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My Brand of Romance

The Ladies of ENLR are thrilled to welcome Laura Drake as a new blogging partner. Laura will dispensing her wisdom monthly on every third Thursday. Help us make her feel right at home.  

My first blog with y’all! I’ve been very excited about it, trying to decide what to write that would give you a flavor of my stories.  I write contemporary Western Romance, revolving around the world of the PBR – Pro Bull Riding.

I’ve read countless romances. Historicals — autocratic noblemen, just waiting to fall for a bit of skirt. Paranormals — sexy immortals, the ultimate bad boys.  Steampunk? Not even sure what that is, but if it’s romance, I’m game! I love falling into one of these novels, like a warm, soft bed after a long, hard day.

But that’s not the type of romance I write. I’m seasoned. I’m wiser. Okay, I’m old. But along with the advancing wrinkles, sagging parts, and grey hair, has come a subtle but beautiful new version of romance. It seasons my writing like an exotic spice.

Fading is the headlong, rushing need. The constant craving that, looking back now, sometimes made me feel like a hormonal puppet. A softer, more subtle brand has taken its place. I now have time to notice details. Like:

The look in a man’s eyes, the softening, that lets you know he’s aware of you, as a woman.

His casual, proprietary touch at your waist as he leads you through a restaurant.

The sound of your name, well-worn and intimate, on his tongue.

I notice different parts of the male body than I did before: the curve of his back, as it slides to his hip. White vulnerable skin of his foot, soft as baby powder where it touches my leg. The taut cords on the back of his neck that make me want to nibble . . .

Okay, so all the hormones haven’t faded yet.

I’m so looking forward to settling in, and getting to know you all here at Everybody Needs a Little Romance!


22 Responses

  1. Welcome, Laura! I love the parts you notice. 😉

    I can’t wait to learn more about the PBR world. I’m such a suburban girl, the closest I’ve come to it is a rodeo I attended when I was four. All I remember is the calf they were roping broke his nose–at least that’s what my parents told me–and they had to take him out of the ring on a cart. I cried.

    • I’m a city kid too, Gwen (well suburban, anyway.)
      But when I married a Texan, I fell in love with the West, and the rodeo.

      I aspire to be retired, living in the home we’ll build, out on our 80 acres in Texas. Sigh.

  2. Welcome Laura! Love a man’s back….but you can keep their feet! 😀

  3. Welcome, Laura! So glad you’ve joined us. 🙂 I love the rodeo! We try to go each year here in Houston. Some of those bulls are just down right mean! LOL

  4. The sound of your name, well-worn and intimate, on his tongue.

    WOW. great line. Hope that’s from one of your books! 🙂

    I think the image of the rough and tough outside of the cowboy, with the ooey, gooey center we all know is on the inside is what makes us all love ’em as heroes!

    Welcome Laura. Glad to have you here.

  5. Welcome, Laura! I think your brand of romance is a perfect complement to the rest of us. We represent it all! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts AND your books!

  6. Hey Laura, welcome again! Considering my current work-in-progress stars a rodeo bullfighter and a female stock contractor I suspect we have plenty to chat about. Have you ever had a chance to meet any of the PBR guys or go behind the scenes?

    • Thanks Jenny! My books wouldn’t be seeing the outside of a dusty drawer without my awesome crit group. They know it – I know it!

      Kari – we are kindred souls! I have been lucky enough to be in touch with several people in the industry, for research. Thank God for Twitter! People are so giving of their time and expertise.

      • PBR is definitely interesting. I’ve only been to the one in Pendleton which is a Challenge tour not a Ford Tough event. A very different kettle of fish than rodeo, that’s for sure. I worked with Justin sports medicine there, so if you need any research from that angle let me know.

        • Kari, you’re going to be sorry you offered – once I’m done with my current work in progress, my next idea involves the heroine working for Sports Medicine! How did you know? tee hee.

          • Excellent! ATCs need love too. I know there’s at least one female ATC on the PBR tour that I’ve seen on the telecasts. I worked one year at Pendleton with the guy who I believe is the head of the PBR sports med program so I suspect I could hook you up somehow for questions that are specific to the PBR. Their docs have more control over whether the riders compete than at rodeos so it is different than what I’m used to.

            For anything regarding injuries/rehab/treatment in general I can probably answer myself. I’m a certified athletic trainer, worked in sports med/physical therapy for fifteen years and stay pretty current even now that I’ve moved off into the sticks where there are no ATC jobs.

  7. As Laura’s critique partner, I can share that her writing IS that awesome. I’m all about the neck, the shoulders (especially if there’s freckles) and the vulnerable curve where their ankle meets their feet.

    Lovely post, Laura!

  8. Laura, you may say you’re “softer” in the romance area, but this blog could make me blush. Everybody Needs a Little Romance is lucky to have you with them. You deliver on the romance for sure! Good luck with your future posts.
    -Fae Rowen

  9. Welcome to the blog. I enjoyed your post.

  10. Hey Laura. Another trusty crit partner checking out your new digs. Be envious everyone. Her crit partners, me included get to read her stuff first. 🙂

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