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Oh You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

Back in December, we had a “Get To Know Us” post where each of us confessed three facts and posted pictures of our everyday cars…dirt and all.  We had so much fun we thought that we’d do it again. But this time, let’s go back to where it all stated…us as babies and toddlers! Have we changed much from our childhood? Can you match the baby picture to the right romantic?

The pictures on the right are our current pictures arranged in order of our posting day of the week. The pictures on the left are in totally random order.

The correct match result will be posted tomorrow morning.

The fun here is that only I know who is who. None of my fellow romantics have seen this nor seen the baby pictures so they will be playing along with you.

BUT only YOU can win a prize by playing. 🙂

Leave your guesses in the comment section. I am not releasing the results until Friday morning. I’m giving away a $5.00 Samhain Gift Card to one lucky person who leaves a comment. You do not have to be right to win, but you do have to guess 🙂  I’m mean that way.

Over the weekend I’ll be reviewing the comments from the past two weeks. Every comment will be entered in a drawing for $25 Amazon gift card. So if you comment every day, you have 14 entries! so GO BACK AND COMMENT

I’ll announce the winner of the $25 Amazon prize on Monday, April 2.Good Luck!

16 Responses

  1. This was so fun. Hope I get at least my chapter mates right!!

    1. Pam Hearonh
    2. Natalie Damschroder
    3. Shawna Thomas
    4. Gwen Hernandez
    5. Keri Ford
    6. Melissa Ohnoutka
    7. Kari Lynn Dell
    8. Laura Drake
    9. Donnell Ann Bell
    10. Cynthia D’Alba
    11. Liz Talley
    12. Julie McCrae
    13. Heather Brewer
    14. Keri Stevens

  2. Oh my gosh! I’m not even going to try – but I was struck by how CUTE we all were!!!! And how many blondes!

    This is so fun, Cyndi – thanks for putting it together!

  3. oh my! this TOUGH! I’m just going to guess 3…because I at least know who I am!

    4 – Julie

    14 – Stevens (that number 14 looks like a trouble maker at young age already! has to be you! *g*)

    10 – Pam

    #8 is *adorable* she looks like a baby doll!

    Okay, my picks:
    4 is Hearon.
    5 is Ford.
    8 is Drake.
    13 is D’Alba.

    This is HARD!

  5. Wow! I agree this is hard! I know I can get one right! LOL So much fun!

    Liz #11
    Cyndi #13
    Kari #7
    Keri F #5
    Gwen #4
    Ack…wait. Now I’m not sure!

    I’m dying to know who #1 & 14 are! LOL

  6. This is really hard. I keep trying to match the eyes. Here’s my go at a few:
    1. Liz Talley
    10. Cyndi D’Alba
    4. Keri F.
    11. Julie
    12. Heather
    14. Keri S.

    I have no clue!

  7. Love these, Cyndi! Thanks for putting it together. It’s harder than I thought it would be.

    I’m horrible at this stuff, but here are a few guesses:
    #3 Donnell
    #5 Keri F
    #6 Cyndi
    #7 Natalie
    #11 Liz
    #12 Julie
    #14 Keri S

    I’m excited to find out, but everyone’s so cute!

  8. Wow, I thought mine would be really easy, but even the people who’ve met me in person didn’t get it! LOL

    This would be easier if there weren’t so many of us! Thanks for putting it together, Cyndi!

    Okay, here’s my try (with very little confidence):

    1. Pam
    2. Melissa
    3. Cyndi
    4. Liz
    5. Gwen
    6. Donnell
    7. Keri F.
    8. Laura
    9. Shawna
    10. Natalie
    11. Kari Lynn
    12. Julie
    13. Heather
    14. Keri S.

  9. Figures, the day we’ve got something fun to do I have a stupid staff meeting. So, chiming in late but….

    #3 Shawna
    #12 Julie
    #8 Cyndi

    Oh, crud. Now I’m at a loss.

  10. This was a fun post Cyndi – thanks for all the work you put into it.

    I’m not going to even guess who is who – I know which one mine is but that’s about it. Have a few guesses but not very confident in them.

    Can’t wait to see the answers tomorrow.

  11. […] March, we asked you to match out baby pictures to our adult pictures. Click HERE if you missed that […]

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