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Healthy Is As Healthy Does

Well, everyone around here is well aware that I’m on Weight Watchers. Very aware. And not because I’m eating rice cakes or drinking enough water to make my eye balls float, but because for the first few weeks I was cranky.

Noticebly cranky (which was not helped by the fact the monthy bill also came)

But I’m determined to change my lifestyle so that I’m healthier and thinner. And I’ll admit that it’s just not fun. I LIKE my creamy Starbucks confections. I LIKE my frozen yogart almost every night. I LIKE not having to measure or think about my food in terms of cups or ounces. So they can paint happy people walking all over the websties and *make* it sound fun, but it is NOT.

However, it is necessary for a lot of reasons. I’ve been thinking about our nation and the biggest problem we have (me, too!) is we eat way too much food. Like super-sized on everything. If you actually look atΒ serving sizes, they aren’t that much. For example a serving of cereal is 3/4 a cup. Yeah, go on and pour that out and look at it. It’s a good handful. But when I pour cereal in my humongous bowl, it’s about 3 servings. And that’s been the biggest revelation – I don’t necessarily eat food that’s bad for me….I eat a lot of food. Period. So taking all that wonderful filling food away made me grumpy.

And then there are the healthy food choices – eggs, leafy greens, light yogart, grilled chicken – things that feul your body (in much smaller amounts thanks to my serving sizes) and get really old, really fast. Like, I’m so sick of them. All I want is some lasagna. Oh, I know, they say you can eat it on WW, but only 1/4 of what I usually eat and it’s probably 12 points or something. So I think about eating lasagna and only lasagna for the whole day, and I cut up another piece of chicken and toss it on my salad with the 2 Tbsp of light ranch dressing. I’m pretty sure the goal of every diet plan is to make you despise food. I’m getting there.

Then there’s exercise – something I’ve always hated. But it’s actually the best part of this whole deal…because it earns me more points. LOL. I’m walking and ellypticalling and Just Dancing 3 like a nut. And I’m so thirsty from doing it that I’m easily getting in my recommended amount of water each day. And I hate water!

AHA! Now I see how this works WW! You are so tricky! You make me eat less so I work out to get points so I can eat more and I sweat so much I drink the dreaded water! Why, you sneaky so-and-so.

Needless to say, I’m going to kick my own a** on this diet because like my writing career – I WON’T GIVE UP. This year I lose the weight.

So, we’re into February, how are those resolutions working for you? And if you didn’t make any, what’s one thing you won’t give up trying?


28 Responses

  1. There you go, my entire outlook on diet and fitness: I love to eat more than I hate to exercise.

    • LOL. It’s kinda sad, but very true. I will work out if it means I can have some extra food.

      But on WW, I can’t have all that much so no going overboard. I really think this will work for me. Finally, I’ve stopped feeling like I’m starving all the time. So I guess my body has finally accepted I’m not going to shove a giant cheese burger and fries down the hole anytime soon….or maybe never. Think it will have to be half a cheeseburger, five fries and a side salad.

  2. I’m so with you, Liz. I’ve often said, that I don’t care if it’s dog poop – as long as there’s a lot of it! Well, not literally, but you get my drift.

    I’m lucky though, in that I’ve been a jock all my life, and those old habits stuck with me. I can’t go long without some kind of physical activity.

    Unfortunately, it would take walking from my house to San Francisco (500 miles) to work off what I ate at the Superbowl party….

    So, I’m off to the gym!

    • I’d probably draw the line at dog poop πŸ™‚

      I come from a family who puts considerable value on cooking and eating, so it’s something I’ve been conditioned to do. If we are all together, we’re eating, thinking about eating, arguing over where to eat, etc. so it occupies my thoughts quite a bit.

      Good luck at the gym! I’m walking today πŸ™‚

  3. In there with you. I have to admit, after years of doing Atkins, on again/off again, this is complete retraining. I think, what’s making this work for me is the phone app. I like poking things into the program and I LOVE the barcode scanner.
    Thinking about how far I have to go is depressing, but I like the mini goals, too. And I’m bribing myself like crazy. I’m going to have the best crochet book and yarn selection in the South soon!

