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Cover Quotes – Hot Air or Hot Sales?

I’ve been thinking about cover quotes lately. I’m wondering if they have any impact on readers’ buying habit. I just don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve gotten three cover quotes for Texas Two Step.

Best Selling Author Delilah Devlin – Luscious, romantic and sensual, D’Alba’s debut gives readers everything they could want in a passionate contemporary romance.

NYT Best Selling Author Vicki Lewis Thompson – If you like your cowboys hot and your stories with a generous dose of heart, read Cyndi D’Alba.  I’m a fan!

Best Selling Author Sylvia Day – Sultry, smart, and deeply emotional, a story by Cynthia D’Alba is not to be missed

Since we’re all readers here, I thought I’d ask you… Do you read cover quotes? Have you ever read a cover quote that made you buy the book? Do you have any cover quotes for your books you want to share?

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14 Responses

  1. If I see a cover quote from an author that I love praising a book, I am more inclined to buy it… =D

  2. Gotta say, nope. They don’t influence my purchasing decisions at all; honestly, I don’t even really pay attention to them. (Actually, I feel the same way about awards listed on a cover, but I know; I’m weird).

    • Awards do influence my buying, especially the RITA (from RWA). I have found a couple of new authors from checking out the RITA winners. Plus one year I would have skipped Teresa Medeiros’s historical about a guy who was going blind because I didn’t like the book description. However, after it won the RITA, I picked it up. It was wonderful! The book blurb did not do the book justice.

      I’m more incline to be influence by an author quote than a reviewer’s quote. But that’s just me.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving me a message

  3. Yes and no. I definitely look to see WHO made the quote, assuming if it’s an author I like, we may have similar tastes in books.

  4. Great quotes, Cyndi! I’m like Emily. If I see a quote from an author I already like, that usually tells me the book is in the right subgenre, and I’ll probably enjoy it if I like the quote writer’s books.

    It’s more of an influence if I’m not familiar with the author, but I don’t put huge stock in it. I also use quotes in reverse to find other authors in a subgenre I like. So if I like your book, I might go read Vicki’s.

  5. I usually only notice the quote *after* I’ve bought the book. and I see them even less on ebooks because of the covers. that doesn’t mean I don’t want them or don’t support them, but they just don’t work for me…on the book cover. However, I’ve often seen an author on twitter talking about a book they’re reading to give a quote and THAT sparks my interest to look closer at the book.

  6. My usual caveat: I’m not a typical reader because I’m an author. 🙂 But I’d have given the same answer even before I started writing, though maybe for different reasons.

    I know what I like. A review or award might draw my attention to a book, as might someone talking about a book on Twitter or Facebook or casually in my hearing. But I only buy it because it’s a premise that interests me, never because someone else said I should.

  7. I’m probably similar to Keri and Natalie. I don’t usually use those as an indicator at all, especially now that I am an author. Mostly because I know the way things work. But I would never turn a cover quote down from a good author who likes my writing. But, honestly, never meant much to me when I was a reader…but it’s gotta be working for someone 🙂

    Those are some really nice quotes. Congrats on scoring them 🙂

    Jeez, I sound all wishy-washy in this response. Sorry.

  8. I do read them. If a well-known author is willing to put his/her name out there to recommend, I think I’m unconsciously swayed to buy. It gives some credence to an unknown author.

  9. Great quotes, Cyndi! 🙂 I guess I fall into the category with those who notice after I buy the book. It’s the back blurb and first few pages that determine if I buy or not. But heck, it certainly won’t hurt to add them if you’ve got them though.

  10. I’m with Emily. If I see a cover quote from an author I respect, I’m more likely to buy the book. I don’t think that author would damage his or her reputation by recommending a substandard book.

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