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Oopsie Daisy!

Yeah, I think we’re all a little off with Christmas falling on a Sunday…which meant Monday felt like Sunday…and you know the rest.

So I’m mixed up and half asleep because despite my best efforts, my husband talks me into staying up late watching movies and random talk shows which means I’ve been needing to bank some sleep, which I just got. And that’s not the only reason I’m off my sleep. The other is due to my animals.

We had three – two dogs and a cat. One dog loves to sleep late – That’s the Boston terrier (Ike) who prefers to hide when it’s time to put him in the kennel (yes, we got a kennel after the expensive pancreatis episode) and find a warm bed of one of the kids or a hamper of laundry to burrow within. The other two are the problems.

First, the cat – Saint, Mittens, Socks – she’s called by many names. She was a stray that had lived for months in the woods, scratching out an existence eating only God knows what. She came to us skinny and very, um, angry. Don’t know why I let my youngest talk me into taking her, but she’s now heavier and much, much sweeter (except to Ike which she hates). She likes to move from outside to inside whenever it suits her. If we leave her out at night, she literally launches herself at the front door, digs her clows into the wood, and peeks her head over into the window and meows loudly. So we let her in. She goes off to sleep somewhere – usually a closet – but at about 5:00 in the morning, she often wants out. How do we know this? She meows over and over again – bellowing meows, down right yowls of distress. Ugh. I’m usually the one who has to let her out.

So that leads us to Georgia, our black lab. This is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. All she wants is your love and attention.  Every  hour, every minute of every day. So since she forages on our counters when we’re not in the kitchen, we have now kenneled her. And she HATES it. Every  night we edure slinking, cajoling, dragging just to get her into the blasted thing. So we get her in. All is well. Until about 5:20am. That’s when my husband’s alarm clock goes off each morning, and Georgia knows this. So in order to make sure we all get up, she starts barking – chipping, annoying barks from her kennel in the sunroom. I really do appreciate her having our back like that….except on the weekends and holidays. Man, it’s horrible. And I’m the kind of person who can’t sleep once I’ve been woken up…unless I’m really, really tired. Which is what happened this morning. I went back to bed and slept to 8:00 – thus the lateness of the post.

So forgive me.

I’m sure you will because until after the first week in January, I’m sure we will all be off. But I’m looking forward to January and the cool, crispness of a blank slate and possibility.

Okay, I’m running. I’ve got another blog going on over at Supers (thankfully, I loaded it early – it’s on Blogger and that baffles me).

Here’s looking forward to a new year…and the next Wednesday that I won’t be late on. Fingers crossed.

So care to share about your holidays? You crazy pets? Or just say hello? Please do 🙂


9 Responses

  1. I have two dogs who both LOVE the kennel. We only have one kennel set up and occasionally I’ll find both of them crammed inside…which isn’t easy as the retriever weighs about 85 lbs and the border collie weighs 35!
    I make the border collie sleep in the kennel right now because if she’s not in there, she’s in my bed. I love her but she disrupts my sleep…mostly because she gives me about 1 foot of bed space to sleep.

    This morning both hubby and I overslept. At 7:20, a polite little yap woke me. I understood completely…”Hey mom! I need to tinkle and poo. Get up!”

    • My Boston would sleep with me if he could, but he really has bad gas quite often so I can’t go there with him. He sleeps very peacefully, so I don’t think his movements would wake me, but those toots? Um. No.

      • I’ve had my border collie on this really expensive food (lots of fish and fish oil.) It makes her coats shine but her breath, poo, and toots REEK. So bad that I going to have to take her off it. The rest of us can’t take it.

  2. I kennel mine and he LOVES it. I started when he was younger…and would pee on my carpet, hide it for me to find weeks later when I was rolling on the floor with the kid and find the smell. so we kennel.

    I put towels over the kennel so it’s like a cave. he spends about 65% of the day tucked in his dark cave. might be because he’s hidding from the kid but he knows that’s his safe spot.

    • I wish mine loved it that much. Nope. They have to be dragged. They prefer the cushy softness of a pillow on the couch or the carpet. It’s like doggy jail for them.

  3. Most people I know seem to kennel their dogs. It still seems so foreign to me. Not something I ever saw growing up. Makes a lot of sense, though!

    Our dog died just about two years ago now, but she slept on a bed next to us. She was great. Went to bed with me and stayed there until we got up, even if it was 10:00 a.m. (we’re night owls and always sleep late on weekends when we can!).

    One of our cats HATES closed doors. Absolutely hates them. We have to put her in the downstairs bathroom at night because otherwise she’s going around at 1:00 a.m. scratching on everyone’s doors. The other two cats we have to keep out of the bedrooms at night because they like to try to drink out of my water glass. They’re good cats, though, and leave us alone when we sleep. 🙂

  4. We have a Golden Retriever who has had her share of counter goodies over the years. LOL She’s ten now but it doesn’t stop her. We have to remember to put food up or leave it to thaw in the microwave. She’s the best dog we’ve ever had though. After she turned 3 things got alot better. 🙂

    Hope you get to catch up on some sleep!

  5. We all sorts of animals at our house. Our indoor pet is a year old shitzu that we adore. He has the run of the house. I mean it too. The rest are all outside, including a bevy of cats. Cooper hates the head male cat *scowls*. He barks loudly when he sees that tom cat out the window… Loudly enough to wake the sleeping.

    We have a half dozen kittens if anyone is interested… all of them peoplized.

  6. I have a dog that often asks to go outside at strange times. He’s getting better, but it’s the cat that gets on my nerves. I had a beautiful, intelligent, perfect black cat that I rescued for the kids when I moved in to the house and I loved!

    Then their dad rescued two kittens then decided only to keep one. My older daughter begged me to take the other because she didn’t want to see the kitten put to sleep. I reluctantly agreed. She’s a pretty cat. We named he Sarah. I think Sarah was dropped on her head or something. She can’t find her food unless you take her to it. Yes, the food is always in the same place. This was okay while Meow, the other cat, was alive. But after he got hit by a car, Sarah required guidance. She would stand next to or follow you around the house meowing without pause when she had a full bowl of food and another of water in the laundry room.

    When she’s outside, she scratches at the sliding glass windows. Have you ever heard claws on glass? Sometimes this is at 5 am or just after I climb into bed.

    The clincher for me? If we leave her inside at night, I find grey cat hair all over the kitchen counters and table. She managed to remove the plastic from left over cake and ate it. She can get butter containers open, and loves to lick the butter.

    She’s an outside cat now.

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