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Sticky notes

I love office supplies. There’s something about colorful binder clips; eighteen shapes, sizes, and colors of sticky notes; and a bucket full of Sharpies that makes me happy.

I like dry-erase boards, cork boards, magnet boards, and keepsake boards with ribbon.

Give me notebooks, Bic pens, and file folders. Paper clips—especially those big X-shaped ones—push pins, and little tiny magnets shaped like cylinders that are super strong.

Do I need half this crap? No. Do I even own half of it? No. If I had all of those things would I use them? Probably not.

But I covet.

I hate shopping, but I could spend hours in the Target office supply section with all those pretty folders and eco-friendly binders. It’s almost as seductive as the book aisle.

I don’t use bookmarks to keep my place when I read, I use sticky flags. That way I know exactly which page and line I’m on. And you can tell when I’ve read a good nonfiction book because it’ll have dozens of colorful flags protruding from the pages. I like bookmarking on my Nook, but it’s just not the same.

For me, brainstorming works best on paper or whiteboard. There’s something about the movement of my hand that triggers better ideas. I think I also like that I can erase the whiteboard, so nothing is permanently recorded until I decide it’s worthy. That lack of permanence frees up my brain to go a little wild.

Someday I want the six-by-four, dual-sided dry erase board on wheels. My husband and I are in negotiations since my office is in our bedroom.

I don’t miss too much about my old day job, but I really miss my private-ish cubby with its huge desktop, two deep file drawers, a bookshelf, whiteboard, and unlimited yellow note pads (two sizes!) and pens.

I’m no Luddite. My whole life has revolved around computers and technology. I love my laptop, my extra monitor, my iPhone, and my Nook.

But sometimes a girl just needs a few sticky notes.

Do you have an odd obsession? Am I the only one who drools more over 3M products than Jimmy Choos?

Photo credit: STICKY NOTES © Paul Brennan | Dreamstime.com


20 Responses

  1. I do everything here you said. I probably use office supplies even less than you do, but I could spend a fortune in Staples on all the cool stuff they have that I WANT to use but never would. LOL My husband and I have a running joke about Tyvek envelopes because I wanted them for an anniversary present one year and he didn’t think that was romantic enough. 🙂

  2. Ahem. *stands* *clears throat* My name is Kari, and I’m an office supply addict. I recently spent an hour browsing for a magnetic paperweight paperclip holder. ( I want THIS one- http://www.whatonearthcatalog.com/whatonearth/Item_Paperclip-Paperweight-Guy_CG4992_ps_dpr.html ). I would happily stab the person who tries to steal my favorite letter opener/staple puller. I follow @officesupplygeek on twitter.

    And yes, a while back when I told my agent I was having trouble getting this latest book organized, she sent me a case of neon sticky notes. I am in HEAVEN.

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  4. We may be twins separated at birth. I love office supplies especially the 3m stuff and pens.

  5. I love my white board! that and paper usually do me the best. for postits, I like to use for to-do lists. but not for plotting.too many tiny peices of paper. 🙂

    • Yes, Keri. Serious brainstorming calls for the whiteboard (currently smaller than I’d like) or the packing paper saved from our last move taped to the wall. I’m a kinetic brainstormer.

      And I don’t use sticky notes for that or for plotting either, even though I think it would be cool if I did.

  6. Oh baby! You’re preaching to the choir here!

    Binder clips? Not the plain black ones for me. No sir. I want mine tiger stripes or black-and-white zebra strips.

    And pens? My latest passion is the clickable sharpie. LOVE’EM

    And Kari- love love love the paperclip man.

    • Ooh, Cindy, animal stripes?? I buy the multi-colored pack of them and use them as chip and bag clips in my kitchen. Cheaper, more effective than the big plastic ones, and I get to use them every day. =)

      Now I’m going to have to try the clickable Sharpie. Maybe I can get one in my stocking…

  7. My obsession is pens. I love the ones that use G2 refills and are made out of recycled water bottles. They are too cool. I am definitely a pen addict all colors – all styles.

    I love sticky notes too. I have a pop up dispenser on my desk at work I bought at staples recently and it’s a little black purse. I prefer the ones with lines on them but it doesn’t matter what color. I go through about 10-15 a day minimum. I also will use them to make a to do list for the next day on or stick something on my wall for later.

  8. Coming in late to the party, but you can count me in too! LOL And here I thought I was the only one. 🙂 My all time favorite office gadget at the moment are those multi-colored, flowered, pokie dot, etc. metal paper clip thingys. Oh, dear. I don’t even know what they are really called. Now that’s just sad!

  9. I adore all things stationery and collect pens, but mine are really expensive ones like Mont Blanc, Yard O Led and Caran d’Ache. I also love notebooks, even to asking my American relation to send me some Mead ones I can’t buy in the UK. I used to think I was weird but so many people share my passion for beautiful white decent quality paper that can be written on with fountain pens and notebooks and posh pencils and … and… and… I’ll just go and lie down.

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