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Your Bra Is Bothering Me.

*Keri Ford here, putting on her reader hat*

It’s time to talk support for the girls. It comes in all kinds, shapes and sizes. Be it lace, see-thru (oh, la la!), satin, cotton, wire, underwire or sports, the options are unlimited.

And then there is color. Oh, boy. Red, black, brown, green, white, tan, beige, pink, orange, flowered, patterned, flannel even!

There’s nipple protection, the kind with thirty cast-iron hooks going down the back, padded over shoulders. Even full coverage, demi and straight see all you got, a shade of pink nipple included!

They come thin, and padded. Some filled with gel to add extra bounce with your walk while others have so much padding, they could staunch major blood flow.

With alllll those options, dear girl in this book, I must ask you, why in the heck did you put on your red lace bra with that skin tight white shirt? I mean, seriously. Did you look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house? You’re showing through. Not just in color, but also in texture. All your sexy lace? yep, we can see that through your shirt too. And like JLo said, that who see-thru shirt with a color bra speaks a little desperate.

And man of the story? What do you think you’re doing giggling over there? It’s been twenty degrees outside, your girl is wearing a tight shirt and you’ve been staring at her big knockers all night really anxious to get your hands on them, discover their weight and of course, the pout of her “berries”. That in mind, I’m always amazed at how you don’t see her nipples through that tight shirt—psstt….because she’s wearing the coverage for it!—but yet you can still feel the pout of her nipples when you put your hand and mouth there. That’s through her shirt, and her thick nipple-protected bra.

*waits for the logic to set in*

There’s only one solution I have come to. Characters are crazy.


18 Responses

  1. FLANNEL? REALLY? Where? I need to get me one of those.

    And yes, I confess. Shawna Thomas had to set me straight on some bra logistics in one of my sex scenes. Oh, the shame.

  2. Loved this post. Yup…sometimes you just have to put the book down and wonder. Really?

    • Thanks, Shawna! so crazy sometimes!

      I’ve owned nothing but the beige colors for *years* you can wear them under anything. a friend just gave me about 20free bras so I have some in color now. feeling hightech with the beewbies.

      • I have to confess a love of pretty bras. I have white (for under white) black (for under black or really dark colors) Beige, for when I’m feeling neutral and then a whole bunch of “special occasion” bras in multi colors. The one I like the least has a ribbon in the front that ties it closed. It looked nice in the picture, not so much practical. Might be interesting in book though. ; )

  3. Too funny, Keri. And, I’m with Kari. Flannel sounds good about now!

  4. You know, I don’t put a lot of emphasis on the bra in my books. More like just getting it off. LOL

    I really do try and think about clothing – the logistics of it. I like that the more natural it is, the better the scene is. Give me a scene where no one can get that industrial hooked bra off, and you’ve got a winner.

    • same here Liz! Unless he’s watching her dress or something like that. when it comes to getting the clothes off, hero doesn’t care about the wrapping to even notice!

  5. Keri, I don’t think my characters wear bras. at least the men don’t. Too funny! Great post!

  6. Sign me up for a flannel one also! I am waiting for the day they make heated ones. Slip in one of those hand warmer like things. That would be nice in the winter. I will market those. “Personal Nipple Warmers” LOL

  7. Hilarious, Keri! And very well said.

    I’ve always been incredulous when characters on TV shows wear black bras under a white shirt. There was an episode of Mad About You where Jamie did the “remove the bra without removing the shirt” thing, for example.

    Why would anyone wear a black bra under a white shirt?!

    • okay, depending on the shirt, I can remove the bra without undressing BUT the boobs would no longer look “bra’d”

      I know know! and at times, a white bra under a white shirt is just as bad!

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