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Kristan Higgins Visits ENLR!

We are thrilled to be taking part in the Until There Was You blog tour, put together by Kristan Higgins publicist! Today, in celebration of her newest release, Best-Selling Author and two-time RITA winner Kristan Higgins is visiting with us today.

Cynthia and Crystal have tagged teamed ENAR’s part in the tour with a review and a Q&A. We hope you enjoy! Click here to read our review.

Plus, don’t miss the information at the end of the post on how to win an Advanced Reader Copy donated by Ms. Higgins publicist.


What was your favorite part about writing Until There Was You?

I loved writing Liam’s point of view, both because the male POV was new for me and because he’s such a compelling combination of neurotic dad and hottie leather jacket dude. I also admit to a fondness for scenes in which the heroine is a little tipsy. There’s just a fun, stream of consciousness element to it.

Which was the toughest scene to write or to get just right when writing Until There Was You?

The toughest scene in this book was writing Posey as a teenager. Her hope was so fiery, and her plight as an outsider was so touching for me. It took a few drafts to get that scene just right, so that she was sympathetic without being a loser, and yet brave enough to do what she did.

In Until There Was You, Nicole, Liam’s daughter, is 15 years old. You’ve got the 15-year-old mind set, words, eye rolls, and life’s important issues perfect. Here are a couple of our favorite interactions between Liam and Nicole.

Example #1
Nicole: You won’t be going alone. Mrs. Antonelli’s going, too. I told her you’d take her.

Liam: Wow. Thanks. She’s definitely my type. Some people think the over-eighty crowd is past their prime but not me.

Nicole: Dad, gross. Okay?

Example #2
Liam: Well, listen, sweetheart. Boys only want one thing, of course, and guess what that means for you? Heartbreak. Pregnancy. Chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, crabs.

Nicole: That’s beautiful, Dad. You should set it to music

Was any of Nicole (phrasing, complaints, dress, or eye rolls) taken from your personal experience as a one-time fifteen year old or from your current teenage daughter?

Love that question! No, I was perfect as a teenager (you can call my mom and verify this). And I’ve been blessed with a very sweet-natured daughter. Nicole is simply an amalgamation of listening to teenage girls and my own imagination. There might be a phrase or two I co-opted from my daughter, but not the character herself.

This book had a different tone and feel to the story than your previous books. Would you say it leans more toward women’s fiction with a touch of romance as opposed to a work of romantic fiction.

Did it have a different tone, do you think? I just write the way I think, so it’s not a conscious effort. When I sit down to write a book, I’m not thinking about the market or the genre…it’s really all about the characters and their stories. I’m very glad readers of both genres find something in my books, that’s for sure, but where they fall categorically is something I’ll leave up to the experts.

We fell in love with Jon, Posey’s brother-in-law. What a wonderful character. Totally made-up out of your head, or is he like anyone you personally know?

Thank you! I also love Jon, the wise and gentle (and handsome and hilarious) brother-in-law. He’s totally made up, alas. I’d love to have a best friend just like him!

We think our blog visitors would love to know more about Kristan, the person. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever given your 13 y/o son? Your 15 y/o daughter?

The advice is the same for both of them: Do your best, and be kind. Can’t ask for more than that.

When you were growing up, what was the best piece of advice given to you by your mother or father? Why was that advice important?

My father’s advice was more through his example. He was a guy who took on any challenge, and if he took it one, he’d follow it through and do it well. I lack his supreme confidence, but I definitely try to give my all.

If you weren’t a writer, wife, and mother, what would you be?

A pediatric surgeon with Doctors Without Borders. What could be more noble? I went into college fully intending to be a doctor, started taking the math classes and choked. Small wonder that my very first heroine was a doctor.

What is the worst household chore you still have to do (now that your a Big Time Author)?

Nobody can clean a bathroom like yours truly. It’s a gift. Tragically, I still have to do all household chores. No butler or live-in help yet (or ever, that would be too weird! I always thought Alice on The Brady Bunch had it rough, that little room off the kitchen, no life…). McIrish, my sainted husband, does most of the cooking and grocery shopping, so I’m lucky there.

You get to throw away one kitchen item. How high ranking is the cast-iron griddle?

