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Glamour Shot or Author Photo

Lately I’ve been looking at author photos. I was going to pull some of the ones that reminded me of Glamour Shots so we could critique them but I was afraid the blog might be discovered!

I don’t have a “professional head shot” for my author picture. I have a couple of different shots I use. Most of the have been taken by my husband. One was taken by a stranger at a Un. of Arkansas Razorback game. (Been a rough week for us Hog Fans!) One was cut out of a picture somebody took of my and Sylvia Day. Kind of pitiful. BUT those could be worse. I could be using my Glamour Shots!

Years ago (back when man first discovered fire) there was a photo studio named Glamour Shots. If you’ve heard of Glamour Shots, raise your hand. Hmm, not so many of you.

Well what would happen is that you would go to the Glamour Shot Studio, someone would do your hair and slather your face in 14 layers of make-up. Then you would go through tops they had there and pick a few for pictures. *I am totally freaking out right now just thinking about the cooties on those clothes because you KNOW they were never ever cleaned! EEK*

I thought you might get a hoot out my glamour shot. This was almost 20 years ago…

Look at those earrings! HAHAHA Thank goodness they were clip-ons.

And that blush! My lord, she must have used an entire tin of red!

I’m pretty sure this was supposed to reflect my “fun and sexy side.”

Not sure it worked all that well. LOL

But not to be outdone, my “serious” side wanted a shot at being Ms. Glamour Shot.

See all that “Serious Angst” on my face?

I’m obviously contemplating serious stuff.

 AND that lower lid liner!  Oh My!

My lips are so red I look hypoxic!

Can you imagine the volume of hairspray I had to use to get every hair in the right place?

I know some authors use old pictures for their official head shot. I don’t think I could get away with it, do you?

So tell me about your author photo. Professional? Family shot? and if you have a Glamour Shot  you’re willing to share, send it to me at cynthiadalba   at  sbcglobal  dot net and I’ll add it to my post today!

YAY Keri Ford wants to play too! Here’s Keri…

See Keri…She’s all serious.

Probably thinking about world peace, hunger in third world counties and…

Wait just a minute!


 The REAL Keri  —–>>>>

Holy cow. I’m laughing my ass off. I present “Erin crawling across the table.

Thank you for sharing!

We have a late contender…I present Susan Howard and her husband. Check out her upper chest. Looks like she’s had open heart surgery with little if any repair! Thanks for the early morning chuckle!


29 Responses

  1. No glamour shots, but I did really want to have one done. My mom wouldn’t spend the bucks.

    When I finaled in the GH I had headshots done by a local photographer. I thought they turned out pretty good and they are the ones I use online. No pics on a bookjacket for me, but I will make this vow. If I ever go ST, I will get a new head shot done. I can’t stand when authors use really, really old ones and then when you meet them, you’re like, “She’s a lot older and fatter than her pic.” LOL. I mean own who you are.

    I love the pic you use, Cyndi. There’s some mysterious and sweet in your smile. Sometimes it’s not about how professional it is, it’s about the way we’re attracted to the person in the picture.

  2. Thanks Liz. I need to find a photographer who can smooth out my neck! LOL

  3. No official Glamour Shot for me :). I had pro shots taken 10 yrs ago, but thank GOODNESS they still look like me.

    • too bad Jody! You could have shared them with us. 🙂

      I really can’t remember the last time I had a “professional” picture take. It might be those glamour shots above.

  4. my goodness-you haven’t changed much!

    and yes, I do know glamor shots. I sort of have one! for my senior pictures, the photographer did a throw back to them. It’s total pink. *everywhere* and I have this serious look thing going on with my face.

    my author pic on my books was taken by my husband in the front yard. I’m just okay with it. I think I look a little too serious in it for the tone of my books, but for a look of something more playful, I’d need to do the whole photographer deal.

    • Haven’t changed much? hahaha See, I knew I like you!

      You need to drag out that “all pink” senior picture and let’s see it. 🙂

      Your husband and mine…Saving a buck or two by doing it themselves, right? 🙂

  5. You were so cute!! look at those deep, deep dimples! You look like you could do some damage in the second pic.

    Yep, I have a couple of glamour shot pics. They put on so much make up, I thought my face would crack.

  6. OMG, Cyndi! Those are so cute, but the second one is way too serious. It’s hard to imagine you without a smile.

    I never got Glamour Shots, but I did get a pro headshot for the GH last year. My fellow finalists’ threats of my photo on the big screen made me do it, especially after a few really bad shots done at home. My goal was to look good, but still like me. The biggest compliment I got at Nationals last year was that I looked just like my picture. =)

    I’m with Liz, though, don’t let it get too out of date, and “own who you are.”

    I love your candid shot, Cyndi. It’s you. Cute and perfect.

  7. Mine were also taken twenty years ago and looking at them I remember the photographer (male of course) telling me to pretend I was crawling across the table. Not sure which bothers me more that I crawled or how big my hair is.

    As far as author pics go my faves are of LaVyrle Spencer because she’s not just posing. She’s having tea or hanging out on the front porch but never just sitting in her arm chair with perfect posture. It makes you feel like you kinda know her. Sounds crazy I know but that’s why it’s okay to have pics your hubby takes.

  8. Cyndi, that first one might be the best glamour shot I’ve ever seen! LOL

    I finally had professional photos taken last summer, when my newest publisher insisted on it. I was using a recent photo I really liked, a “prom photo” from my friend’s Zombie Prom birthday party, and I thought it fit my type of writing. But it wasn’t official. So then I thought, “Duh! That was taken by my best friend’s sister! Who is a photographer!” So I hired her, and she did a great job, despite my awkward uncomfortableness.

    Keri Ford, did you graduate when you were seven?!

  9. Well, I’ve not been published but my blog photo went through several revisions starting with a landscape! But the family had photos done a few years ago, and I grabbed the current one from that–a black and white that my photographer friend took of me and I liked it, so I used it. But I was not dolled up at all, regular makeup and we all wore jeans and sweaters!

    • Can you image what your boys’ reactions would be if you produced a glamour shot of yourself? HA! I dropped by your site. I love the phrase,,,going all mom on you. 🙂 Cute story

  10. Oh God how can they do it to us!!
    I need a picture, but a glamour shot for me would be convoluted in my opinion! LOL!

    • Hi Mary! I want to see one of those glamour shots with you linking your fingers and resting your cheek on them! hee hee

      And something LOW and sexy. BRAWAHAHAHA

      And don’t forget to crawl across the table! Erin has given us an excellent example of how that works. (At our age, if we crawled across a table it would be a scary scary picture, wouldn’t it!)

  11. This head shot stuff is serious business. My “not a head shot” is a cut out of me from a casual photo with two other folks at the dinner table! I’m getting married next month and I had the bright idea of asking my wedding photographer to take a professional head shot the day before the wedding. But thanks to this post, I have visions of faux glamour shot horror poses dancing in my brain. OMG I am really stressed now :-)!

  12. Love the pictures, Cyndi! 🙂 I’ve always wondered about Glamour Shots. But after hearing some real horror stories on their packaging prices, I think I’ll pass. Thankfully, I have a great photograper in the family. I love not having to leave home. LOL

  13. My husband took my head shots…I’ve been wondering if I need to get a professional one, but I kinda like what he came up with. ??? I love your dimples, Cynthia!

    Are you telling me that’s Keri when she graduated? 6th grade, right? Not high school. Wow! You’re going to look 20 when you’re 40! : )

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