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First Drink Of The Morning

Let’s talk about that first drink of the morning.

No, No, I don’t mean booze

I mean this


I’m headed out west later this month for the Desert Dreams Conference. For a couple of days before the conference begins I’ll be staying with Vicki Lewis Thompson and Cindy Kirk. Vicki sent me a note asking what she should “stock” for me to drink for breakfast. Of course I wrote back “COFFEE” in huge letters. She responded that she wasn’t sure since so many southern women didn’t drink coffee. That made me think…some of you here are southern, some aren’t.

So here ‘s what I want to know…where are you and what do you drink in the morning? Coffee? Tea? Coke? Jack Daniels?

And are you under the impression that southern women don’t usually drink coffee?

Thanks Shawna for letting me vent today 🙂 This has been on my mind.


29 Responses

  1. I get up at 3 am to write. Need you ask? COFFEEE!!!
    I’d chew the grounds if that’s all that was available. I had a sleep study once, and the doctor asked me if I’m sleepy during the day. I chirped, “Nope!” He then asked how many cups of coffee I drink a day. “Um. 15?” (which was kind of like stating your weight on your driver’s licence…how few can you get away with and still be believeable?

    He said, “You’re self-medicating!”
    I said, “Honey, at my age, you don’t argue with what works.”

    • “Chew the grounds:” BRAWAHAHAHAHA
      3 a.m. to write? OMG! I’m impressed.

      I drink 2 cups of coffee but I usually stop after that.

      Want to meet me online at 3 a.m. to write???

    • LOL! I think if I ever get one of those kerig maker things, I’ll be doing the 15 cups a day. it’s sooo easy!

      My gym has a huge thermos size thing that brews and is sealed off. I’m tempted to steal it everyday.

  2. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I moved back to Montana. Prior to that my morning beverage of choice was a 44 oz Pepsi in a foam cup picked up at the Gas n Go every morning on the way to the office. The foam cup is the trick. Keeps it from getting flat, getting warm, or sweating all over your desk.

  3. LOL Wow…. I’m shocked! I’ve never heard this before. I assure you, Texas women drink coffee! 🙂 Although mine is the sweet kind with vanilla and carmel and whatever else I can find to spice it up. After that first required cup in the morning, I then usually move on to the Dr. Pepper. 🙂

  4. Interesting. Wow, what is it exactly that Southern women drink then. When I was a girl I visited my relatives in Florida. — is that South enough for you? That’s when I got hooked on Cuban coffee. The best stuff ever. I settle for Starbucks these days, I was born in Lubbuck and settled in Colorado. And when my chiropractor said to me, what are the chances I can get you to stop drinking coffee, I replied, virtually none 🙂

  5. I’ve never heard that before! I drink coffee. I usually have at least one cup a day. now that it’s getting hotter…I’m wanting more dr.pepper. not near as good for you as the coffee, so I’m trying to keep it going.

  6. I’m in northern Louisiana and ninety percent of the ladies I know drink coffee. I generally have milk in the morning though. I’m a high maintenance social coffee drinker. It has to be flavored coffee and flavored creamer. And it’s usually in the evenings when I have company for dinner.

  7. I’ve lived in Atlanta for a couple years, and I don’t know of anyone here who doesn’t drink coffee—except for me. Never have, even during my twelve years in Seattle (try not drinking coffee in Seattle sometime). Personally, I drink water and occasionally grapefruit juice in the morning. I do love my caffeine, though, but I take it in pill form.

  8. I’ve never heard that southern women don’t drink coffee. I’m in VA, but am a mil brat/mil spouse who is most at home out west. I always felt like the only person on Earth who doesn’t drink coffee. My husband likes it black, but he’s just weird like that. 😉

    I drink mint green tea or water. Occasionally orange juice. Growing up it was Pepsi with every meal. =)

  9. I am now living in the South and I can’t believe the number of people that have soda for breakfast. Mountain Dew or cola seem to be the drinks of choice.

  10. Coffee for me. I started drinking coffee in the morning when I was about four–no kidding. Been drinking it ever since–strong and black!

  11. I drink coffee. Lots of coffee. I had not clue people thought Southerns didn’t. It’s always been a staple in every house I’ve visited.

    Have fun! Wish I were going!

  12. Sorry I’m late to comment! I took yesterday off the computer for my eyes. 😦

    I’m mostly a tea drinker, and mostly basic black tea, strong, milky, and sweet. But I’ve been stopping at Starbucks more and more in the morning. I don’t like coffee (love the smell, not the taste) but I love cafe mocha. I also drink chai sometimes. Today I didn’t know what I wanted so I got a small mocha and a small chai. LOL

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