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Silent Night, Sinful Night – Anthology

Silent Night, Sinful Night by Anthology
* I received a copy of this book from Kensington in exchange for an honest review*

‘Tis the season for sweet seduction and passionate pleasure. Let visions of sultry sex sweep away your inhibitions and savor the delights of these three erotic encounters. . .

Wicked For Christmas Sharon Page
Every Christmas, Amelia Weston is reminded of the night Lord Dante Rivington asked for her hand in marriage, took her body in passion, then vanished the next day into the snow-covered streets of Regency London. Every Christmas, she wonders if it will happen again. . .

Lord Dante is in love with Amelia but he knows his father will not agree to let them get married, she’s their governess.  He devises a plan that will ensure Amelia is accepted into his family but he never expected to be taken before he could marry her.

Amelia is thankful that Dante’s family kept her on as a serving girl after he disappeared.  She misses him terribly but it’s been five years and she must think of her future, one without Dante.  When Dante calls her to him, she is shocked to see him and can’t believe his fanatical story but the proof is there.

Dante knows the only way to save Amelia and ensure a place in his family is to marry her and then disappear for good this time.  He has wonderful but wicked plans for the 12 days of Christmas leading up to their wedding.  He may be a vampire but he has been able to keep his humanity all this time, now he must kill his sire to survive.

With the help of friends, Amelia gets her Christmas wish, her future with Dante.  I loved the ending to this short story; it proves love can conquer all.

Naughty Or Nice? Melissa MacNeal
Anxious to escape her memories of Christmas past, Tess Bennett takes a train west to the mountains of Colorado. And when she meets the sexy and seductive Johnny Gazara, she realizes that a naughty night of erotic delights is just what she needs. . .

Tess is a rich widow and her husband’s partner has plans to help her take care of all that money, whether she likes it or not.  She has lost her family, has a snake on her heels and can’t endure another Christmas without them so she escapes with the help of a trusted employee.  She leaves with the clothes on her back with no idea where she is going, except on an adventure.

Everything seems to fall into place for her when she sees an employment ad for a new Penney Candy Girl.  When she arrives in Colorado, she goes straight to Edgar Penney’s to see if the job is still available.  She mistakes Johnny for “Santa” but is instantly taken with him; he may be just the one she needs to help her find the magic in Christmas again.

There was something about this story that whimsical and fun, that drew me in from the beginning.  Tess is a strong female that isn’t willing to let anyone make decisions for her; she may be a widow but she can take care of herself.  You can’t help but feel for her because she lost her husband and daughter but you don’t feel sorry for her.  She is trying to make the most of her life and with the help of Johnny and Mr. Penney; she finds the magic of Christmas again.

The author describes Johnny’s designs around the underground house and factory in such detail that you can practically taste the candy on the walls.  Johnny is lonely and is looking for someone to call his own but he has his own demons he’s battling, like the other two Penney Candy girls.  Mr. Penney makes them all feel safe and secure, while providing for their needs.

The scenes with Tess and the orphans were touching because you could tell how much she cared about the kids, even though she didn’t know them.  They all touched something deep inside her that died when her daughter passed away.  Between her and Johnny, they will accomplish great things for the orphans of Memphis.

This was my favorite story in this anthology.

Stolen Chances Chloe Harris
Winston Matthews knows a thief when he sees one, even if she is stunningly beautiful. And so he offers himself as an easy target for a sensually sinful Christmas Eve seduction. . .

This was a fun story too.  Winston is from a proper family but he left home to pursue his own interest years ago and has a shady past.  He has returned home for the holidays but has no plans of “hooking” up with any of the society daughters.  During the Christmas Eve ball he spots a kindred soul and is determined to show her the path to redemption or turn her over to the authorities.

Rosie managed to get an invitation to the Matthews’ holiday events hoping to score a big enough payoff that she doesn’t have to work for at least another year.  She never expected to encounter Winston Matthews.  He is not like anyone she has met and she can’t read him.  Will she be able to unravel his secret before the holidays are over?

Both Winston and Rosie recognize something within each other and gravitate toward one another.  They are enjoying their time together until Lady Ponsonby’s necklace disappears.  They each accuse the other of taking it but soon agree to work together to find the family heirloom.  In the end Rosie surprises Winston with her actions and her choice for her future.

Overall these are three very different stories but they are all very enjoyable. I enjoy anthologies because they give you the opportunity to try a new author and I will definitely be looking for more books by these authors. I give Silent Night, Sinful Night 4 Flaming Hearts. 


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