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New Kid on the Block

My parents still live in Paducah, Kentucky in the same house I grew up in.  I was never The New Kid on the Block .  But today, I find myself in that precarious position.  I might as well tell you right up front that I’m shy.  Oh, not once we’ve met.  I can talk the leg off a bar stool after I’ve made its acquaintance.  But, I’m a little out of my comfort zone making the first move.  Still, I want you to like me, so here goes.

I’m a romance author.  I currently have two books on the market.  The Timestone Key is an Arthurian romantic fantasy released in ebook form by Lyrical Press.  His Hotness is a romantic comedy released in print and ebook forms by The Wild Rose Press.  Both are currently available at Amazon, B&N online, the publishers’ websites, as well as various other online bookseller sites.  For blurbs and excerpts, visit my website: www.pamelahearon.com.  I recently signed my first contract with Harlequin, and my SuperRomance Out of the Depths is scheduled as an August release.

But, on this blog, everybody’s a writer, so I need to tell you things that will give you insight into my personality so we can be lifelong friends, right?  Try one of these: I love animals.  I love to travel.  I have a large perennial flower garden.  I play the dulcimer.  One of my favorite activities is geocaching.  I’ve ziplined and parasailed.  Hot onion rings dipped in a hot fudge milkshake makes my tastebuds happy.  I have an aversion to pretzels.  In fact, I can throw up just thinking about the skinny stick ones.  For some reason, I associate them with measles.  I’ve see Dr. Zhivago  26 times (and read the book).

Anything grab your attention yet?  Sheesh!  You’re a tough crowd. Okay, just a few secrets to make things more intimate between us.  I used to be a clogger in a dance group called The Polka Dot Kids.  My tear ducts used to stop up and I could make them whistle.  I’m addicted to computer and video adventure games that require me to solve logic puzzles to open the next level.

Oh, all right.  You want the stuff that’s way out there, don’t you?  The stuff that could land me on David Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks.  <sigh>  Well, okay.  But you can only read it if you promise to reciprocate with your own.

Remember—this is just between the two of us.

I can gargle “Swanee River” and it sounds really cool if I put a microphone against my throat while I’m doing it.

Okay … your turn!


26 Responses

  1. LOL, wow you have some interesting, uh, talents, Pamela! 😉

    Growing up as a military brat, and now being an Air Force spouse, I’ve always been the new kid on the block. But I’m still shy until I get to know someone. Then, like you, I won’t shut up.

    I also love to travel and try new things. If I didn’t have to pay the mortgage and feed my kids, all my money would go toward travel.

    I’m a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a purple belt in Kung Fu, but sadly, I cannot whistle through my tear ducts. =)

    Welcome to the blog!!

  2. *laughing* I love you, Pam. 🙂

  3. Andrea!!! So glad to see you here! Still wishing I had one of your chocolate cupcakes with the salted caramel filling:-D Thanks for stopping by. (((hugs)))

  4. YAY!! Pamela is here! 🙂

    Here I’ve been with you for the last couple of months and I had NO idea you were so “talented.”

    And Gwen! Brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and purple in Kung Fu. I am so impressed.

    I have nothing impressive about me to add. 😦 I am boring person.

    • Just goes to show–you think you know somebody pretty well, but she can still surprise you! ::sigh:: Hope you’re having fun without me!

  5. Welcome Pamela. And hey, geocaching! My sister and her husband are really into that, which is why this is in our south pasture:


    • LOVE geocaching! Next time I’m up your way, I’ll have to pay a visit to your south pasture. We’ve had some pretty cool experiences with some of the finds. One required climbing a steep bluff, which freaked dh out as he’s scared of heights. And we had to do it in winter so as not to stir up the snakes:-) Finding the treasure gives me an Indiana Jones-like thrill making it definitely worth the trouble!

  6. As a transplant to Verona, KY, I’ve learned that to fit in here I MUST learn the dulcimer and be familiar with all of Stephen Foster’s works. But gargling them? Sheesh. When do you expect me to WRITE, Pamela?
    Old Keri the New Kentuckian

    • Ah, Keri, I knew I sensed a kinship with you! Dulcimer’s easy or I couldn’t do it. As far as Stephen Foster, you’re so right. My granny made me cut my teeth on him early on. My Old Kentucky Home is a must, and everybody knows Swanee River. After those, when you’re in a hot Stephen Foster conversation, throw out a more obscure one (I suggest Gentle Annie), and shut everybody else’s mouth. They’ll accept you as a native.

