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Don’t Skimp on the Research!

We had a very special, not to mention interesting, weekend with my family, as we headed out to celebrate Christmas a little early this year.   For years we’ve wanted to get together in one of the small towns close by to experience one of the many different heritages here in Texas.  Somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays in the big city. Somewhere where they really decorate for Christmas and the true meaning of the season is felt all around.

With a little research online, we found what looked to be the perfect place in Fredericksburg, Texas. Beautiful Texas hill-country, with lots of great German heritage, food and wineries, and the lure of a relaxing cozy lodge. A real log cabin away from town, but close enough to drive in and do some serious shopping on Main Street or eat at one of the great restaurants. There were so many to choose from, it was hard to decide. 🙂  My favorite was “The Pie Company.” One huge piece of chocolate cream pie I will be dreaming about for days. LOL

All in all, the trip was fun and memorable. But I do have a few warnings to pass along. When searching online for a place to stay, it might be wise to ask a few more questions about the location. As we drove down the little winding gravel rode to what we thought would be our peaceful cabin oasis far from civilization, my heart sank.

The cabin itself was perfect with its covered porch and wooden rockers. The scenic pictures beyond the porch and outside most of our windows not so much.

The beautiful cabin sat about twenty feet from a farm house with about four white barns that housed more than a few goats, a chicken coop and a large storage shed with a large boat sitting right out front. I’m sure this all belonged to the people who lived there on a regular basis and took care of the cabin. But this was not at all what we expected or what was pictured in the advertisement online.

The kids had a blast watching the goats and petting the horses. They even got to see a few baby goats only minutes after being born. Not something you see every day in our neighborhood, I assure you.  And the adults enjoyed all the wonderful amenities the inside of the cabin had to offer as well. It wasn’t so bad. I just wish we’d have known what we were in for.  Like being awakened by the rooster at 5:20 in the morning. Or rocking on the porch, sipping my hot coffee peacefully one minute and the next being trampled by the rambunctious Weimaraner puppy from next door.

Lesson learned! Do more research!

Have you ever had a similar experience? You know where things didn’t exactly work out as planned?


12 Responses

  1. “Have you ever had a similar experience? You know where things didn’t exactly work out as planned?”

    I’m not even going *NEAR* that question, madame! (laughing)

    Sounds like it was a fun trip! Might have to head that way…:)

  2. LOL! Baby goats and puppies 🙂

    ONce we rented a cabin on a nearby lake because the state park was booked. Ugh. It was so nasty that we ended up going home after one night…wasn’t so much a cabin as a broken down trailer at the foot of a steep hill. We couldn’t even get the boat down to the lake it was so steep. It just felt dirty, dirty and run down. Lesson learned on that one.

  3. We thought we were staying in a quaint B&B in New Bransfels once…with 4 other families. It ended up having drapes as walls between the beds…I can’t call them bedrooms, that would infer there was room near the spaces…the ping pong table kept the men up till 5 in the morning, but no one else could sleep with all the noise! Drape walls block nothing!

  4. Hey Missy. I’m so glad you got to experience the beautiful Texas Hill Country with your family. It sounds like you made a wonderful memory for everyone.

  5. I’m glad it was mostly okay, though I’d have wanted to throttle that rooster.

    When my husband and I were first married, we took a camping trip vacation. We stayed in a state park in PA and near my dad in central Ohio, and had booked a spot in a “campground” near Cedar Point, which was near his family in Toledo. We were going to stay there two nights, but when we got there the first night, we found it was basically a parking lot. Patches of grass separated by split-rail fences, so the wall of our tent was literally two feet from the wall of the next.

    The whole place stank of stale cigarettes, and it was LOUD. My husband ended up yelling at the people behind us because they were partying past 2:00 a.m. The “bathhouse” was filthy, and there were outrageously long lines for the bathrooms.

    We did CP the next day and drove to Cleveland, splurging on a hotel room in the Holiday Inn where he’d proposed to me. So that part was nice, even though we couldn’t afford it.

    • Oh, Natalie! What a nightmare that must have been. I’ve never even heard about a campsite like that. I shudder to think about being that close. Tent camping is not one of my favorites to start with. But throw in an experience like that and it would be the end of my camping adventures for sure. LOL

  6. Well, although it’s not exactly something I researched or a vacation type thing, I do have a icky hotel story. ; ) My grandmother was having surgery in a nearby town so we booked a hotel nearby. It was supposed to be non smoking but the walls and bedding stank of smoke. When we complained, they said the hotel was booked and they couldn’t move us. I am allergic to cigarette smoke. It triggers my asthma like nothing else. To top it off, we were near a club or something because there was a party in the parking lot until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say it wasn’t a restful night.

  7. What an awesome trip! Sounds like yall had a blast and by christmas morning, yall will be laughing hard over the rooster. 🙂

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