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An Old Fashioned Vintage Tea

This post is proudly a stop on the TEXAS TWO STEP Blog Tour. For a complete listing of all stops on this tour, please visit here. All contests are for U.S. residents only unless otherwise noted. Comments left on this blog will be counted toward the Texas Two Step Faithful Follower Gift Certificate. To see a complete listing of Blog Tour Prizes, click here. Be sure to check out the freebies. Yours for the asking as long as they last.

Sometimes you guys wonder what I do when I’m in Florida. Well…how about an old fashioned vintage tea? Yep! That’s what I did on Monday. Seeing all the hats and outfits were a blast. The food? blah. “Tea food”  Sandwiches with too much bread and very little “stuff” inside. Cucumber sandwiches. Ham salad. Chicken salad. Pasta salad. Raspberry and white chocolate scone. Dessert consisted of small bites of cheesecake, cream puff and chocolate eclair. At four that afternoon, I met a lot of these women at the dog park for Big Dog Play Time. After all those carbs, we were all crashing! BUT you just have to see these hats

I’m not going to comment on every picture. Most speak for themselves! Above is Robin, “dog mother” to Bailey and Barnaby

Robin and Ro, with their fascinators

Dell, “dog mother” to Abe, and her fascinator. Trust me, it was hard to get her to stop talking long enough to take a picture!

Lori, “mom” to Koia

Lori is also a very talented jewelry designer. Here’s a link to her website so you can browse through all her goodies!

Llissa, “mom” to Jasmine. Fabulous hat, huh?

And then there were the hats! Lots and lots of unusual and truly awesome hats. Here are just a few samples

And we didn’t just wear cool hats! Some ladies when all out with outfits. Check these out.

Before you think I didn’t give into the hat craze of the day, think again!

This is me with new signed Super Romance author Pam Hearon

And here is me and my hat!

So what did I learn from attending a vintage tea (because you know life is a series of lessons, right?)

1.  You will crash after a lunch of heavy carbs

2.  Hats are fun to wear

3.  Hats are H-O-T to wear…and when I say “hot,” I don’t mean in style. I mean I was sweating. And forget taking off your hat if you get hot because…

4.  Hat + sweat = dreaded hat head!

I hope you enjoyed visiting the vintage tea with me and the pictures of the wonderful women here who love nothing more than having a good time!

As I noted as the top of the post, this is an official stop on the Texas Two Step Tour. Monday kicks off something different for my tour. I am two weeks away from the release of Texas Two Step, so for the weeks leading up to its release, I will be posting installments from Texas Two Step-The Prequel as I travel around the blogosphere. New episodes will be posted daily, but you’ll need to be following the tour to read them. Click the banner below to see a complete listing of the tour stops and dates

If you want to check out the slew of prizes you can win by following the tour, click below.

Thanks for coming by! I’ll be looking for you on Monday at Pink Fuzzy Slippers Writers.


24 Responses

  1. Fun blog, Cynthia! The Vintage Tea was a hoot–and a great excuse to buy a new hat (although my dad saw my pictures and commented on the “joke hats” — so much for the man’s sense of fashion:-)

    Looking forward to the blog tour and the release of Texas Two Step!

  2. FUN! I love it. I would love to go to the tea and then take my babies to go play in a dog park. Sounds so much fun 🙂

    I’ve been enjoying all your posts – you put together a fabulous blog tour…almost as fab as your hat!

    • Thanks Liz. The ladies of Big Dog Play Time have decided we need to do a Big Dog Mom’s Night Out once a month. I may have to start a paypal account just for the bail money!

      Thanks for liking my hat!

  3. What fun, Cyndi! It’s a pity we don’t wear hats more often. I love yours!

    Looking forward to the Texas Two-Step Prequel….


    • Hi Leigh. It’ll be two years before the next one but I swear! I’m taking the feather umbrella! 🙂

      Hope you enjoy The Prequel. Starts on Monday. EEEK! I’ve got some writing to do to get it finished for week 2 🙂

  4. Makeup, dressup, on a weekend? No men in attendance to applaud?

    fuggedaboudit. The only hat I wear on a weekend is a baseball cap – to hide the unblowdried hair.

    Loved looking at YOUR pictures, though!

    You didn’t mention your release date! When is it?

  5. We did High Tea a few years ago at the Prince Edward Hotel in Waterton National Park. We didn’t do the full hats and dresses thing, though, because we wanted to go hiking when we got done.

  6. I’ve never been to a Vintage Tea. It looks like fun. Why do they always serve horrible food at these things? You all had to go to the dog park after just to stay awake. There were some beautiful hats though. Can’t wait to read your new release. When does it come out again? The beginning of March? Thanks for the blog tour. Congrats on the new release.


    • Hi Joanne!

      I don’t the rationale behind the horrible food, but teas are a “British” thing and the Brits aren’t known for their food! LOL LOL

      This was an incredible carb load, though.

      Texas Two Step- Feb 28!! Thanks for asking

  7. how FUN! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and 2 WEEKS!!! *SQUEE*

  8. Oh, I loved the pictures, Cyndi! Looks like so much fun! 🙂 The 28th will be here before you know it! So exciting!!

  9. Such fun pictures from the old fashioned tea.

  10. I love the hats! I have always been a fan of High Tea. My first time was at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. A few years later I started taking several trips to London each year. I would always try to fit in a High Tea whenever I could. I love the ritual of it.

  11. I wish hats were more fashionable these days. It’d make it easier for me to stay out of the sun (much needed!). The vintage tea looks interesting, and I was worried that we wouldn’t get a shot of your lovely hat, so thank you. 😉

  12. I love wearing a hat! I have a straw hat I’m wearing a lot to keep my face out of the sun.

  13. Why, darlin’, you are as beautiful as ever!!! I’ve always wanted to go to HIGH TEA even though I know I wouldn’t like the food and maybe not even the tea! But I think I’d LOVE the EXPERIENCE of it!

  14. I love the pics. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to read Texas Two Step. The more I see on the tour the more I want it.
    musicalfrog at comcast.net

  15. 2.21.12
    This stop on the TTS Blog Tour is now CLOSED for Faithful Follower Comments.

    Feel free to still leave a comment. However, all comments after this notice WILL NOT BE COUNTED in the Faithful Follower Contest.

    Thank you for your comments and support

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