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Scrapbooking Memories

Yea! It’s Monday! 

Now you might be wondering why the heck I’m so happy for Monday to roll around. It’s because Homecoming was a huge success. 🙂 The mums were colorful and noisy. The football team won the game. And my girls made it home safe and sound.  Lots of great memories were made this weekend and now I can sit back and relax, until the next one. LOL

Even with all the time I spent preparing for this event, I still forgot one important detail. The camera battery! Not good. Now I am at the mercy of my daughter’s friends to get pictures. I always take way too many so this little blunder is really driving me nuts. There goes that control thing again. I’m not a huge scrapbooker or anything. I’ve tried it though. Bought the Creative Memories albums, the cute little decals, the stickers, the pens, the fancy smancy sissors, the colorful paper and paper cutter. And I’m up to the third grade on all three kids. Now please don’t laugh. That’s a really big accomplishment for me, even though my youngest is now in the seventh grade. 🙂

I love looking at all the creative pages other people come up with. Wow. Some of these could be classified as art!  I have a friend that even has a scrapbooking room. All organized and everything.

My biggest problem is time. I just need a few more hours in the day that ‘s all. Then I could get these books up to date and looking like a million bucks. Really I could. But when I do sit down to work on the albums, I always get caught up in the photographs instead of doing the actual scrapbooking. I love looking back at all those precious milestones. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to scrapbook in about six years. More than I really want. That’s how long it will be before the last one leaves the nest.

Until then, I plan to keep on taking tons of photographs, triple checking my camera battery ahead of time of course. Heck, I think I’ll actually start downloading them from my computer and have them printed out, ready to go when that day comes. LOL

How many scrapbookers do we have out there? Any tips on how to keep the photographs in some kind of decent order so that when I do finally get to go back I’m not clueless about when and where they were taken?  Oh, and how the heck to you keep from getting caught up in all those wonderful memories?

18 Responses

  1. Melissa: I think getting caught up in the memories is probably part of the fun. Of course, what do I know? I never even finished shoving my kids photos into regular old albums, let alone a pretty, decorated scrapbook. I have lots of friends who are into it, but I’m just not a crafty person. At all.

    Once we went digital, I quit trying. Now everything’s organized in iPhoto and on Facebook. And my desktop cycles through my favorite photos, so I get to revisit the memories that way.

    Good luck getting organized!

    • Organized! If only I could do that my entire life would be so much simpier! LOL I have a view pretty pages. Only because I went to a few scrapbooking parties. Love just the idea and end result. Lack the motivation I guess. 🙂

  2. I’ve never scrapbooked. Well, I flirted with it by putting together a vacation album for my mother, but it took FOREVER to do! Extremely time-consuming.

    And I just don’t have time.

    I used to be obessesed with taking pictures, but often I wasn’t part of things – just standing around on the outside telling my kids, “Smile at Momma!” Eventually, I’ve stopped taking so many pictures of memories and started participating in making them. So I don’t have a picture of the boys going to school on the first day this year, but I do have the memory of our breakfast at The Broken Egg! Yum!

    Good luck with making it to fifth grade before they graduate. LOL.

    • Thanks, Liz! I might make that. LOL With my kids being older now, they cringe if I even think about coming to the school to take photos. So I’ve become very sneaky. 🙂 Someday they’ll look back and say, Hey, how’d you get that picture? It’s going to be awesome! LOL

  3. My pictures are in boxes. Except the ones that are on SD cards and in computer files because I never get around to printing them. *sigh*

    My child, however, has a gorgeous scrapbook of the first two years of his life lovingly compiled by his awesome aunt….my sister. Who actually thought I would take it from there. Silly girl.

    • One thing I have done is made those photo books like at Kodak, Shutterfly, or through iPhoto. Those turn out really nice, and it’s easier/quicker than scrapbooking.

      Still takes time though. I keep promising myself I’ll make one for each of our big family vacations, but so far I haven’t done it, not even for our trip to Europe last year. *sigh*

  4. My husband and I are so bad about pictures!! My daughter has thousands (she took) and my son has a handful (guys don’t take pics)! Anyway, that first year my daughter went off to college I scrapbooked like crazy, just missing her so much…but they’re such treasures to have now!!

    I did different books…One for family (when the kids were babies, growing up, our infrequent vacations)…one for each child…one for John (I had lots of AirForce stuff for him) and then I did one for my daughter for her to bring to college…it’s all her school stuff and other activities! We need to get together and Scrapbook one day!

  5. Hi Missy!
    I’ve never scrapbooked but I did make a hand printed book of poetry once with the covers and pages handmade and unique. Have no idea where that went. I do have a zillion stamps and I use them in other crafts but not so much lately. It’s hard to get into a big artsy craftsy project while writing. My artistic release is to grab my drawing pad and use colored pencils, pastels, charcoal or drawing pencils to create something. Then I go back to the WIP feeling that I created something tangible. Aaahhh…

  6. With four kids there’s no way for me to have scrapbooks for each of them. They each have a baby album, a school album, and a sports album but I’m all over the place on the level of completion. Everything else goes in family albums, I figure they can fight over those after I’m gone, LOL. I have a scrapbook room in the sense of a table and the closet of our guest room, which is also where I write.

    I’ll never be caught up, I don’t plan to be either. I scrap what inspires me at the time, which is why everything is in various stages of completion, and my only real goal with the albums is to have the baby, school, and sports ones done by the time said child is 18.

    As to your question of pictures:

    The non-digital or digital I’ve printed for a theme album are stored in a page protector in that album. For the non-theme, they are stored in photo boxes by date.

    The digital I haven’t printed up yet are stored online at scrapbookpictures.com as well as on my computer in the following folders — year, month, event or person.

    I do try to challenge myself by scrapping a non-digital set of pictures for every digital set I do. Need to pick up some more adhesive, I’ve got the urge to pull out some pictures 🙂

    All that being said, I still have more hobbies than I do time 😀

  7. I wish I had the patience to do things like this. My pictures are all in a big box, mixed up, unlabeled with date and place.

    My latest idea has been to sort through them, pull out the kid pictures of my niece and nephews and make picture albums for them now that they are grown and starting families of their own. I’m among friends here, so I’ll confess…it’ll never happen! 🙂

    • LOL Cyndi! It’s the thought that counts, right! 🙂 All the pictures taken before the digital camera arrived are in boxes. The rest are on the computer in so many different files it will take a miracle to sort them all. Oh, and wait! I forgot the ones on my phone! Sheesh…

  8. Oh, how I envy you, Melissa! My niece sells and teaches the Creative Memories stuff (she lives in Ohio) and does all these absolutely splendid albums that fill me with envy and the strong impulse to creep into her house at night and . . . no, I can’t even think about it.

    I’m with Cyndi. Our garage/basement has many guilty secrets, and one of them is the box of loose photos that has come to surface when our daughter who was here in September when we were in England got the impulse to clear out the rubbish, of which there was an embarrassing amount. I now walk past it every day on the way to the car and think about my niece’s albums and feel a pang of convulsive guilt.

    Oh well. There are things I am good at (aren’t there?) and none of them are organizing photos into albums. Maybe in my next life.

  9. So weird. I read this post. I *think* I shared it. I read every comment. And then I…failed to comment myself. 😦

    I’m like Cyndi. Every so often I take out my piles of photos from, oh, a decade ago (or more) and the stack of albums and album pages. Then I look at all of them, and put them all back. It’s way too daunting a task!

    As for scrapbooking, it’s way beyond me. But Number One has done scrapbooks for her middle and high school years, and they’re awesome. Her grandmother is very proud. 🙂

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