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Ghostly Apparitions and Big Cat Rescues

I’m jumping here as our guest is MIA but check back later. Until then, I want to tell you about my trip up to Eureka Springs, AR last weekend with my local RWA chapter (shout-out to Diamond State Romance Authors! WooT. Awesome chapter.)

Six of us registered to attend a writers’ conference in Eureka Springs, but we’re a group that never misses a chance to do a little research. So Thursday night, four of us (Elle James/Myla Jackson, Delilah Devlin and Brinda Berry) decided to meet at the Crescent Hotel, do a ghost hunt and spend the night. The Crescent Hotel is known as the Most Haunted Hotel In American! We did the ghost hunt, but I’m telling ya…Ghosts hate me. I never see anything. We really didn’t see much that night. Delilah has some pictures of orbs that are supposedly “ghost” orbs but I’ll leave that to your imagination.  (Orb is in lower left)

No rattling chains. No bells ringing. No night visitors trying to pull my bed covers down. No ghostly nurses pushing dead bodies down the hall. Nada. No surprise. I rarely see anything “cool” on these ghost hunts (this is our second ghost hunt.) Now Delilah and Elle have had some cool ghostly experiences.

Friday attended the writers conference (nothing earth shaking to report) and moved to the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue. This is a non-profit organization that rescues big cats (tigers, lions, bob cats, cougars, etc) from inappropriate homes and life-threatening situations. The entire organization is run on donations and does incredible work.

Within the last few years, they have build B&B’s so guests can come stay onsite. It’s absolutely incredible to hear the lions and tigers caroling and roaring at night. Not scary – at least not for me as Turpentine has a 100% safety record. No escapes. No human maulings. We stayed in the area known as Zulu Safari Guest Lodge. The cabins are build to resemble safari tent, but trust me, these accomodations are far from rustic!  Brinda Berry, Sandi Jones and I stayed in the Congo unit.  The other threesome (Delilah Devlin, Elle James, and Shayla Kersten stayed here…

This is the view from our back deck. Lucky for us, it was the beginning of leaf color in that area

There are five separate units (all of them look like the pictures above) that share a common deck with a hot tub and fire pit.

Notice the coffee mug on the right side. This was early morning. No better way to start your morning than coffee, a fire, and crisp mountain air!

On to the animals…Sometimes I forget just how BIG a tiger is until I’m standing next to one.

This is either Zeus or Zena. I’m not sure but I think it’s Zena. Rescue from a for-profit zoo in MO that was shut down.

Below is BamBam. Somebody thought that a GRIZZLY BEAR would make an awesome pet. Um, NO! They don’t. So BamBam ended up at Turpentine Creek. But I admit…I loved watching him play in his “swimming pool” with his toys…which he can totally destroy in no time flat!

But the hope is to move the caged animals like the ones above to areas like the one below..habitats made for them. These habitats protect both the animals and the humans.

And we made it for dinner time! I’ll save those pictures! Somehow I imagine that some of you might not want to see a whole cow leg being thrown to the tigers! 🙂

I have lots more pictures I’ll try to get uploaded to Cyndi’s World later today.

Hope you enjoyed my ghosts and big cats!

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7 Responses

  1. Wow! This sounds like so much fun. The animals, not the ghosts. I watched two episodes of Ghost Hunters with my husband and the next day, jumped at every noise. There’s an old house in town that is haunted. Ghost Hunters investigated it a few years ago. They’re making it into a Boutique hotel. My husband would love to stay there. I’ll kiss him goodnight, and go home! : )

  2. Very cool! I went to Eureka Springs with my grandparents once. All I remember was seeing a Passion Play. Not the greatest for a 8-9 year old kid. And then we went to Branson to see some Sheppard on the Mount tour. A book? Can’t remember, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

    Glad to see you found some cool things…even if you didn’t see a ghost.

    • Thanks Liz. I’ve been to the Passion Play, only it was at Christmas so it was the Christmas play. Hubby loved it. Me? Meh.

      Been to Sheppard on the Mount tour in Branson too! LOL

  3. I’m like you, Cyndi. I think ghosts deliberately avoid me. Though at my chapter’s old retreat location, my roommate was getting pushed out of bed in her sleep one night, and swears there was something really trying to do it. And in the same room, I swear I saw a cat walk between the beds. It was out of the corner of my eye, but SHE had the same thing happen later that day.

    Those are some beautiful animals, and a gorgeous place to stay!

  4. This looks so cool! Great pictures!! 🙂 Waking up to a lion or tiger’s roar freaks me just thinking about. LOL

  5. […] to do more, thus an anthology of short stories that will raise money for Turpentine Creek. Click here and see a few of the pictures I took that […]

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