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I’ll let the big guy open for me today.

Cookie Monster thief, not liar. 

So let me confess too…I am a Cookie Monster. I won’t lie. I will steal your cookies. I will eat your cookies. But more importantly, I will bake you cookies.

As writers, we all get the same question. It can be worded differently but everybody wants to know if we put ourselves in our books. The answer is no, but if the reader knows the author well enough, she might find a trait or favorite item of the writer embedded in the story. Now I’m nothing like Olivia (the heroine of Texas Two Step) nor do I have much in common with Mitch (the hero) except we all love chocolate chip cookies. But put a few pecans in mine! So of course chocolate chip cookies made it into the final version…

From Texas Two Step- Coming Feb. 28, 2012 (That’s TUESDAY!)

Olivia turned in the direction Magda had taken Adam. She followed the aroma of hot chocolate-chip cookies and found her way to the kitchen.

The gleam from all the stainless steel and granite countertops was blinding. Adam sat on a barstool, a glass of milk in his right hand and a chocolate-chip cookie in the other. Magda was leaning with her elbows on the countertop, engrossed in Adam’s story of driving Mitch’s plane all by himself on the way down.

“Wow, Adam. That’s really something. I don’t think Mitch has ever let anyone else fly his plane.” Magda took a cookie off the plate and took a bite. “He must really like you.”

“Uh huh.” Cookie crumbles dropped from Adam’s stuffed mouth.

Olivia hobbled into the room. “Excuse me? Do we talk with food in our mouth?”

Adam swallowed. “No, ma’am.”

Magda grinned. She ruffled Adam’s hair and stood. “Can I get you something, Olivia? Iced Tea? Coffee? Lemonade?”

“Coffee, if it’s already made. I don’t want to put you out.”

“Grab a stool. Coffee’s hot. How do you take it?”

“A little milk, please.” Olivia bit into a cookie and moaned. “These are wonderful, Magda. What’s your secret recipe?”

Magda set a cup of coffee down. “The back of the chocolate-chips package. I think you’re probably just hungry.”

“I don’t know about that. Adam and I are cookie experts, aren’t we?”

Adam nodded enthusiastically.

So that’s my recipe…the back of the Nestle chocolate chip package.  I tried others but I’ve never found one I like better.

So what’s your favorite cookie? Want to share a recipe?

For the authors…have you written one of your favorite things into one of your books? What?

Thank you for coming by today. I can’t wait to see what cookies come up today.

Don’t Forget!!! Texas Two Step comes out on Tuesday. My hero and heroine broke up six years before the book starts but I thought it might be fun to do a prequel. So for the past couple of weeks, I have been posting installment of Texas Two Step-The Prequel. The final episode is Monday, so today is a good day to catch up.

Also on Tuesday, the ladies of the blog will be celebrating with me with prizes awarded all day. Don’t miss the fun. There’s gift certificates, jewelry, crystal boxes, etc. Check here for a complete list.

Texas Two Step is available for preordering at Samhain, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

And if you buy it, I’ll eat a cookie in your honor!


33 Responses

  1. I’m off cookies these days because…I got myself a bread maker! It’s a fancy-dancy “Zojirishi Home Bakery” and it does everything but give birth. In three days, Zo-Zo has baked me five loaves of bread. Also–I’m up about 2.5 pounds.

    • I have a bad sugar addiction! But I admit that hubby and I love hot bread right from the oven. We will slather pieces in butter and nom nom nom

      Can’t figure out why you’re up 2.5 pounds! Mystery to me.

  2. Oh, heavens! Cookies! Kryptonite to my Weight Watchers!

    I love cookies, I mean, who doesn’t? But I really love homemade salsa, so I talked about that in A Taste of Texas. I also love gardening, so my heroines do a fair amount of that. Well, some of them who are “homey” in nature. Some of my heroines kill plants or blaze over them or don’t even think about them. But me, I love to garden and grow things. I have an upcoming heroine who is a florist and grows prize-winning orchids. Can’t wait to get to her book so I can do some research *wink*.

    Can’t wait to celebrate with you on Tuesday!

    • My mom makes homemade salsa but wow! You really have to be careful with the peppers.

      Cookie=Kryponite? Yes, I can see this.

      If I ever write a heroine with a green thumb or one who owns a nursery (plants not babies), then trust me..the heroine is a stand-in for my husband. I have the black thumb of death.

      I am SO nervous about Tuesday’s party. Y’all will have to help me drum up visitors so the prizes can be given to different people!

