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Case of the ickies.

*Melissa’s internet died—so you get Keri Ford today!! Wee!!!! …ahem.

If you’re American or remotely involved in our culture, you know what happens this Thursday. Thanksgiving! As a serious food junky, it’s a major favorite holiday for me. I love the baking, the getting together, even washing all the dishes afterwards isn’t so bad because we do it

(click photo for secrets for perfect pecan pie and Maple Pecan Tart Recipe!)

together with a lot of laughing.

Or, I’m usually about that stuff. This year? Not so much. I think of the baking and instead of imaging all the smells and the fun and beautiful pies, I’m picturing the icky dishes to be washed, the time it involved standing on my feet. Running my hot oven when it just cooled off outside.

For the get together part, instead of the laughter and fun, I’m mentally sorting through my closet wondering what the crap I’m going to wear.

So this year instead of being thankful for my Kitchen Aid mixer and recipe collection, I’m going to be thankful for those rare times I treat myself. Such as instead of hours in

Betty Crocker’s Whoopie Pies (don’t these look great for kids?)

the kitchen this year, I’ll pick up something from the grocery store or a bakery and spend that time with my nose in a book. There’s a whole heap of author’s in my twitter stream I’m so far behind on reading.

Or that’s the plan. Mom may call on Tuesday and have me pick up things for three different pies and cakes and tell me to get busy…at which point I will ‘cause you do what your momma tells you.

I won’t be able to read the books I want, but I can squeeze in some short things! Quick reads while something bakes. Something like the length of my latest novella (yall totally knew this part was coming, right?), Chasing Her Trail.

  -Ramblings of A Chaotic Mind gives Chasing Her Trail 5 Stars and says “I love this series. It’s honest, real and makes my heart go pitter patter. Having said all that, Keri Ford has given us an ending fitting to her series. I think I say this with each book of hers I read, but this is her best work yet!”

If you haven’t checked it out— Chasing Her Trail is now available! If you like Small Town, Sexy Contemporary, be sure to have a look!

For $1.99 at TMP | Amazon | Smashwords | AllRomanceEbooks | Bookstrand (will be available in more places soon! distribution times and all that)

*if you have a paypal account, it’s SUPER easy to order from TMP. No need to create a TMP account. Select the books you like, check out using your paypal account and a link with format options to download will be emailed to you!

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook give me a follow! What do your Thanksgiving cooking plans look like? And if you don’t celebrate, well then, what are you up to this week?


12 Responses

  1. I think you totally deserve some time off and sit back and read. Its so easy to get caught up in life. Enjoy your week and hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  2. We’re heading to the lake tomorrow and then to my mom’s for Thanksgiving day. I’m responsible for the sweet potato crunch casserole, the fried turkey and pecan pie…can anyone say treadmill?

    I’m hoping for some time to work on my new book down at the lake, but I won’t feel too guilty if that is a small window. I need some time to chill.

    Have a fun Thanksgiving, Keri, and everyone else, too!

  3. It’s at this end that Thanksgving looks like a lot of work. Once it gets here, it’s great!

    • True Beppie. but usually I’ve got flour stocked, butter filled in my fridge and gearing up for a busy baking day! this year….ouch. not even a can of pie filling to be found!

  4. I am ever grateful that my MIL still loves to host. I only have to make the sweet potatoes! 🙂

    • ha! there you go Natalie. Part of my problem is we have 3. yes, 3 Thanksgivings in one day. And I usually try to take at least 2 things to each one.

      • So, technically, part of the problem is that you’re clinically insane.

        Generous, overburdened with (however wonderful) family, and clinically insane. LOL

        • Hah, I’m with Natalie on this one (what’s new?). Good luck with the no-baking thing!

          Our holiday is quiet this year, just the four of us, so we’re going easy on the food and heavy on the hanging out together time. Of course, this is mid-NaNo, so I’ll be squeezing in some writing time too…

          It’s the two weekends after Turkey Day that we’re having company and I’ll be pulling my hair out. 😉

  5. One Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house. Sister, BIL, Nephews & Wives and niece coming to town.

    Only thing for me to prepare – Mac and Cheese…and this group would rather have it out of a box than homemade. Go figure!

    Having nephew (Scott) and his wife (Lauren) and their child (1y/o Eliza Grace) staying at my house, so I’ve been cleaning. Am so excited they are coming!

  6. This is the first year I haven’t hosted Thanksgiving in a long time. I only have to make mashed potatoes. So of course I told my husband we’d have a second Thanksgiving next week for just us so I could cook. ; )

    I love the cover, Keri! Congratulations.

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