    • But those are great rewards and I’ll be looking for a scarf soon πŸ™‚

      I think this has been good for me because before I loosely said, “I’ll just cut back and excercise more” which is good in theory, but never worked for me because just cutting back a little wasn’t enough. And there was always a reason to eat something not good for me.

      “I finished a book!” = I’ll have donut!

      “My kid made an “A” on his test” = We’ll go for ice cream!

      “I did a load of laundry today!” = Nachoes for lunch!

      See. I celebrate a lot.

  4. Perfect timing, Liz! I started Weight Watchers Monday. Yes, I’ve been cranky…but that could be waking up twice a night with the toddler who suddenly doesn’t want to sleep alone.

    And I, too, am more motivated to exercise when I can earn a couple extra activity points to eat more later. πŸ™‚ But the added benefit of working out is my mind is clearer. Especially when I work out in the mornings.

    I’m off to do get some exercise before tackling restructuring my WIP (ugh).

    Thanks for the motivation! πŸ™‚

    • I know you’ll do great, AM. The thing you have going for you that I so wish I had is your height. Taller girls just look magnificent when they lose weight – it all seems to slid into the right places.

      Can’t wait till I next see you…but then again you may pass me by and I’ll be wondering, “Who is that goddess?”

      Here’s to a successful run at losing weight!

      • Oh, you’ll always be a goddess to me, Liz. You’ve got that fabulous sparkling personality that just shines. Truly.

        As for the weight loss – yes, being 6’2″ definitely helps…people don’t think I’m overweight. But I know I am, so I don’t feel good about myself. It’ll help to kick those pesky extra pounds to the curb.

  5. Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy…. I’m right there with you, honey! Do you go to the WW meeting or are you going it alone through the online? The meetings make a big difference. Primarily, at our meetings, getting ideas of things that taste good and are low points. Ex. Pringles honey butter Stix. A pack is 2 pts. Who knew? Last time I did WW I learned tricks to make myself not FEEL like I was on a diet. I’d find things for dessert that were low points so I could “reward myself” at the end of the day. For me the key was to fill up on things like fruit and veggies so I wasn’t hungry. I’ll fill you in on some stuff I’ve learned when I see you Sat. Okay? You can do it!! Four years ago I lost 40 pounds on WW and I’m a big chow hound and sweets-addict. It’s all about retraining your food choices, making the exercise part fun (that’ll be easier in warm weather) and yeah, portion control. A bugaboo for me too.
    Hang in there!

    • I’m doing it online, but the good thing is I have plenty of people who know and will hold me accountable.

      I think it would be good to go to a meeting just to share tips, but I don’t see squeezing it into my schedule. I like the online because it’s pretty much a food journal for me.

      thanks for sharing the snack idea πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, Liz! I feel for you, girl. Hubby got a wake up call with a pre-diabetes scare from his doctor. Now we are counting calories, carbs, sugars and those serving sizes are ridiculous!!! The entire family is having to eat better. We are all having a huge cranky whining party here. You’re welcome to come join us!! LOL

    Good luck!

    • Well, it’s good that it was just a pre-diabetes scare. Everyone in my family has it so I’m very cautious about finding myself in that same position.

      Our family is eating better…except our youngest. I have to work on his habits.

  7. Gah. I did SO GOOD. 6lbs off in a SNAP. like in 2wks. 3 tops. I was thrilled. I got tired of chicken and I’ve been struggling for the last 3-4wks to just get 3more pounds.

    I love food. I don’t mind the exercise even, but I really really love food. I do a lot of black coffee, little sweetner and little creamer. it’s really helping with the snack cravings between meals.

    btw–Started fixing my cereal in a small-medium sized cup! forces you to smaller portions AND it’s hard to get the spoon down in there so it slows you down too. πŸ™‚

  8. I, too, need to attend my expanding ASSets, but I’m doing it slowly; no impending trip to Anaheim to hurry me along. 😦 Still, a little at a time might make it easier than sweeping changes. I hope so. As do my jeans!

    • A little at a time seems to be the trick. I’m using Anaheim as a goal. I really would like to feel confident and good about myselt. Not that I don’t. But, you know, I just want to be a little less of me being confident. LOL.

      I so wish you were going. If I win the lottery, you’re there. It could happen.

