I’m sure Gwen will be along soon……but in the meantime IT’S FRIDAY!!! WOOT!

What’s on plan for you this weekend? Books to read? Family fun? Baking? Hunting (started already!)? Small Town awesome stuff?

Every October my home town does something called Musicfest. This year we’ve got Sawyer Brown! (replacing Easton Corbin who got sick 😦 ), Boyz II Men (that’s right!), James Otto, Sunny Sweeney, Tone Loc (woot!) just to name a few! Hopefully we can get out there on the square one afternoon. Always lots of fun stuff during the day for the kids.

Other than, I’ll be nose to the grindstone, fingers to the keys, eyes bleeding from the screen–yep, I’ll be working!

How about you?


3 Responses

  1. Shoot, I sent the group an email but it must not have sent. Argh. I’m out right now, but will have my post up NLT 1 EDT. 😦

  2. Soccer tournament for Number 2 this weekend. In between, I’ll be holed up in the car working on the book with a looming deadline! 🙂

  3. Racing towards the finish line with my follow-up to RiverTime. I think there’s a time-warp thing going on, you know, the one where the closer you get, the slower things go?

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