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Time is’a tickin’!

I got to write a set of my favorite words yesterday. THE END. Whew. Roughneck 2 is finished! And going to my editor earlier than most of my books. I’m really excited about Rough Play.

For quite a while now In The Hay has been my favorite book that I’ve written. There’s something about those characters that I just loved. The balanced of her innocence with his planned out life. Like the Good Girl’s Guide to Naughty Behavior.

And that’s not at all what Rough Play is about. These two characters, Jacob and Flora, are very playful, but as the title suggests, not very nicely! Jacob is a bit of a skeptic and Flora has been hardened by life. Though neither of them will ever admit it, naturally. But despite their faults, the trouble they gave me while writing them and the unexpected turns and risks this book took, these two naturally came by a couple of my favorite things.

Chemistry. Some characters just have it from the time they land on the page together until they leave it. Anyone who’s ever written a romance can tell you, characters with natural chemistry are a blessing to write. A BLESSING.

“How about a phone number just in case?”

Her brow arched and she pulled her tape measure from her hip. “How about we let fate decide?”

“Seems risky.”

“There’s only a few thousand people in this town. Fate’s pretty well on our side.”

But not once had he seen her. “I’ve been here seven months and haven’t seen you yet. Fate’s not looking too promising.”

She held her tape measure by her side, her eyes on his. “Fate is fine. You’re blind. I see you at least four times a week. Have since you moved here with your brothers. We both eat lunch at the diner regularly.”

He frowned trying to remember, but the diner was always packed out and Jacob was typically there with at least one of his brothers. “You must not have been wearing the tool belt.”

She shook her head and a humored huff of breath pushed out of her. “No. I take it off when I’m not working. Are you saying the belt turns you on?”

He glanced down her body. He couldn’t find anything about her that wasn’t turning him on at the moment. Mud streaked over her included. “Will you wear it on our date?”

“I don’t wear it when I’m not working. Besides, it would wrinkle my shorts.”

“Well there’s a simple solution to that.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t wear any shorts.”

Then my other favorite, humor. They’re not afraid to laugh at themselves, or pick with one another. Laughing and teasing is something my husband and I just do. We don’t try for it, it just works in our marriage. So when I see it in my writing without having to work for it, I get an extra little flutter.

She went back to the tattoo. For weeks she’d seen it. Glanced at it briefly, but this time, she traced it. “What does it mean?”

He flashed her a wide grin. “That I’m a badass because I have a tattoo.”

She laughed. “You and a thousand girl teenagers with a butterfly tramp stamp.”

And now the real fun begins. All the editing. Which I really need wrapped by next week or my poor cp will have to suffer through a horrible dirty draft.

After that though? Another favorite set of words. Chapter One. Even better if I can start them before December 31. What’s on your plate to wrap up during this last little bit of the year? Time is’a tickin’!


12 Responses

  1. Well, I have to wrap up the obvious – last minute gifts – but I’m starting on keeping word counts today so I can track my progress on the book that’s due Feb 1st. Somehow I’ve gotten behind on it…my, don’t know how that happened at this time of year 🙂

    The other major wrap up is mailing my RITA books…AGAIN. Yeah, USPS lost the others. Well, not lost – they’re toodling all over Houston according to tracking. I’m too scared they won’t make it in time, so I’m off to FedEX today to pay exhorbitant fees.

    Merry Christmas, all!

    • LOL can’t imagine how you got behind at all! I get edits this week on a book that’s due in first of feb. I’ll be right here with you…only tracking pages edited instead of words written!

      BAD USPS! BAD!

  2. Loved the excerpt. And you’re right…great chemistry. I look forward to reading this one.

  3. Great excerpts, Keri! It’s funny how some couples make it easy on you and others, not so much. My books are serious, but my characters usually have a dry sense of humor. Same with my husband. It’s definitely one of the things that drew me to him.

    I’m trying to get my next Scrivener class set up before end of the year. I’m taking a big risk and hosting it myself this time. We’ll see how that goes.

  4. Congratulations on finishing, Keri! 🙂

    I wanted to get a book revised before the end of the year, but haven’t done a single thing on it for a couple of weeks, and now I decided to make more extensive revisions so it will take far longer than a week. But I plan to START before the end of the year! LOL

    • thanks Natalie! and you can manage a start. I mean….reading pg 1 is a start! (which is really 1/2 a pg by the time you start 1/3 of the way down and title, chapter heading and all that)

  5. Loved the excerpts, Keri! Congratulations on typing “The End” 🙂

    To avoid complete burn out, I gave myself the last two months of the year off. So come January 1, it’s back to work for me! I’ve got several WIP to finish up and get out in 2012. This little break did wonders. I’m really getting excited about revisions. (gasp) LOL

  6. Nothing beats good chemistry and witty dialogue and you nailed them both. Great job, Keri! I loved the excerpts.

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