  3. Just hearing this is killing me. I’ve sworn off cookies – I’m losing ten pounds by National or ELSE!

    Can’t wait for Tuesday, Cyndi — I think I’m as excited as you are!

  4. Yep, the good old Nestle Tollhouse recipe has never done me wrong, but I gotta have milk chocolate chips. My husband, however, likes to ruin them with peanuts and coconut. On the plus side, I don’t eat many of them that way.

  5. I don’t really have a favorite cookie. ‘m not a big sweets eater. If I had to pick one though, i’d pick the Caramel deLites Girl Scout cookie. I dislike coconut, but will eat this cookie. Thanks for the blog tour. Four more days! Can’t wait!

    • I had to stop buying GS cookies. They wouldn’t last a day at my house. I could keep cookies around for my cravings and eat one or two and be done. But the husband? Nope. nom nom nom and then they are all gone.

  6. My favorite cookie is oatmeal coconut chocolate chip–yeah, way too many calories but soooo good:-) I’m excited about your release day party. Can we serve up some of these cookies while we sip on champagne?

    • We were totally together on that cookies until I got to the coconut. Blech. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are yummmmm.

      I have the champagne chilling. Want to do mimosas all day with me? The answers on the blog might get funnier and more risque as the day goes on

  7. I, too, am a cookie monster. I don’t eat much chocolate (or nuts), so no chocolate cookies, but chocolate chip is OK. We have a lovely Italian bakery here in town that makes the most delicious Italian butter cookies. The lemon is divine. They also do a raspberry shortbread thumbprint that is heavenly. And speaking of Girl Scout Cookies, I am a strong supporter of their annual sale!

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  8. NOTHING beats that Nestle recipe! if you like the dough, pick up some Egg White Powder (in the cake decorating section). use those instead of raw eggs and there’s not risk–AND you can still bake them!

    I’m dieting pretty hard (9lbs down since new year!!) and my wips are showing it. they are PACKED with all the great food I’m missing

  9. Every christmas my grandmother makes chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and bags them for everyone in the family. Personally I think I should be getting at least two bags, as I have the biggest family to share with out of everyone, but I haven’t convinced my grandmother yet. Anyway, I love these cookies. Everyone does, and we all look forward to them every year. Also, my brother and I, depending on who gets to christmas first, hides each other’s cookies. It’s war when a bag of cookies go missing.

  10. I’m not a cookie fiend, but I do like them. Ditto on the Nestle Tollhouse recipe, and I like nuts in mine. I also like a good monster cookie or toffee cookie. I like them hard-chewy, but not crunchy. And I’m really picky!

    We ended up with 13 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year. The daughter of a friend wasn’t selling anymore, so I ordered 5 boxes from someone at work, thinking that was it. Then I got home and Number Two said, “you’re ordering from [my friend], right?” So I ordered 4 from her, one of each kind that we each like. THEN this little girl came to the door and I couldn’t say NO, of course. I was just going to get 2 boxes, but I knew whoever’s kind I didn’t order, they’d be mad, so I got 4.

    I expected them to last forever, because they always do, but this year, the kids have been home alone too much. LOL

    • The girl scouts have marked your house as a soft touch, sort of like the hobos used to do to houses that were known to give food handouts! LOL

      I LOVE GS cookies. Mint. Cold milk. Heaven

  11. Love the excerpt. Sounds like a great read. You’re going to be sick of cookies when you sell tons of copies. You must eat one for me as I will be buying. Peanut butter is the preferred poison for moi.

  12. Cynthia, I am a cookie monster too. I use the recipe on the chocolate chips bag. Sometimes I will add nuts or butterscotch chips. I enjoy making Snickerdoodles. As far as packaged cookies, I love Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and Double Stuf Oreos. I rarely drink milk but I always have it with cookies.

    Now I’m hungry. LOL

  13. I LOVE Snickerdoodles! So easy to make. Plus IMHO, those are as good cold as hot.

    Double Stuff Oreos? Yum. Have you had the Oreos that have an icing on them. Double yum.

  14. One of Jade’s favorite cookies are potato chip cookies. My fav time of year is now when you can get girl scout cookies. Our fav’s are thin mints and then you stick them into the freezer.

    Andy Cyndi I can’t wait till Tues when your book comes out. The prequel bits are great and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  15. […] Cookies!!! Umm-num-num-num-num!!! (everybodyneedsalittleromance.com) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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