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Trinkets and Reminders

When we travel, we collect ornaments to hang on our tree. When we started this, it was just something neat and different to us. Not to mention easy to pack and get back home.

Over the years, it’s grown to more. We pull out ornaments and remember our vacations.

There are fragile ones we’ve managed not to break yet (by pure miracle), heavy duty ones I’m waiting to crack a hole in the floor and

1st Anniv Trip To Chicago

then just silly sentimental ones that have nothing to do with our travels together, but there’s still history. Each and every ornament on our tree has a story, or some history. My mom was a big collector of ornaments too, so there’s some hanging that relate back to different things in my childhood. And each new ornament son home from school, I eagerly hang them on our tree.

Honeymoon in Hawaii

We have our favorites for sure.

Sanddollar from a cruise

Then then there’s our favorites. Like this painted Santa bulb.

My husband thought the first year we weren’t hanging this travesty on our tree. What?!?! I cried. I painted that! He saw things my way, learned to look over the eyes and now every year he pulls it out and announces to the kid that’s mommy’s favorite ornament on the tree. And it totally is, but not because of some fond memory of painting it, but because of that memory when my husband first discovered it.

Seeing that simple round bulb, horribly painted ornament never fails to bring a smile to my face and remind me of the lucky gal I am. What special trinkets do you have around your house?


Random line from In The Hay:

“I think this adventure is done.”

He chuckled. “Probably a good idea.” He grinned and lifted her face to his. “Because now it’s time for a shower and you might need help getting all that grass out of your hair.”

“You ought to help, it’s your fault there’s grass in there.”

“What can I say?” He shrugged, a bit of his boyish charm seeped through in the simple move. “I know how to show a girl a good time.”


11 Responses

  1. We do exactly the same thing. In fact, in my hyper-organizational kick I’m on, one of the projects this winter is to label each of these ornaments (each kid has a separate ornament keeper) so that when I lose my memory there will still be a record of these mementos.

  2. I wish I had the sentimental gene where I collected and cherished momentoes but nope. I don’t. I stopped decorating for Christmas since we usually end up traveling to family rather than having them here.

    I love your pictures of your favorite Christmas tree ornaments. The Hawaiian ball looks beautiful.

    • Thanks Cyndi! That ball is beautiful when lights back lit it. if I traveled through christmas like y’all, I wouldn’t do all the decorating either!

  3. We haven’t bought ornaments in years because we have twice as many than will fit on a tree already. 🙂 We have stuff I or my husband made as kids or took from home, and stuff from when the kids were little and when we were first married. They are mostly dumped in a box where they get tangled and jumbled up, though the delicate ones have their own original boxes.

    Hey, I should make ornaments out of my book covers! 🙂

  4. We do the travel ornaments too, Keri. In fact, those and the ones the kids made when they were little are the ornaments that *must* go on the tree.

    I love looking at our Travel Tree and remembering all of those vacations together.

  5. We do the travel ornaments, too. I love pulling them out and remembering the good times we have. I actually have two trees – a disney one that’s so stinkin’ cute and our traditional one. On the traditional one I have all the Christmas ornaments I gave Doug over the years. I started back in 8th grade in 86 and continued until a few years ago. They reflect whatever he was into at the time.

  6. I try and buy at least 1 new ornament every year that means something to at least one of us. It’s definitely a memory tree. I have ornaments on it from when I was growing up, all of Jade’s ornaments growing up and now Lilly’s.

    a few have gotten broken over the years that broke my heart but I love our tree. Last year we didn’t put a lot of the breakable ones on there because Lilly was so little, this year we’ve added some of them – just put them up higher.

    The tree was up when she got home from her daddy’s Sun and the look on her face made everything worth it.

  7. We started this too when the kids were young. Now as we decorate the tree each year, we get to look back over the years and relive those special vacations. Along with those, we also have dough ornaments, hand painted balls, one very funny looking pinecone Rudolph, a UT Chritmas tree ornament to keep hubby happy and lots of wonderful trinkets the kids made with their pictures on them from elementary. 🙂 Yep, I love decorating the tree!

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