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Until There Was You by Kristan Higgins – A Review

Both Crystal Posey and Cynthia D’Alba got a chance to read and review this book. Below is a review compiled from their conversations about the book.

Once again Kristan Higgins steals our reader hearts. Crystal has been a fan since the day she read JUST ONE OF THE GUYS. Cynthia discovered Kristan Higgins with her RITA win with CATCH OF THE DAY and has been a fan every since.

With each new book Kristan slays us with her wonderful dialogue. Crystal said that she always feel like she’s sitting in a booth, or standing in a store, or on in the living room … where ever the characters are, and listening to them talk. For both of us, her characters become real people.

In UNTIL THERE WAS YOU, Kristan’s storytelling is just as powerful and engrossing as with her earlier books. With this new book,  Kristan gives us a sympathetic heroine, wonderful secondary characters, teen perspectives, and a touching grown-up bad-boy hero.Being inside Liam’s (i.e. the hero) head was Crystal’s favorite part of the book. She loved getting to know the bad boy turned super husband/dad turned widow, which then turned him into a paranoid parent who goes a bit too far in protecting his daughter, but not without some very touching scenes between father and daughter. Some of which are laugh out loud funny, some of which are soul-ripping.

The parenting paranoia hit a personal note with Crystal. It set in with her first born and four kids later, she’s says she’s still dealing. Higgins nails the perspective of someone who is terrified of what the world could do to their child. From losing another parent to teen boys going too far with a man’s daughter. It was brilliantly written.

Posey, our heroine, is so wonderfully normal. She’s comfortable with who she is and doesn’t try to be anyone else. She struggles with her past, but isn’t a drama queen about it. She makes sense when she talks, and puts things into perspective, which was a nice compliment to the paranoid father she was falling in love with.

For Cynthia, it was the perfect portrayal of Nicole, Liam’s fifteen year old daughter that has to be mentioned. Kristan Higgins nails the attitude and actions of teenager girls with her eyerolls, sarcastic tone, and brave outside while inside is the insecure teenager we all were at one time. She adds such depth to the story.

And no review would be complete without mentioning Jon, the heroine’s brother-in-law. Jon is a fun-loving, attractive high school teacher married to Posey’s straight-laced, seemingly humorless brother. But these two are perfect for each other. Every woman should have a brother-in-law like Jon.

The story is heart warming, a tear jerker, and full of fun secondary characters that you will more than likely fall in love with. Both of us recommend this book to anyone in the contemporary romance genre as well as anyone who reads women’s fiction. They won’t be disappointed.

We give UNTIL THERE WAS YOU 4.5 hearts  

To buy UNTIL THERE WAS YOU, click on one of the following links:

Indiebound | Powell’s | Borders | B & N | Amazon

OR you might be lucky enough to WIN an Advanced Reader’s Copy donated by Ms. Higgins’s publicist by leaving a comment at Kristan’s interview. Click here to read the interview. Leave a comment for a chance to win the ARC. And for fun, watch this…Until There Was You Trailer


*We received this book via Higgin’s PR company in exchange for a fair review.


8 Responses

  1. I love the video!

  2. are there any plans to do like a series book of 3-4 ? Love the other books you’ve written and know this one will be another keeper.

    jbarrett5 at cox.net

  3. I’m reading this book right now. Until There Was You does have a different tone than your other books, but that’s okay. If all your books were the same, we’d become bored pretty quick.
    Your other books made me laugh and almost made me want to go get a dog. I said ‘almost’.
    Thanks Kristin

  4. This sounds like an interesting storyline. I’m a little apprehensive about it being a tear jerker, but the books I’ve read so far have always been enjoyed. The books that are funny I even read excerpts of to my husband and daughter. I clicked the link for the interview at the top, and it did not work… but thank you for the review!

  5. Can’t wait to read UNTIL THERE WAS YOU. I love anything with a dog lover in it! Same problem as above commentor. I can’t make a comment to win the book, boo hoo.

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