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Keeping an Open Mind Can Make You Laugh

**I was so busy making sure I got all the details of the blog hop included, I forgot to mention what *I* was giving away! So you can still comment on this post through Friday, March 23, to be entered to win your choice of a digital copy of Fight or Flight, Behind the Scenes, or Under the Moon!**

When I heard they were making a movie based on 21 Jump Street, I was simultaneously excited and disgusted. The excitement disappeared when I saw the first still of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, and it had “this movie is a ridiculous attempt at slapstick humor that will make you sad Hollywood even exists” written all over it.

Then on Sunday I read the Entertainment Weekly and People magazine reviews, and both had really positive things to say. So I decided my incentive for meeting my revision page count for the day would be going to see the movie. I met it, and I did.

And I’m pissed.

Because all the reviews and stuff are mentioning that Johnny Depp has a cameo. And okay, it’s an awesome cameo, inspired and funny, and Johnny’s just as hot as he was back when he was a reluctant heartthrob. But guess what? He’s not the only one! Peter DeLuise was part of that inspired and funny cameo, and he was hot, too! I feel bad because Holly Robinson Peete was in the movie, too, and I didn’t spot her, so maybe the people who mentioned Johnny just didn’t recognize Peter. But for me, that was the best part! He was the reason I watched the show, not Johnny.

Anyway. While that little rant might be the reason for this entire post, what you really care about is the movie itself, I’m sure. So here’s my review:

It was just as stupid in parts as you would expect from the previews and presentation. Some of it misses the mark a little bit, even when it’s trying to be serious and clever. It’s very raunchy, and you’ll roll your eyes a few times. But it’s also sweet and the story holds together okay and some of the really big awful things you expect to happen don’t, and some of the places it goes are kind of cringe-worthy but most of them don’t fall all the way to that level. And it’s funny. Sometimes I wondered why the hell I was laughing, and then I laughed harder. Some stuff was well worth the laughter, and toward the end, there was one thing that was so disgustingly hilarious my stomach hurt from laughing.

I didn’t give it the A the critics did, but it was a solid B, worth the full price I paid for the ticket, and I’m glad I opened my mind enough to go laugh for a couple of hours. That’s a nice way to end a weekend.

(P.S. The trailers for The Avengers and Men in Black III made me squee, and I’m actually contemplating going to see The Cabin in the Woods, a horror movie by Joss Whedon.)

REALLY BIG P.S. We’re participating in the Romance at Random Luck ‘O the Irish Blog Tour from now to the end of the month. Go here to enter their contest and check out the other blogs. For our part, we’re giving away something almost every day right here, and whoever comments on the most posts between March 17 and March 31 will be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate! So tell me what you think about 21 Jump Street the movie, or what upcoming films you’re most looking forward to, or just leave your name and stuff to be entered. πŸ™‚


25 Responses

  1. I’ve had the same thoughts you had. I loved Jump Street, and the movie looked like a disappointment. Maybe if I go into it with zero expectations, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. And, hey, eye candy. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m probably so-so on the movie version of 21 Jumpstreet. I was never a huge fan of it. Ddin’t actually watch much TV in high school. Only thing I remember liking was Moonlighting which is probably why I like Castle now. I was a romantic waaaaay back when.

    I’m really looking forward to Hunger Games though I’m afraid it will likely be a let down. I’m taking my boys to see it and they’re excited, too. Not sure if it can live up to the hype though.

    • I always expect movies to be worse than the books, but I actually had some issues with the HG books, much as I loved them, and I can’t help it–everything I’ve read and seen about the movie makes it look amazing. My expectations are way too high. LOL

      I LOVE, though, that it’s something people of all genders love, and that your boys are excited! My husband devoured the books, too.

    • Loved Moonlighting too, Liz! And we don’t dare miss our Castle on Monday nights. LOL

  3. I was never a HUGE 21 Jump Street fan as it seemed like a remake of The Mod Squad. However, I was savvy enough to know about Johnny Dep during that time. I didn’t realize who the other two actors were. Cool.

    Probably will see the movie when it comes out on rental.

    We saw John Carter. It was okay. I had a lot of questions when the movie was over.

    I’m like Liz. We’ll probably go see the Hunger Games when it comes out.

  4. I just… Jonah Hill. It will have to be a rental.

    • I know, that was part of my reservation. He was pretty decent. I think as schlubby as he is, he’s a decent actor. No Pauly Shore or Adam Sandler or something. πŸ™‚

  5. don’t hit me, but I have no idea what all this 21 Jumpstreet business is about. I’m hearing the title here and there. Clueless where it comes from. I know, I’m horrible and probably deserve to be smacked around.

    I took the kid to see The Lorax yesterday. Super cute and funny. Lots of song and singing animals. Thought the ‘save the trees’ message was a bit strong, but I guess it needed to be for kids to grasp it. son LOVED it!

    • Whippersnapper.

    • I’m not going to hit you, Keri, but OMG, I can’t believe I’m going to use Cyndi’s go-to phrase on you…

      You’re just a baby! LOL You’re obviously too young to have watched 21 Jump Street.

      TheOtherKeri voiced my sentiment first, though I wouldn’t have used that word. I’m not THAT old. LOL

      • There must be a window of opportunity on this movie with Keri F. and I at opposite ends. I have no idea what this 21 thing you speak of is! I did see The Lorax though, but it was the original one about 20 years ago. ::sigh:: Y’all are bad for a girl’s ego.

  6. I was actually glad they’re doing a parody of 21 Jump Street. It allows me to maintain my affection for the original without rivals. I’m also glad Burton’s doing Dark Shadows that way. Really looking forward to seeing it.

    (Ford–you’re going to have to google “Dark Shadows.”)

    • Good way to look at it, Keri! My memories of the TV show are all nostalgia, nothing concrete, so it was easy to see the movie as a standalone thing borrowing the concept (and doing so both consciously and winkingly, which were some of the funniest moments) without making me feel like they were ruining it.

  7. Nice review, Natalie. I never watched the TV version, but you’ve got me wanting to see the movie! πŸ™‚

  8. We haven’t been to a movie since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Pathetic. Not sure when we will get to another one. All the ones we were interested in are no longer in the theaters.

  9. You didn’t even see HP&tDH2 in the theater? o.O I hope you saw it via rental or something. It’s not as good as the book, of course, but still–your life is incomplete. LOL

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