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Welcome DiAnn Mills

Hi Everybody! Please welcome our guest, DiAnn Mills! Julie reviewed DiAnn’s recent book and gave 4 1/2 Hearts. “It was filled with twists, turns, and jabs that you won’t be expecting”….read more And here’s DiAnn!

Romancing the Prince

Fairy tales about a beautiful princess finding her perfect prince fill women of all ages with sweet satisfaction. We all want happily ever after lives with our princes, even when they lose their hair and their middles get rounder. Of course, at the same time, we women maintain the freshness and vitality of our youth.

But do you remember what it was like to experience first love, the innocence of looking into the eyes of a prince who at that moment was our knight in shining armor? I think the guys get shortchanged. They have to suffer the prospect of rejection while wooing the girl of their heart. They can’t use the tools we women have: hair color and makeup, for starters. Instead they have to take what’s been given to them—plus a white horse (or car or truck)—and a fistful of courage. I feel sorry for them!

My granddaughter, who is five, told me about an incident at her preschool. She is in a class of children who missed kindergarten due to late summer and early fall birthdays. They are all fast friends. One day at lunch, my granddaughter saw one of the little boys sitting by himself.
“And he had big tears running down his cheeks, Mimi,” she said. “He was so upset he couldn’t eat his lunch.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Because he was sitting alone. When we sat down, none of us noticed that he wasn’t with us.” Her blue eyes widened, and she nodded. “I made him feel better.”
“So what did you do?”
“I got everybody to go over and give him a group hug. We told him we were sorry that he ended up sitting alone.”
“How very nice of you,” I told her. I was so proud of her.
“I promised him he’d never be left out again,” she said.

Shedding a few tears of my own, I thought on what she had said. For a brief moment, no doubt she had become this little guy’s princess.

Which got me to thinking. In our stories and in real life, most of the time it’s all about the princess, what she wants, what she needs. Maybe it’s time as women we think about flipping the coin, about romancing our princes. Make them feel special for the sacrifices they make. After all, (most of) the men in our lives are devoted to helping us, to making us happy, to solving our problems. To them, this is romance. The bottom line: Everybody needs a little romance. It just could be, that by focusing on our guys’ happiness, we might inspire them to respond to us more with the kinds of gestures we consider romantic

Have you ever turned the tables on your prince and been rewarded in return? If so, tell us about it!

Keri here again. DiAnn, since this is Everybody Needs A Little Romance, what’s your idea of romance?

DiAnn: My idea of romance is when my husband surprises me with flowers or a special gift or tickets to see something he knows I’ll enjoy. That shows me he cares. We all have a love language, and mine is unexpected gifts that take thought.

Keri: sounds wonderful!
For more on DiAnn, check out these links!
Her Website

And don’t forget to look at her release,The Chase

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9 Responses

  1. Beautiful story from your granddaughter! They’re so sweet at that age, as opposed to say, 7th grade? In 7th grade they all would have turned and looked at the kid, thought “glad that’s not me” and taken safe haven with their friends. Terrible, huh?

    I have a 7th grader, you see. I know how angels turn into devils.

    Congrats on the book – everyone who’s read it seems impressed 🙂 I’ll add it to my stack and when I ever come up for air, I’ll check it out. Sometimes it’s hard to be a writer and a reader, huh?

    I really like to explore the heroes in my books – I love misunderstood guys.

  2. Your granddaughter is both adorable and sweet! Thanks for sharing and being our guest today!

  3. Loved this!

    Loved the book, and can’t wait for another!

    I have to say, I’m the same way. I like unexpected gifts that take thought, or simple little things like mopping the floor. 🙂

  4. So glad to have you with us today! Love the sweet story about your granddaughter. What a cutie! Adding The Chase to my list!! Wish you all the best! 😉

  5. What a precious child your granddaughter is! My grandson’s pre-K teacher told me about a similar action he took during a similar situation. Made me very proud not only of him but also of his parents.
    Loved your idea about turning the tables on our heroes occasionally though our romance readers certainly love those Alpha, take-charge heroes:-)
    Welcome to ENALR!

  6. Hi DiAnn! Welcome to ENALR. Wonderful story about your granddaughter. I wish we didn’t outgrow these wonderful actions…didn’t let others influence us like we do. Sigh.

    Turn the tables on my prince? Sort of. He wanted an iPad but didn’t want to spend the money. So I surprised him with one last summer. My reward? Now when he reads in bed (which he does every night), there’s no light keeping me awake! 🙂 YAY A real win for me.

    Thanks for being here today.

  7. Hi DiAnn and welcome to the blog! Such a sweet story with your granddaughter–my heart just pinched!

  8. I love the story you shared about your granddaughter. Mine is three and always makes me smile. The other day I was playing with her and started “pouting” and told her I was sorry for whatever I had done – she looked at me and said “That’s alright Gaga, we all make mistakes” I died out laughing – what else could you do? anyway she then said “I’m glad I made you happy”.

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for sharing with us.

  9. I am so lucky to have the husband I do. We tend not to do big things for each other, those are joint decisions. Except when I couldn’t convince him to go to New Orleans for vacation and I really wanted to visit. Solved it by taking him there for his birthday. Devious and self- serving, I know, but we had a great time and went back again and will probably visit a few more times.
    I think the little gestures are more important. When he was on a crew in the Air Force, I would put notes in his flight suit pockets, his lunch and in his luggage if he would be traveling. I sometimes added a candy bar he liked or baked cookies and included them. There are special meals he likes and I’ll fix them for no reason except he deserves it.
    I think women for the most part are better at picking up hints or catching on when there is something the DH wants. Mine never picks up hints I drop or even when I come right out and say I’d like something. Most women I know say they have to hint strongly and obviously.

    Thanks for an interesting post. And yes, your granddaughter is a princess. I am certain she will likely stay that way and will be discovered by a very lucky prince.

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