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Halloween is coming!

It’s finally fall and the weather is gorgeous. This is one of my favorite times of year. Here in central California, the leaves are just starting to change. I love the brilliant hues of gold, orange and scarlet. I love pumpkins on my porch and scarecrows in my yard. My husband is kinda ba humbug about decorating for any holiday but I like to go all out! As soon as the the temps drop below 95 degrees, I search the web for scary and/or fun treats. I’ve made pumpkin and mummy cake pops, cookies, ghosts and ghouls and punch with floating eyeballs.

This year I found hedgehog cupcakes made with candy corn. I know, not too scary, but I couldn’t resist. If you have followed me on twitter for awhile, you’ll know I LOVE hedgehogs. They are just so cute. I looked everywhere for a picture to show you, but couldn’t find one. (other than in the recipe book I bought) So I guess I’ll just have to make them and take a picture.

Do you decorate for the holidays? All of them or just the major ones? What about baking? Do you have any recipes to share?


8 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see the picture! 🙂 It’s funny. I used to go all out with the decorations when the kids were younger. Now, if I get a wreath on the door I’m doing good. I want to decorate. Love the way it looks and the wonderful feelings and memories it brings back. But just can’t find the time and energy I guess. That’s just sad. LOL I’m going to go find my pumkins right now!

    • Hi Melissa,

      Yay for pumpkins! Double yay for memories. That’s why I do it; the kids love it. I usually have the entire house decorated by now but I only have the front porch and entry way.

  2. I want hedgehog cupcakes! They sound awesome!

    I like having decorations up for holidays. I don’t like PUTTING them up, or taking them down. The kids insist we go all out at Christmas, but other holidays, we don’t really bother.

    We’re very boring. LOL

    • Hedgehog cupcakes are adorable. I’ll be sure to post a picture as soon as they’re done! Yeah, taking down is not so fun. For Thanksgiving/Halloween, I use a lot of the same decorations. I turn the jack-o-lantern around to so the “pumpkin” side shows and scarecrows work for both.

  3. I’ve been seeing cake pops everywhere! I want to try and make them, but they seem sooo sweet with all the frosting AND the melted chocolate!

    we decorate for the holidays. the inside anyway. livnig in the middle of nowhere, we don’t bother with the outside. usually we get our tree out on thanksgiving weekend, and the last couple years, DH and I have taken it back down on Christmas day night. it seems cold, but son get’s sooo many new toys, we need the space so he can play!

    • That’s the cool thing about cakepops, they taste just like cake. You mix the frosting in with the cake and the candy coating isn’t that sweet. Last year was my first attempt and the coating on the pumpkins wasn’t very smooth. So I improvised, used white candy coating and made mummies so the drips and imperfections were on purpose. ; ) I generally put the tree up the first weekend in December and take it down the first weekend of January.

      This year my husband wants a real tree…we’ve had a fake one since we discovered the wonderful world of pine allergies. *sigh* we may be taking it down early if momma and 13 yo have stuffy noses and watery eyes.

  4. I love to bake but there’s no one eat it except me and my husband and trust me…we don’t need it.

    Decorating..nope. I used to but I hate to put it all back up. The odd thing is I don’t mind dragging it all out and displaying it. It’s the repacking I can’t stand.

    My husband’s first wife had decorations for every holiday! Their house was always decked out for whatever the current holiday would be. All those decorations are in storage.

    If any of you lived closer, I swear I’d bake something for your family every week!

    • Oh Cynthia, I wish I lived closer! My kids would love you. I only bake on Fridays and it’s gone by evening.

      My grandma had 17 boxes of Christmas decorations. I don’t mean little boxes, the big ones. Easter came second with about 6 boxes, followed by Halloween, Valentines, etc. She even decorated for St Paddy’s day. It took me a week to put all the Christmas decorations up every year and at least that to take them down. I swore I’d never have that many decorations. I kept it at 3 boxes (One just stuffed animals and pillows) for years. When she passed away, some of her boxes came to live in my garage.

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