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The Yo-Yo Syndrome – Are You at Risk?

Last week came and went like a flash of light. I’m sitting here writing this amazed I survived. LOL I can honestly say, I know exactly why we have children when we’re younger.

Why is it that everything has to get scheduled for the same weekend?  I do pretty well keeping up with my kids’ busy schedules most of the time. But when hubby is thrown into the mix and is out of town, it gets crazy around here.

My oldest daughter had her FFA competition starting on Thursday and ending Sunday afternoon. Rafikki the rabbit hopped away with a second place ribbon. Pretty darn amazing since this was my daughter’s first year to ever participate or raise anything. I’m so proud of her. She took better care of this rabbit than I ever thought possible. He’s still a stinker though. So soft and pretty you just want to hold him and pet him for hours. But don’t dare even think about it. A lap rabbit he is not. LOL

Did I mention the weather is working against me too? Seems like it has rained every weekend since the Spring tennis season began. Going through one heck of a drought last summer, the rain is welcome. But it means my middle daughter is missing school for nothing. The team leaves Friday mornings around 6:30 a.m. to travel to the tournaments only for them to be cancelled due to the on and off rain showers. She sat on a bus in a school parking across town for 7 hours last Friday. It’s crazy.  At least this Friday she was able to play two matches before the rain started. But it too was cancelled. Ugh…

I’m feeling like a yo-yo again. Back and forth. Back and forth to the schools I go. I never thought about what my life would be like when these precious little ones got older. You know. How they would need to be chauffeured around to this and that. Shoot one kid can keep you busier than you thought humanly possible. But three is downright grueling.

I’m drinking. No not alcohol.  LOL  Emergen-C. A vitamin B supplement packet you mix with water, and I’m taking my multi-vitamins like there’s no tomorrow. They help with my energy level, but being in two places at once is just physically impossible. Thank goodness for the friends who have been there to help out.

It really does take a village to raise kids. LOL I’m still learning this one. We should not feel like failures because we can’t do it all. We are only human.  🙂

Enjoy the moments in life no matter how hard or hectic they may be. Remember to laugh, love and spend time with the ones you cherish most.  Life truly is a precious gift.

Have any energy boosters you’d like to share? Or how about a time a friend stepped up and made your day a little easier?


20 Responses

  1. Melissa, the only advice I can give you is this:

    Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee….:)

  2. LOL William!! That is Great advice by the way! 🙂

  3. LOL! Coffee was going to be my suggestion as I’m adddicted to it. Soooo how about chocolate! Still has the caffeine but with added comfort built it. Just don’t share it with the kids–you don’t want them moving any faster than they are now:-)
    ::sigh:: I’ve tried to change my avatar.

    • Oh, now chocolate sounds like a winner! But you’re right! I’ll have to hide it from the kids. LOL

      I think the change for your avitar might take a few days to show up. 🙂 This crazy computer stuff still drives me up the wall.

  4. Keep breathing, Melissa. The sad thing is, you daydream about them growing up, going off to college, and you getting a break – but when it happens, you cry for the ‘good old days’ when you did what you’re doing now! Crazy how life works, isn’t it?

    Best energy booster I have is working out – but you probably don’t have time for that!

    • Your are so right, Laura. Just thinking about that day makes me want to cry. I’m enjoying our time together so much. Even though it’s hectic, these are memories I will love forever. 🙂

      Working out…hmmm.. is that where you sweat and your muscles ache? LOL

  5. Enjoy it, Melissa! Just soak it up!

    I agree with Laura!

    My youngest will be leaving this fall for college and while I’m thrilled for him, I will miss all the busyness…him and his friends coming and going. One of his friends who isn’t going off to college has promised to come by often, just to see me…I’m going to need that. LOL.

    While you’re in the busiest times when raising children, you wonder how you’ll make it, but it truly does go by in a blink!

  6. For his 13th, my oldest is getting his own email account complete with google calendar linked into mine.

    Other than that–I cultivate the other moms. We have about four of us who routinely offer to fill our cars with each other’s kids. That’s the key–I offer to pick up/drop off, and then they don’t mind when I ask (and vice versa). I’m planning to get them all Mother’s Day cards.

    • LOL Keri I think Mother’s Day cards is a brilliant idea! I just might steal that from ya! 🙂 And a google calendar linked to yours. Man, I wish I could figure that one out. But then, my kids would actually have to update theirs for it to work. Miracles do happen. LOL

  7. No advice from here. I have dogs. When they get in too busy, I dump them in the yard. I’m thinking that dumping the kids in the yard all day when they get on your nerves might be a problem. Pesky Human Welfare Department. LOL

    • This made me laugh, Cyndi. You don’t know how many times I’ve thought about tossing them outside and locking the door! LOL They are lucky we don’t live out in the country. 🙂

  8. I’m a lot like Keri S. I try to be a good carpooler and save other moms time so they will do the same for me. Certainly helps when you have some friends to call upon.

    Good luck and I know it’s about to heat up for me, too. Here comes baseball season!

  9. Coffee was my suggestion too. thankfully I just have the one. *next* spring starts up baseball season for us. Let the yo-yo’ing begin!

  10. Yay on 2nd place! Tell her congratulations!

    Things have actually settled a lot for us. It was crazy when both kids had dance classes and soccer, but they gave up the former for the latter, and now Number One doesn’t even play as much. Number Two is starting on the school soccer team in two weeks, so I’ll have daily chauffeuring again, but Number One doesn’t need it as much. AND, in the fall, they might be on the same soccer team!

    I never wanted more than two kids, for various reasons. But when we started doing the splitting up thing, and I watched people with four kids try to juggle it, I just couldn’t understand the insanity! LOL I’m really glad we never had more. Relying on other people is not one of my strengths. 🙂

  11. Congrats to your daughter, Melissa! I’m with Natalie. (Surprised?) Not good at relying on other people or asking for their help, either, but I’m getting better for one-off situations where I have no choice. Also figured I’d never make it if I had more than two kids. 😉

    For me to have the energy I need, it’s all about sleep, good food, and exercise. Especially sleep. Good luck keeping up with everything!

  12. Thanks, Gwen! Yeah, when you have little choice you kind of just grin and bear it. LOL Lack of sleep is my worst enemy. Hubby snores. ugh…

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