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We’re Growing! Lookie Who’s Here Now!

Happy New Year, everyone!  My name is Donnell Ann Bell and I write romantic suspense.  The wonderful ladies at ENLR have invited me to talk romance every now and then.  I said great, I could talk about romance every day, they said, er…why don’t you stick to once a month?

Okay, okay!  But we’ll show  ‘em.;)  Join me on the first Thursday of every month as we talk about everything from what readers like in a hero, to the most romantic thing you’ve ever done on a date, to unlikely couples who make things work.

Speaking of unlikely couples, in The Past Came Hunting, my debut novel, brought to you from Bell Bridge Books, my protagonist, Melanie, falls in love with the cop who arrested her 15 years before.  Not immediately, of course.  As a matter of fact, their relationship seems downright impossible.  But somehow they manage to overlook some serious problems and work out their issues.

I look forward to our chats and learning your stories.  I’ve got two grown children, and I’m married to a chemical engineer.  Trust me, if anybody needs this blog, I do!  I’m a card carrying member and a firm believer that Everybody Needs a Little Romance! So, I’m curious, what’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done on a date (keep this PG rated 😉 and did it result in your marriage?  Thanks!


18 Responses

  1. Yay! Welcome, Donnell! So good to have you here with ENALR.

    Romantic thing…hmmm.

    Well, when I was dating my husband (back in high school) he loved classic rock and on this particular station they were doing this weekend special tribute to Pink Floyd. Well, my husband was out of town for some reason and missed recording it (ah, the good old days – when you missed it, you missed it). With my mom’s help, we called the radio station and asked the DJ to record it for us. He was awesome and said, “of course.” We drove to the station to pick it up and I gave them to my husband as part of his Christmas present that year. He was dumbfounded that I had gone to all that trouble.

    That’s probably one of the best presents I ever gave him when we were dating.

  2. Ah, Liz, that’s so great! What a great DJ. And pretty romantic. Thanks for the welcome!!!

  3. Hm most romantic? Let’s go back to first date with the hubby! Poor guy was so very shy. we had mutual friends there and they insisted I should make the first move. so I did! I reached over and grabbed his hand while asking a question about the play clock in football.

    That night I met my would-be husband. It was several years before I figured out the purpose of the play clock. 🙂

    • How totally cool, Keri. I bet that shocked him and made him very happy at the same time! Curious… is he still shy? Love HEAs

      • towards people he doesn’t know anymore, he can be. But not me for the most part. but sometimes he’ll get a little pink around the ears if I saw something better left written in a romance book. *g*

  4. Hey, Donnell, welcome aboard!

    Hmmm. Most romantic. Well, there was a couple of weeks ago when my husband dragged me down to the bank to sign and notarize some paperwork. When we were done, I asked what it was I’d just done. He said, “I’m now legally half owner of everything that’s got your brand on it.”

    Oh. Whoops.

    So then last week I said, “I want to get a tattoo for my next big -0 birthday.” And he said, “Fine, as long as it’s a K-walking-Y on your left hip.”

    He also offered to do it himself.

  5. So glad you’ve joined us, Donnell! 🙂

    I’m not sure this is romantic or just plain crazy, but…. As much as I hate to fly, I boarded one of those tiny airplanes in my small hometown and flew to Houston, Texas in one heck of a thunderstorm to be with Hubby and his family on Christmas Eve for his Dad’s BD. I’ve never been so scared in my life! LOL But Hubby asked me to marry him three months later. 🙂

  6. Oh, so the plane trip was worth the fear of flying! I love stories like these, Melissa! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Welcome, Donnnell! I’m also married to an engineer (aero), and I used to be a manufacturing engineer. We’re all kinds of practical in my house.

    Hmm, the most romantic thing we did on a date…did I mention my DH is an engineer? 😉 This isn’t exactly a date thing, but he bought me cruise control for my car on our first Christmas. That doesn’t sound romantic, but it was something I really needed to keep from getting a ticket on our frequent drives between Tucson and Phoenix. Not traditional romance like jewelry, but a real awareness of what would make my life better. He listens.

    That didn’t lead to us getting married, but I knew he was “the one” after two days. We just click.

    • Yay, Gwen” in the house. Gwen, nothing says love like cruise control! For all the romantics out there, I will say this in defense of engineers (which after 28 years of marriage and working for structural enginees for ten) they are generally rocks. Their logic is often indisputable, especially when I’m being emotional.

      Love that he listens, my hubby does, too, except when he’s worried about a project, I have to home him in again. He’s learned something about romance over the years, but he’s more likely to bring home The History of Math than to pick up a romance novel

  8. There was the time my husband pulled the mattress off the bed and into the living room so we can sleep in front of the fireplace because it was a romantic place. Or the time he pulled all my “good china” (because it’s never ever used!) and we ate hamburgers off the china with sterling silver forks.

    Honestly, in our relationship, he’s more the romantic one than I am!

  9. Hubs and I met while working at Target. We started out as good friends and when I split from my ex-husband we started dating. We’ve been married for 15 years but together for around 20 years total.

    We both went back to school and got our degrees and he is a supervisor at Verizon (working with data devices/smart phones) and I’m the HR person for the College of Pharmacy.

    Welcome, I am so glad you will be joining us.

  10. Hi Donnel! Welcome! Sorry so late. I’ve been under the weather.

    Most romantic thing on a date…? Probably blindfolding and taking me to the place we first met to propose and yes, it resulted in marriage.; )

  11. My husband use to walk a boardwalk that was by a waterfall when we were dating. We would always throw pennies in and make wishes. I use to always wish that we would get married one day. I guess it worked 🙂

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