the liquid immediately and actually pried off the keys to clean under them with alcohol on q-tips. It worked but the left-space and up-space never worked again. Amazing how often I use those keys. I seen to fall heir to hand-me-downs from my more tech savvy family so I’m pounding different keys now. And thankful to be doing so.

    • It is, J.D.! We get so used to having our gadgets work and don’t realize how reliant we are on them.

      Everything seems to be working except the power port. So I’m going to have to take it in, but at least it’s not a whole replacement, or a hard drive or anything like that. *phew*

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. oh no and glad to hear it’s working! I once dropped a glass of water across my keyboard. I shut down right away. it was a warm, windy sunny day and I put it outside right away.

    next day it started up fine! I figure they need a good bath every now then. 🙂

    • Glad it worked out, Keri. It was good that you shut down right away. I think if I hadn’t tried to turn mine on it might have worked out, though apparently I had some rice up in there. The guy at the Apple Store laughed.

      But, he gave me a new computer! I’m not sure if I was his “one free idiot per day” case, or maybe I didn’t get any water on the liquid damage indicators because he just swapped it out with a brand spanking new one.

      I’m still a bit stunned, but ecstatic. I feel like I got to hit the redo button. 🙂

  7. Oh, Gwen! So glad it worked out for you. I’ve washed plenty of phones over the years. Not sure what I’d do if it was my laptop! I shudder at the thought! LOL

  8. Oh boy, Gwen, my worst nightmare! Fingers crossed right up to the elbows that such a thing doesn’t happen to me, although I am ham-handed and oblivious enough so that it could. (I prefer to think of myself as possessed of powerful concentration, but my family says I just don’t pay attention.)

    But a new one! how splendid.

    • I know, Beppie! I was especially upset because I didn’t even knock something over, it was in the back of my car and the bag got crushed by swim bags. Should have put the water bottle up front with me.

      But, yeah, do-over. No water this time. 😉 I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your computer stays clean and dry!

  9. Whew! I read your post and the comments like a suspense novel, couldn’t wait to the end to see how it turned out! I’m so happy after all that stress it turned out okay, and that Apple had such great customer service. That’s the stuff I love to hear. Gives me hope. Hugs.

    • Thanks, Carla. If Apple didn’t already have a customer for life, they do now! My husband was joking that they probably looked me up and saw how many Apple products we had in our house (ridiculous number of computers, iPods, iPhones) and figured we were do for a freebie. 😉

  10. YIKES!!! I used to have an MS-DOS program I could load on PC’s that would bring up a “you have water in your computer” statement, then it would make the sound of draining water, then spinning the insides to dry them. Very funny…but maybe not so much to the person that we played the trick on.

    Glad it dried out for you.

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