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Join the March

When I was pregnant I was that woman other women hate. I didn’t have morning sickness. I didn’t put on much weight. I wasn’t overly tired, although I did take some heavenly naps. Mostly, I cruised along with nothing worse than a few Braxton Hicks contractions starting in the fifth month.

And then, on the sixth day of the 29th week, I went into labor.

I could bore you with a lot of stuff about how scary it was and how amazing all the doctors were and how lucky it was we were only forty miles from one of the Northwest’s magnet hospitals for premature babies. Instead, I’ll let you see for yourself. Unfortunately I didn’t have a digital camera, so you’ll have to suffer through photos I scanned from our album.

Our baby boy was born on March 6, 2005 and he weighed just over three pounds.

There were a lot of monitors and wires and things that go beep. And in the photo on the right, that is Logan’s leg sticking up next to Greg’s knuckles.

Quality time with my boy.

By Memorial Day he was one cool kid:

And now? Well, if you ask us how we feel about the March of Dimes and the work they fund to improve treatment and prevention for premature babies, here’s what we say:

For the rest of the month ENLR is participating in the Luck ‘O The Irish Giveaway Hop.  As added incentive, I’m kicking in a little something extra for today’s prize. Leave a comment and I’ll add you to the drawing for a bag of this:

Plus one of these:

And one of these, which won’t be available for purchase until April 24th, but I can get my review copy into your hands a bit sooner.

So here’s the deal. Leave a regular comment and I’ll put you in the drawing once. But tell me you popped over and made a donation to the March of Dimes and I’ll put you in three times, no proof required cuz I trust you all . Check back Monday in the comments section of this post to see if you are a winner!

And don’t forget to visit the blog each day during the blog hop, there will be prizes as we go along and the more posts you comment on the better your chances of winning the GRAND Prize! A $25 Gift Card.  Visit Everybody Needs a Little Romance and comment often for your chance to win!

If you’d like more chances to win great books and prizes, go see what’s happening at the Luck of the Irish Blog Hop


25 Responses

  1. My cousin had her son last week – and she could have written this blog post (easy early months – preterm labor). March of Dimes rocks!

  2. Wow, those preemie pictures are amazing. Wow. And what a cutie! We’re so blessed to live in an age with medical advancements. I can’t even imagine what it was like even just a few decades ago.

    Thanks for the giveaway—chocolate, coffee and a good book?! What more could I ask for? *G*

  3. I was there, too, but my son was full term – and under 3.5 lbs. So though he was in special care, he didn’t have a lot of the preemie needs.

    I already donated through my company, but just wanted to chime in and say Yay March for Babies!

  4. Thanks for sharing your story. What a sweet baby and how scary for you. So glad you had good medical care closeby.

    I forgot to offer a blog tour prize yesterday. Darn it. I’m so distracted, mostly because of vacation, but i will hop over and donate 🙂

  5. Sheesh you east coasters are up and about early. Never fails to amaze me when you start talking preemies how many people have either had one, know a friend or have a relative. And truthfully, our boy was one of the big healthy kids in the NICU. There was a girl next to him that weighed only a pound and a half! Amazing stuff they’re doing.

    • Yeah, my cousin had preemie twins, and a high school friend had a preemie even earlier than your son (26 weeks, I think). It’s mind-boggling how well these kids can do beyond just the miracle of survival. You took a cake out of the oven when it was only half-baked… I’m just sayin’.

      So glad your son turned out to be the delightful blog-fodder that he is! LOL

  6. One of my best friends had a preemie–born in Feb. but she wasn’t due until April. She’s healthy and strong and precious, just like your son:-) I noticed one of your giveaways was a chocolate huckleberry bar. I’d never had huckleberries until we made a trip to Yellowstone last year. Yum! I brought huckleberry jam and syrup home with me. Sooooo good!

  7. Such a beautiful story – and SO glad it had a happy ending!
    Such a tiny baby!

  8. HI Kari,

    I’ve heard your story before but being in my 29th week 2 day, it really hit home in a new way. My husband and I are walking in the Walk for Babies March of Dimes walk on April 14th. (Well, I am if my doctor still gives his okay)

    Great prizes!!!!

  9. Hey everybody! Turns out our very own Shawna Thomas and her lovely husband Carlos are doing the March of Dimes walk, so if you’d rather donate by sponsoring them I’ll count it the same either way. She’s posting a link to where you can pledge for them, should be either the comment right before or right after this one depending on whose clicks send first!

    And in case some of you weren’t aware, Shawna’s having a new one of her own in about nine weeks so it’s a cause that’s real close to her heart right now.

  10. that’s so wonderful and I love that picture of him with his arms up. I remember all the march of dimes walks we did in school. sticking the dimes in the little cardboard holder.

    What a scary time for a parent to be in and so thankful you had the care when you needed it!

  11. I was very lucky and all 3 of my kids were healthy and waited the recommended cooking time before appearing. So glad your son is healthy and doing great today!!

  12. I used to be a neonate intensive care nurse. Did you guys know that? This was back in 1979. Things were way different back then from what can be done today. It was common to be holding my “patient” in one hand. A 3-lb baby was huge to me! I had a few at a pound and below.

    I love your pictures. They brought back a lot of memories.

    I’m so glad to see him big and strong today.

    Great post.

  13. I donated in honor of Isaiah Chandler, born yesterday at 25 weeks, 1 pound 10 ounces.

  14. Thanks, Alicia, and best of luck to Isaiah and his family.

    And yes, Cyndi! We talked about this, didn’t we? And I was just telling my co-worker that the day I couldn’t scoop the boy out of his bassinet with one hand sort of came as shock.

  15. So very scary! It’s amazing what they can do nowdays. Thanks for sharing your wonderful happy ending. 🙂

    I too was very lucky with all three of mine. No sickness, really no trouble at all. I loved every minute of being pregnant. The delivery…not so much. LOL

  16. MOD is a great group, Kari. I’m glad all worked out with your son. Anything unusual during pregnancy is scary.

  17. I’m in! We marched two years for March of Dimes. It’s a fun way to raise awareness and money.


    I’m at the office today and can’t get into WordPress, but I’ll drop you an email when I get home this evening.

  19. Oooooh, yea!!!! So excited! 😀

  20. I am leaving this comment late, but that’s alright! March of Dimes paid for my mom to have kidney surgery when she was 3 years old. She was born with only one horse shoe shaped kidney so I would love to help them out. I have planned on it for years, though it may take a few more til I am able

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