  9. You are doing fantastic, Liz! A little at a time. My problem was writing everything down. I’d do great for a couple of days, then blow it off. Always had better things to do.

    big hugs and keep it up! ~D~

    • That’s why I like WW online. I log in everyday before bedtime and put in what I’ve eaten. If I can do it mid-day, it’s even better. Thanks for popping in πŸ™‚

  10. I’m glad you’re finally adjusting, Liz. It takes a while to get used to “real” portion sizes. I don’t do WW, but the LoseIt! app helps so much with balancing calories in vs. calories burned, and it has the barcode scanner too. Plus it tracks nutrients like protein, sodium, and fiber that I keep an eye on.

    This year hubby and I went vegan. Talk about a big change in how I eat! I’d been leaning toward vegetarian for years, but without him on board never went all the way. Never thought I’d be able to give up cheese, but surprisingly, I don’t miss it much, especially if I stay away from foods that require it (mac/cheese, spanakopita, lasagna).

    The best thing about going vegan is that it’s forced me to try all sorts of foods I never would have considered before so that I don’t get bored. Turns out I like them too. My new favorite flavor is curry.

    I’m with Keri, too. I eat my cereal or oatmeal in a mug or small chili bowl so it looks like more food. My best advice is to pick up some good healthy-fare cookbooks at the library so you can get some new ideas besides chicken and lettuce. Finding new, delicious recipes is the thing that’s saved me.

    Good luck!

    • That’s really good advice. WW has some recipes and I just printed out one for asparagus and bacon penne. Guess it won’t work for you, but it will so work for this Southern gal who likes her pig. (But probably not as much as Cyndi. LOL)

  11. The Ruby mug is good for cereal, a lot smaller than a bowl. I’m not doing WW but I have cut out my Dr. Peppers (and haven’t killed anyone yet, next is sweets). My main goal is to start eliminating what I consider toxins, artificial anything and anything I can’t pronounce–which is about all we seem to eat. It’s alarming. And so is all this joint pain I’m having but I am going to the doc next week! I’ll probably be going on an organic raw veggie diet. Hm, made myself hungry, better go get another piece of broccoli. sigh.

  12. You have discovered the secret key to weight loss…eat less and exercise more. Wish I could do it! I love to eat. It’s a hard habit to break! But sounds like you are well on your way.

    I’ll tell you another secret…it is true that the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. Your metabolism slows down.

    And if you don’t get the weight off,you’ll have the knee problems I have, which makes exercise almost impossible.

    But with you trying to lose weight, don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal..to get healthier. Thin/skinny does not = healthy.

    And having met you, you are beautiful the way you are. Beauty is inside too.

    • Thanks, Cyndi. That’s a good thing to remember. I will likely never be skinny – just not built to be thin. I’m a sturdy girl. But I would like to have fewer lumps and to be healthier. I really feel like I’m doing something that needs to be done right now. It’s my gift to myself for my 40th birthday.

  13. The cereal in the mug seems to be the trick, Diana. I will definitely have to try it. I’m with you on trying to eat more natural. I do eat organic as much as I can. Think I might be growing a garden this year if I can talk Doug into digging me out some raised beds.

  14. Your post really described the whole reason I haven’t tried to lose weight in 10 years. LOL

    I’m kind of pissed at WW right now. My husband did the “stress is killing me diet” last year, lost a lot, and put it all back on. So he started WW 2 weeks ago. They charged him $42.95 then, and again today. WTF? He’s doing great, but spending all his spare time tracking and researching. Which is fun because he has an iPad now, but I can’t even stand the idea of it. I need twice as much time as I have just to work and write.

    I DO want to get exercising again, but there’s the same time problem. I got home from work tonight at 7:45 and I have an hour’s worth of freelance to do before I can take a break.

    But the plate/bowl size thing is a trick we’ve adopted, too. We got rid of the giant plates and bowls that were a Christmas gift several years ago, and bought small ones. It helps!

    • Bummer that they’re charging him double…maybe if he lost twice the weight? LOL. Something must be messed up.

      I’m doing the onlinet thing, so I guess I better watch out and check my credit card. Sorry you’ve had such late nights. Nothing worse than being stressed and on a time crunch to prevent you from exercising regularly. Hope you get some time soon.

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