  7. Okay, since we’re telling embarrassing talents – I can perfectly imitate a bloodhound, baying. No really. I won a contest in a bar once…
    My competition, a diminutive blonde in a short skirt with the name of Binky, or something equally objectionable, imitated a kitty-cat (oh, just gag me.)

    So, here I am, big, clunky me, up there next to Binky. The MC says, “And here’s Binky, the cat.” and she did her thing.

    Even in my less than cognizant state, I knew what was coming…. “And here’s Laura. The dog.”

    Oh who cares – I beat Binky, and that’s all that matters….Right?

    • I’m with you, Laura–win, no matter the cost:-) And if Blinky had won, bet you could have taken her down easily and gotten that trophy. If she had put up too much of a fight, Gwen could have helped.
      I myself can imitate a fairly tolerable goose call. That makes us sistahs, right?

  8. Welcome Pamela – what a great introduction to you. I don’t think I have any talents – I did get my 1st tattoo when I turned 40 and I have a 3 year old granddaughter – yep that’s about as interesting as I get. LOL.

    I would love to be able to travel but I’m always glad to be back in my own bed when we get home, still would love to see Hawaii (so jealous Julie), the Caribbean, Ireland and Greece. Who knows maybe one day when I am independently wealthy or win the lottery? 🙂

    • Greece is on my wish list, too. When you get independently wealthy, maybe you can pay for the trip for both of us!
      I love that you got a tattoo at 40. Shows spunk. And I’m sure those talents are there–you’re just too modest to tell us about them. Maybe when we go to Greece and we’re sucking down that uzzo (just realized I have no idea how to spell that!), I’ll weasle it out of you!

  9. Awesome intro, Pamela! I guffawed at the tear ducts thing. When I get a cold and my sinuses are clogged and I blow my nose, snot comes out my left tear duct. A little grosser than whistling, huh?

    I guess my only real non-word-related talent is magical repair. When my boss can’t figure something out on the computer or my kids don’t understand their homework, I go stand next to them and before I can say a word, they go, “Oh, there it is!” or “I get it now!” or “Hey, it’s working!” 🙂

    Now I need a chocolate cupcake with salted caramel filling…

    • Snot out of your left tear duct…I’m learning more about this little group every day!

    • Snot out the tear duct would have been much cooler to my childhood friends.
      Magical repair–what an awesome talent! I’m more of the don’t-touch-it-or-think-about-coming-near-it sort when it comes to technology of any kind. I used to teach school back in the Dark Ages when we used projectors to show films. I managed to chew up so many films in the projector, the A-V Specialist (that’s audio-visual, for you young ‘uns) Would only let me show a film when he was available to run the projectot:-( Alas, my computer skills are no better, as Cynthia D’Alba can attest!
      Oh, and Andrea Laurence is the Queen of Salted Caramel Anything!

  10. LOL Awesome fun, Pamela and welcome to the blog!!!

    weird things. I can move my ears (without touching them, thankyouverymuch). can also make my eyeballs shake but the DH calls me the devil when I do that. so I don’t do it often…you know, just when I want to bug him.

    • Whooee, Keri–now I know the meaning behid your profile pic! The twitching ears would be cute, but the shaking eyeballs would be freaky!!! [actually, I’m dying to meet you in person now ! LOL!]

      Thanks for the welcome! I truly feel like one of the gang:-D

  11. Well, I can’t touch any of those things. I’m so not interesting. But, I’m not shy at all – in fact I was a cheerleader (like Keri F.) and as former teacher, I’m usually comfortable in front of folks. But I am similar to you in that we’re both Superromance authors 🙂 and I bookend your debut with one in July and one in September. Fun!

    Okay, something interesting about me….um, I can cluck my tongue really loud and can still do the centipede.

    • I could NEVER do the centipede, so ya got me bested, Liz! I was a cheerleader, too, all through junior high and high school, and (yes, giving away my age here) taught school for 30 years. Never shy around my students–just mostly in new situations.

      Another Superromance author! Yay!!! I feel privileged to be bookended by a fellow ENaLRer:-D It’s comforting to know you got my back–and my front! 😀

  12. Sorry to check in so late! Welcome to the blog, Pamela!! 🙂

    Oh, and I’m boring as well. LOL I think I can yodel, but my kids say I’m wrong! Ha!

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