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This is love….

*Today is SOPA and PIPA protest day. Many websites are going down and dark. WordPress is, but no idea if that’s going to take our blog too. I was really pretty terrified of adding a plugin and massively wonky up our blog and then running to Cyndi on my knees with tears begging her to fix it.*

With that…let’s do this blog post!

Which is about, I really don’t know. Picture yourself sitting at the computer, pretending to free write, only it’s a blog post. There. Do you have that image in mind?

BAM. You’ve just pictured me while writing this post.

And then picture me looking at my husband saying “tell me what to write about!”

And he tells me “A Bishop in a turtleneck.” Seriously. (that’s a NEW GIRL reference, if you watched last night).

Okay, I need something else, I say. Because this is romance and bonding for us. And the blog is all about romance.

And he fails me. I try pleading for more. You can’t think of a single romance topic??

That husband of mine, “I’m downloading music. I’ll grab a romance song. Lady In Red!!!” (italics, because he sings that line)

At which point I tell him I’m writing this conversation and he clarifies that he’s never a blog topic. Nor a twitter topic (oh, he knows me well!).

But you know what, dear husband of mine, you just became one. (and he’s a frequent topic on twitter, to be honest with you).

Because this is marriage. And romance and talking and chatting between two people who have been together for eleven and half years.

If the relationship starts sucking in your life, think of this blog and think, “gee, if I work for it then I could have a hot romance like that Keri Ford does.” I admit it may not sound like much, but these are the moments when I realize it’s pretty freaking awesome.

You’re welcome. Happy Romancing.

Tell me about an average night with a loved one.


15 Responses

  1. That’s the beauty of a mariage – or being with someone for a long time (even a friend) – there is comfort in the in-between moments of life. My favorite time of day is the one where I slip in between the sheets with my hubbie. No, get your mind out of the gutter, folks. We watch TV and crack jokes. We love Conan and Jimmy Fallon and something about lying there getting tickled by their antics and then cracking our own jokes, teasing one another, is a wonderful, wonderful bonding experience. So, I get you.

    • love that Liz! we don’t watch tv in bed as much, but I do pile off in his lap for some tv time. He fusses about the blanket because I’m cold. Cuts his eyes at the big pillow I bring, but once I get settled, it works and we’re happy.

  2. what a perfect example of a “married” conversation! I laughed. Felt like you had been listening in to some of my conversations with my hubby.

    yeah, there is a comfort in knowing someone so well.

    Loved your post today, Keri

    • yes! knowing someone as well as you do is a huge comfort. they know your bonuses and faults and decided you’re worth it enough to stick around for. 🙂

  3. Aww, husbands are fun.

    • yes! most of the time. within an hour after scheduling this post he was mocking something or other and I said I needed to update my blog. but I think that might have been his goal, so I left it as is.

  4. awe what a cute picture.
    Yes some of our married conversations are interesting 🙂 Your conversation made me smile. Loved it.

    I know that the most romantic thing my hubby does for me is let me sleep in every Saturday. While I sleep, he brings me home a large coffee from my fav coffee house. See romance comes in all forms and I much prefer what happy does over the candle light dinner scenario.

    • 🙂 thanks Michelle. My husband at work again on that picture. it was a christmas and we’d gotten pretty sidetracked w/taking pics of the kids and he turned the camera around for a snapshot of us. 🙂

      candle light dinners–eh, I’m with you. Those are rare moments, I’ll take the everyday things.

  5. I love little peeks like this into people’s lives. 🙂 I’m not allowed to blog about my husband, unless it’s over-the-top praise. (Which he does deserve. I’m murder to live with. LOL)

    I always ask my kids for permission, and they let me with no problem, even if it’s stuff like how Number One used powdered sugar instead of flour in her alfredo sauce.

    • I suppose asking permission first would be the proper thing to do, but then one of my husband’s favorite sayings is, “Sometimes it’s easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission” 🙂

      I would say most of the time I involve him online, I’m putting him in a good light by backhanding myself. Such as saying “Gah, DH washed clothes today but didn’t fold any of them! I mean COME ON. Do I have to do EVERYTHING?!?”

      and I bet that made for some interesting noodles!

  6. And now you know why I refer to my hubby as Fodder. He hates it, but as long as he doesn’t see it, he thinks his role in my cyber-life is merely a walk-on part. Silly man. He should know he’s the hero…

  7. Cute post! 🙂 You guys make such a great couple! 🙂 Let me just say, the fun gets even better. We have 21 years under our belts and every new day is…a new adventure. LOL

  8. Love it, Keri. I agree that the real romance is in the little moments in between. One of the reasons I like Kung Fu so much is because it’s something The Engineer and I do together. It’s like date night because we’re alone in the car to/from class with no distractions.

    We’ve been married almost 17 years, and there’s something beautiful about knowing each other so well that you complete each other like pieces of a puzzle.

    And I had to laugh because we watched NEW GIRL last night (DVR’d as always). That line cracked me up. 😉

  9. LOL…love your post–and the conversation between you does sound sort of familiar.

    I’ve been married to my guy for 40 years–the first time I saw him I told a friend who was with me that I was going to marry him. Her question? What about the one you’re married to now? I know, sounds pretty stupid, but I was in the process of divorcing an abusive guy after a very brief marriage, so I told her I was working on that. A week after the divorce was final, Doug and I were married. Makes it easy for me to write those “love at first sight” stories, that’s for sure, because it happened to me. Well, it was probably more like lust at first sight, but he’s still the one I’d pick out of a crowd to take me home, so there’s got to be something to it!

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