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Like Mother Like Daughter

Genes are something that completely fascinates me. They’re also something I know very little about, but sometimes there’s just no mistaking your genetic makeup.

My mom and I at the same ages. (no comments on my shirt (oh my lord, really mom?! On picture day?) or my hair (ouch!). There’s not a joke out there you could crack that I haven’t already made at myself)

But that’s an easy one. I mean, parents look like their kids all the time, right? My grandma, my mom, and I all favor each other a lot. People tell me all the time how my little boy looks *just* like my husband. My nephew? He looks *just* like his daddy, my brother In-law. This is where the genes all make us chuckle.

Yep. That’s my little boy and my nephew. Their daddies who they look just alike? No blood relation whatsoever. For a few months in there, the boys could pass for twins and several of the cousins constantly mixed them up when they were all together. We all took the kids to Disney during those few months and my nephew and my boy had a lot of the same short sets from walmart. The poor boys mix each other up in the photos and we have to study for a bit to make sure which is which.

Any dopplegangers in your family? Who do you look the most like?


20 Responses

  1. Haha. It’s funny how that happens.
    I look most like my aunt, who coincidentally, I look the most like. People used to think that I was her daughter. I actually look more like her than her own daughter does.

    • Tina, that’s the same for us! My aunt’s daughter is tall with dark hair, so with my aunt and I being short and blondes, its easier to see some similarties when we’re next to one another. When we’re seperate, I don’t get that comment, but I do with my mom & grandma.

  2. I look like my mom and my daughter is my mini me. She looks just like me. 🙂

    • meant to add that my sister doesnt look anything like any of us. My mom or my dad.

    • Cati, that’s awesome! Keep lots of pictures around for her to see. I don’t remember where I stumbled over that one of my mom, but I was anxious to find me at that age to compare.

      My neice will probably end up favoring my mom more than I do. Both of them have bright, light blue eyes!

  3. Keri, I like your shirt – and I can’t see past that amazing smile to criticize anything! My mother’s sepia senior photo is proudly displayed at home, and people ask if it’s me — though I don’t see much resembalance.

    Who I see when I look in the mirror is my brother. Lucky me. Yuk.

  4. I like the shirt 🙂

    I look the most like my father’s family. My grandfather was a quarter Choctaw and my grandmother is very French. I have dark skin and hair and folks often think I have Hispanic blood, but I don’t have any. My mom is 5’10 and all her people are tall and raw-boned and my brothers are more like her – tall, fair and large. My youngest brother is blond/red with blue eyes, fair complexion and looks nothing like me. Most of the time people think we’re adopted.

    As for my own children, one favors me; the other his father, though you can tell they are brothers.

    Fun post, Keri!

    • I would take your skin if I could, Liz! You have such a pretty complexion. And yes–you can absolutely tell your boys are brothers. But I see you in both of them.

  5. All my life I’ve been told how much I look like my dad. A babysitter for me used to call me “little Arnold”–my dad’s name. But for the past 3 or 4 years, people have started telling me how much I look like my mother! My parents have been married for 66 years. Maybe they’ve started to look alike???:-D

  6. I have a niece who physically is built more like me than her parents. Our hands and feet are alike.

    Leaving aside facial features, I have a first cousin once removed who has a freckle on the back of her leg…I have the exact same freckle. My mom doesn’t. Neither did my grandmother.

    Now as far as facial features, when I was younger, all the cousins from my dad’s side of the family looked alike. As I’ve aged, I am turning into my mother. At times when I look in the mirror, I see my sister.

    As far as I know, I have no unrelated doppelganger.

    • So cool about the freckle, Cyndi. You reminded me of that old commercial where the guy is peeking through the door peephole at his girlfriend and her mother. his friend had told him ‘look at the mom! you’ll know what your girl will look like when she’s older!”

  7. People tell me all the time they swear they know me, that we’ve met before. So apparently I have *lots* of dopplegangers. 🙂

    My oldest daughter reminds me very much of my cousin (our mothers are sisters). She has a lot of the same mannerisms and they throw me right back to our childhood.

    But she also looks a lot like me. When she was 4 and her sister 1, I sent out the typical Christmas card. My uncle told my mother how clever I was to insert a photo of myself with my daughter. LOL It was Number One, not me!

  8. Such cute pictures! 🙂 I look just like my mom in the face, pointed chin and all. She has dark hair and green eyes, but when we smile you’d swear it was some kind of magic mirror. LOL Some say my girls look like me, but I don’t see it. Now my son…he’s been a mini version of my hubby since birth!

  9. Everybody has always said I was my mothers twin. I didn’t see it until one day I was at her house and out of the corner of my eye saw a picture of my mother and turned to get a good look because my first thought was wow, bad hair day Mom. Yep you guessed it, the pic was of me. I now freely admit I look just like my mother but Lord how I’d love to trade this chin.

  10. I take after my mom and her mom. Not a much in direct looks, but in facial structure (and coloring). I have a pic of us from the eighties all standing side-by-side and you can really see it. Of course I notice it more as I get older.

    My boys both have my blue eyes and fairer skin, but my oldest takes after his dad’s side of the family, while Taz looks more like me. Well, except that right now his hair is purple. 😉

  11. BTW, I meant to say that I love your photo! You and your mom really do look alike, and you’re adorable. Don’t sweat the shirt, we all have at least one of those school photos. I think I have 12.

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