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Since We’re Talking Vacations….

might as well join in.

Honestly, I was going to do a post on the Hunger Games but since two day of movies might be too much, I’ll choose the other thing on my mind – VACATION!

Oh, yeah, it’s on like a chicken bone…as soon as I take the pets to the vet for shots, finish up the youngest kidlet’s Charlotte’s Web project and complete my art fact sheet for the Christmas book. And pack. And double check everything so I don’t burn the house down or kill off the plants already on their last legs. Oh, yeah, it’s on come next week.

I know many haven’t visited Disney, or maybe you have and it’s not your thing. But I’m going to tell you why the Talleys love it so well.

First, it’s inclusive (or at least the way we do it). We stay on Disney property and take the Disney buses to the parks which means I don’t have to listen to my husband gripe about parking, plan his exit strategy or bemoan his inability to have more than two beers. We get up, we get dressed, we catch the bus, and viola! arrive at one of the Disney theme parks. No fuss, unless you have to wait for one of the people who have a scooter , and pardon my intolerance, but many of them are not handicapped…just overweight. There is a proliferation of overweight people on scooters at Disney. I know. They run over my toes consistently. If one or more of those people are on the bus, it takes forever and a day to get them loaded. So that’s the only bus drawback. Otherwise, it’s all good.

Second thing I like – the meal plan. We pay for it up front and get one fast food meal and one sit-down meal along with a snack each day. It’s more than enough for each of us and we get to dine at really nice restaurants. This year we’re eating at Le Cellier (Canada), Coral Reef (huge aquarieum), Akershaus (Norway and princesses), and Sci-Fi Drive In Theature…not to mention The Brown Derby. Oh, yeah. Weight Watchers will have to stand aside on this one. I’ll be as sensible as I can. Snort! But I like the varieity of restaurants and I like having them paid for ahead of time, loaded on one keycards and reservations ready for us.

Third, I like the quality. Rides aren’t just rides, they’re attractions. And there is a difference. Lots of detail, lots of wow factor, and everything runs spiffily. And the rides are not just for thrill seekers. There are educational rides like the ones at Epcot.,thrillers like Rock-n-Roller coaster, and old standbys like Pirates of the Carribean and It’s a Small World. I enjoy the variety, and it’s not just about the ride. Everything is done well. Clean, attention to detail and the staff is usually of the bend over backward variety.

Last and best of all –  what little bit of kid each adult has within comes out to play. My husband is a near curmugeon. He grumps about noise, he grumps about hassles, he grumps about what he could be doing instead of sitting in this $^@&**$ traffic. But at Disney, there is nothing for him to fix. No traffic (sans human) to navigate.  Nothing but a vista full of possibility and quality time with our children. He really, really likes Disney World. Give him a beer from Germany in Epocot and he’s good. One of the tricks is that we go with another family, so he has a dude to hang with. Usually they find a hotel bar and watch March Madness. Sometimes he gets a massage. Sometimes he drinks a Corona at the pool. It’s just good, you know?

So those are my top reasons why we keep going back to the ol WDW. We’re Disney junkies and get a bit teary eyed when we see that glittering castle. We’re schmucks. Whatever. We like it.

So have you been to Walt Disney World. Why? Why not?


11 Responses

  1. The inclusiveness and convenience are definite perks! 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic trip!

    • Yeah, I think that’s part of the reason we like it. The less we have to stress and think during the vacation, the more it’s a vacation, you know? We do need to branch out…thinking that our next big trip will be an Alaskan cruise. Think we’re going to do that to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

  2. We have been to Disney. We actually live in Fl, so we get discounts on tickets. I have only been there a few times, but LOVE it. We were just there in February, but it was really cold so we did not have the best time. The little one was still really happy to see Mickey and friends though. We even got to see the parade. Have fun on your vacation!

    • Yeah, we went once when it was cold and I didn’t like not being able to wear my shorts and t-shirts. Another good thing about this trip – you wear short, tees and tennis shoes. One year I took a bunch of cute clothes and wished I hadn’t. Gym shorts work.

      I loved when my kids reacted to the characters. Now they’re getting too old for that, so we don’t wait in line for Ariel’s scrawl. We just wave and move on by 🙂

  3. Liz, I’ve been to both (live 10 min from the original.) I like Disney, if you’ve got the bucks to do it right – like you are.

    Just don’t EVER get carried away and do a Disney Cruise. Being on a ship with 10,000 kids (seems like it) at any one time, 4 within earshot are having a meltdown from the sugar O.D. Everything you touch is sticky – the menu is kid-centric, and you’re running into Goofy and a herd of screaming kids around every corner.

    If you’re a kid, it’s Nirvana.
    An adult? Just shoot me.

  4. Have a Safe and Wonderful Trip, Liz! Maybe someday we’ll make it there. 🙂 Be sure to take lots of pictures so you can share!

  5. We have been many times from the year we got engaged, which was the year Disney World opened to this past November. We have gone as a couple, with our children from the toddler years to them as parents, now with our grandchildren.
    We go so frequently because it really doesn’t cost us much. We have friends who are retired from Disney or currently working there and they are allowed to bring a certain number of guests in free every year. It is a park hopper pass good for one day, including all parks, the transportation between them, and parking. We stay with relatives or friends. We usually splurge on meals which is nice to be able to do. It has been nice seeing the park(s) develop over the past 40 years. We tend to hit the new exhibits and go back to our favorites.

    Enjoy your trip.

  6. The FAST PASS is inspired brilliance. Be nice to those nice people in uniform–they often pull a couple out of their pockets and hand ’em over.

  7. DH and I went to Disney last month–the first time we had been there together in 25 years. We had a ball! We stayed in our motorhome in Fort Wilderness. We opted out of the Magic Kingdom, but spent one day each at Animal Kingdom, Holloywood Studios, and Epcot. And we visited Downtown Disnney at night. I would definitely do it again–especially Epcot. It had changed immensely in 25 years:-) Have a great time–and bring lots of money!

  8. love love love Disney! Son is saving up his pennies so we can go back…and yeah, I’m wanting to do a little saving too. My grouchy husband likes to take vacation and relax and ….not go anywhere. just chill and relax and not have any work. WTF, dude? I coudl Disney at least 2seasons out of the year!

    I know yall are going to have a blast! *crossing fingers for good weather*

  9. Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes. I hope the weather holds out, and we have fun together….I know it will be nice to NOT WORK 🙂

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