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‘Tis The Season. Or is it?

So, I had a whole different idea about a blog post. And then my allergies sat in. And my nose feels like it’s about to fire off my face like a spaceship headed to Mars.


And I blame this guy.

Why am I blaming a bee? Because I was fine. Perfectly *fine* for a few days outside. Then I got stung by a bee. That same night the sore throat started. Then the stuffiness. And now my face is packed with…allergy side-effects, we’ll call it.

As if getting stung by a bee isn’t aggravating enough, it double ticks me off that the bee was even bothering me. This is my 3rd year of having bees around the house. I’ve never had issues with them bothering me before. They fly around us, decide we’re uninteresting and go back to the flowers. That’s it.

After digging the stinger out, hosing myself with anti-itch and bug bite stuff, I sat at the computer. And found why my normally calm and uninterested bees were all over me.

It’s called a landing strip.

As in the speckled or dotted, streaked or whatever—the pattern on the petals that directs the bee to the center of a flower.

Let me show you what I mean for those dirty readers out there who went another way when I mentioned “landing strip”. This is a flower landing strip.

This is the swimsuit I wore.

So to that bee I cursed as I grounded him under my shoe, I now realize I looked like the mother-load sizes of all effing flowers out there and you thought you won the lottery.

I would say I was sorry, but since you stung me on my backside, I’m not.

No love, me.

Leave me a comment about the last bug you were stung by, if you suffer from allergies or even just wave at me. One commenter will win my entire Apple Trail Series. That’s all six novellas, one easy way to win by simply saying ‘hi’.

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33 Responses

  1. I honestly can’t remember the last insect that got me. I’m more of a rodent-hater. Several run-ins with bats at my church (yeah, it’s an old New England type, and there’s a belfrey). I found one in the garbage can with its little webbed fingers wrapped around a half-eaten bagel. I thought it was dead. Forgot the little beasties are *nocturnal*. I went to empty the trash and the eyes popped open……. Yeah. Good fodder for my romantic comedies. 😉

  2. My last sting was from a bee. I was watering flowers, had slipped out of my bathing suit and into my cover-up … and nothing else. He flew up my dress and stung me on the breast. Ouch! It started to swell so I called my husband to come home because it was his only chance to see me with any cleavage:-) I put some ammonia on it, which stopped everything almost immediately. By the time huibby got home, everything was back to normal–darn it! 😀

    • ouch! poor hubby–misses all the good stuff. mine got home about 5minutes after I got the stinger out of my rearend. I fussed for him not getting there sooner to help!

  3. The most memorable sting I experienced wasn’t mine – it was my husband’s. I’m daydreaming on the motorcycle, arms around his waist, and he hollers, and then yells, “Hang on!”

    He pulls over, jumps off the bike before I can move, and slides off and hops around with his hands down his pants.

    A bee stung him on the . . .
    soft parts. YIKES!!!!

  4. At 14, I was stung by an entire nest of yellow jackets. The hospital stopped counting at 100 stings. Maybe because I’d already swollen up to the size of an elephant, and had my heart stop twice. Then twice more, each time they gave me the epi. Yeah. I’m allergic to stinging insects…also allergic to something in the suspension liquid used with epi. It’s fun when I get stung now. I have 5 minutes to get help. No epi. Thankfully, the last time I got stung, I lived 2 minutes from the hospital and had a Dr. there and ready with IV’s, massive antibiotic, saline solutions and anything else that they could think of. It worked. Basically flushing the poison out as fast as possible

  5. The last time I got bit, it was a hit and run but I’m looking for him.

  6. ROTFL about being a landing strip!

    The last time I got stung was over 10 years ago, in my backyard, doing yardwork. The bee must have flown between my arm and body and gotten trapped. It stung me on the underside of my arm. I had some “staining” (a big blotch that never swelled or anything, but got pretty big) and went on Medrol Dosepak for it. Interestingly, I had the same reaction to a flu shot in the same arm years later. I’m odd.

    No allergies, thank goodness! I feel for anyone in the Northeast who’s suffering through this early spring.

    • yow! armpits–never cool to be stung there!

      Right when our pollen season started in the south, we had a hung dumpage of rain. I think it washed most of it away! Hopefully those who suffer the most are catching a little bit of a break from it for that!

  7. The last time I got stung was when I was about 8. I was swimming in the pool and the little guy thought he’d pop in for a drink. He got me under the arm. Yeah, not the best place to get stung. I have always taught the kids that bees are our friends. They don’t want to sting you, because they die. Also we need bees for flowers and vegetables. They’ve never really been afraid of them. Respectful, but not afraid. But last summer, my 6 yo was at the side of the pool when one landed behind her knee. I told her to hold still and it would fly away. That darn bee wouldn’t leave. Because her knee was bent, there was no way to shoo it away without possibly making it feel like it was threatened. I was afraid to tell her to move for the same reason. After 5 very long minutes, the poor thing (my daughter, not the bee) was trying really hard not to cry. It’s one thing to avoid them flying from flower to flower, another to feel the little feet crawling on your skin. Quite frankly, I was ready to forgo the no violence against bees stance and kill the bloody thing if I could be sure it wouldn’t sting her first. Then for no apparent reason, it finally flew away. She tells the story like a badge of honor now.

    • as well as she should! poor girl! normally within minutes of us getting outside they’re swarming around. I tell the kid, just don’t move! you can see him standing there, holding his breath and everything.

  8. I’ve been stung by a bee before – more than once. It’s never fun. I try to avoid them but some just keep buzzing away at me. It hapenned when I ran across a lawn wearing flip flops and I guess I brushed by it so it stung my foot.

    • oh–on the foot! no fun. something I learned in my bee searching–the ones with the white dots on their face don’t have stingers! So look for those when they’re buzzing. they seem to be the most curious of the ones we have out here.

  9. Ouch!! The only bee I’ve ever been stung by was a dead one. LOL And I stepped on him. No fun! Hope you feel better real soon!

  10. I’d give you a “last time I got stung” story, but I’m laughing too hard to type much.

  11. Hm, remind me not to catch bees with my bare hands anymore.

    My worst bug bite was a brown recluse spider. I needed the area to be debraded – not fun. It took YEARS for the crater in my leg to fill in but now it looks mostly like the surrounding skin.

  12. Hmmm last time i was stung i’d accidentally knelt on one! We had a nest under a bramble bush and i thought i’d knelt on a thorn so i pulled it out….and then it started wiggling! Eek.

    …and yes my brain went somewhere else with landing strip 😉

  13. I have NEVER been stung by a bee. I think I must have some weird don’t sting me vibe. 🙂 I have been stung by a hornet though and that HURT!!

    Maybe you should go with a solid suit now? 😉

    • you know, Heather, I have! LOL a white one too, because white is not a color they see well! and I haven’t been bothered since! I wore a solid pink a couple days ago and they left me alone with that one too. and I’ve also been paying attention to what I put on the kid too.

      You should bottle yourself. I would love some Don’t Sting Me Vibe!

  14. Bummer, Keri. Literally. 😉 And I did briefly go there when you said “landing strip”…

    Mosquitos are the bane of my existence. Every time the weather’s nice enough to sit out and enjoy it, then flock to me like toddlers to candy.

    I worked in a cotton field one summer, constantly surrounded by bees and managed not to get stung once. I’d like to keep it that way!

  15. and the winner of my 6 novellas is ….

    HEATHER M. !!!!

    email me: authorkeriford @ gmail .com

    let me know what efile format you want and I’ll get them to you!

    thanks so much everyone!

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