Baby Picture Correct Line-Up

Hi all! I hope you had fun yesterday matching the baby picture with the correct adult Romantic. How many did you get right?

Here’s the correct line-up


11 Responses

  1. Now that they’re matched up, it seems easy!
    I think the smile is the best indicator.

    So fun, Cyndi, thanks for this!

  2. JULIE was the little trouble maker looking girl. my apologies Stevens. 😀

    Thanks Cyndi for putting these two posts together!

  3. Lol not even half of them but that was fun

  4. Hah. I batted zero. And if we’re judging by smiles, I’m not sure what that says except I was born cranky?

  5. Great fun! Thanks for posting this, Cyndi. Hope you’re safe at home:-)

  6. I had a couple right – Keri F’s but would never have guessed that the trouble maker was Julie 🙂

    Thanks Cyndi for putting this together. It was a fun post.

  7. I just KNEW that everybody would know #1 was me with my mouth wide open! LOL

  8. Firstly, I’d like to point out I GOT TWO RIGHT. Ford and Drake: I totally pwned your baby photos.
    Secondly, JULIE was the troublemaker. All y’all what were calling ME the troublemaker–I was and remain an angel.
    Unlike Julie.

  9. I got two right, too, but one was myself. LOL

    Sorry for being so behind on everything. Today was my deadline. Manuscript was turned in yesterday, so HOPEFULLY…well, no, now I’m on a new deadline. But I’ll try to be more timely! 🙂

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