That griddle! The thing must weigh 20 pounds. I was just cursing it this weekend after I made pancakes! It would be #1, baby, except I’m saving it for my husband’s gravestone.

I’ve heard you suffer from MSD. For those who are unfamiliar with MSD, it stands for Medical Student Disease…patients suffer from the current disease being studied or the disease detailed on last night’s national news. What MSD are you battling at this time?

Oh, the same as ever. Lou Gehrig’s Disease. A) I’m very faithful to the people I love, and I love Lou Gehrig; B) I’m a Yankees fan; and C) What could be more tragic?

Thanks for the great questions! I had a blast!

Now the good news, Kristan’s publicist has donated an Advanced Reader’s Copy of UNTIL THERE WAS YOU for one lucky commenter. Leave a comment for a chance to win. Be sure to PLEASE PLEASE leave us an email address so we can contact you if you win.

To read more about Kristan, visit her website, or Facebook page

So if you had Kristan Higgins hog-tied, er, available to answer questions, what would you want to know?


22 Responses

  1. wow! I’ll admit I was not aware of this author until now but have added her to my list of writers to be sure and read! thanks for the interview.
    etcrowe AT me DOT com

  2. I have wanted to read this book! Being new at writing, I always want to know how you got started and how long did take to finally get published.

  3. That last comment didn’t put my profile up. Put my name in the pot.
    nenaclements1@gmail dot com.

  4. I was a PR and advertising copywriter for 12 years before I started to write fiction…Then I left the ad world and was a stay at home mommy, which I loved. I wanted to continue to stay home with the little bunnies, so I figured hey, I’ve read romance since I was 13 years old, I wrote for a living…why not give it a shot? I had a false start with a very hilariously awful historical, then found my real voice with contemporary. FOOLS RUSH IN was my first completed manuscript; it took me about 6 months to write and another YEAR to revise (I had a lot to learn). Then another 6 months to find an agent, give or take? She sold the book, and I’ve been with HQN ever since.

  5. I really enjoy Kristan’s books. You will find humor and heart-tugging emotion in every story. All of her previous books are on my “keeper” shelf. 🙂
    castings at mindspring dot com

  6. The further I got into the interview, the more I wanted to read this book!

    Congratulations, Kristan! I wish you much-deserved success!

  7. I have read almost all of Kristan Higgins’s books and I can’t wait for this one. It’s on my wishlist. Her stories are funny, entertaining and romantic. Usually I like darker reads but her stories are those I turn to to combat the blues and for laughs.

  8. Thanks, guys! For those of you who haven’t read my books, I hope you’ll like them! (FYI, have a few tissues…light and funny is great, but even better when balanced by poignance and heartbreak!)

    What else is everyone reading these days?

    • All your books make me grab for tissues, but THE NEXT BEST THING just about did me in. I love that book!

      I just started Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. The first book kept me up until 3 AM. And I finished Nora’s newest, THE NEXT ALWAYS, a few days ago. It was absolutely wonderful.

    • The book that made me cry was My One and Only. SOOOO touching. But most of the time, I’m chuckling when I’m reading your books.

      Right now, I’m reading Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones, and Blindman’s Bluff by Faye Kellerman.

  9. Welcome to the blog and Cyndi & Crystal—what a great inverview. The book sounds fantastic and much luck with it!!!

  10. Kristan, you are one of the few authors who can make me read past the first two pages in present tense. That said, I like it better when you use past tense. LOL I’m REALLY looking forward to this book. The characters sound fantastic!

    The book that made me cry recently was Elizabeth Bass’s Miss You Most of All. Right now I’m in the middle of Sarah Gilman’s Out in Blue.

  11. Great interview! And the new book sounds great. Looking forward to reading it.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  12. This sounds like an awesome book to pick up and read. I’ll have to make sure I pick it up.

  13. I love all of Kristan Higgins books! I can’t wait to read Until There Was You! 🙂 Great interview, I always enjoy reading the interviews she is a part of.

  14. Kristan’s books have been a pleasure to read, and I look forward to adding this one to my library. It sounds a bit different, and I hope to have time to check it out soon! Please keep the books coming.

  15. Great interview–now I want to read the book–so please enter me in the drawing.

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