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Where I lack complete moderation.

So my sugar cravings have gotten a little buckwild in oh…the last 5weeks or so. Now before someone starts in on gaining my weight back, I haven’t done that. Because I didn’t eat regular food AND sugar. I just ate the sugar stuff.

And my face is a pepperoni pizza. And my hair is falling out. My eyes are dark.

This past weekend I think I lived off donuts. It was good. So good. Right now I’d trade my arm for an Oreo. Even knowing the delicious sugar isn’t just satisfying my sweet tooth and it’s all wrecking my physical appearence, I would still dive in like Scrooge McDuck swimming in his gold (I would love to that. some make a room of gold so I can play in it, please?).

Before you start getting worried, no this isn’t a post about addiction.

It’s about moderation (what, you thought I was going to quit, like forever? pfft.). And my lack of sort of moderation. Because here’s the thing, with things in general, I can’t take or do just one thing and skim the top.

oh no. Go back to that part of Scrooge McDuck. I quit sugary snacks for months. So I can resist, but there was this week in there when I ate a cookie. Or a brownie. The next day it was probably both. Then the twinkies. OMG–the twinkies. little slices of heaven filled with cream! And if I’m having a twinkie, why not a cupcake too?

And comeon. What’s a Payday? it has the peanuts. Even the TV says they’re good for energy with all those peanuts. And oreos. um, I’m dipping them in milk! Calcium for my weak joints, that’s all that’s about baby. Let’s not forget ice cream for the same. And popcorn! whoot! all that whole grain…corn. the box says WHOLE GRAIN on it. Whole grans are great for you! And if I’m eating the healthy whole grains, then that Dr. Pepper isn’t so bad with it.

And wait a minute–we can’t forget about cereals. Lots of cereals. Those are good for you. Cheerios are better, but really what’s wrong with some Fruity Pebbles if you eat the cheerios too. My diet can’t expected to be perfect 24/7!

Then pancakes! Dude, I am just getting started.

Ahem. So. Moderation. I don’t have it. Do you? I make no promises on the state of this post. Because without all that sugar, I’m a walking zombie whose head is one breeze away from falling off.

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11 Responses

  1. I, on the other hand, do all things in moderation. My diet is a perfectly balanced combination of the four food groups: sugar, fat, salt and caffeine.

  2. Oh bread! Don’t forget my favorite food group, Bread! Bagels, bear claws, PIZZA! Man, am I hungry.

    You have my exact issue.

    I am a glutton. I admit it. My favorite movie was Defending your Life with Meryl Streep. You die and go to a waiting place where you’re on trila for 3 days. But during that time? You eat ANYTHING you want AS MUCH as you want, and don’t gain a thing. That IS heaven!

  3. Whew that was fun. And now I want some Oreos.

  4. Well, considering that I just celebrated finishing my book with ice cream, I’ll say moderation is a problem for me. The upside – it was Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Lite with a half-teaspoon of reduced fat peanut butter mixed in.

    I know you’re not supposed to celebrate things with food, but somehow ice cream seemed right 🙂

    Good luck with that moderation. I’m off on a girlfrends weekend this weekend where I will NOT practice moderation. Now if only that royalty check would hurry up and get here to help me out.

  5. I can actually do moderation! It’s not impossible for me to have one small piece of candy as a “lid” on my dinner (my husband’s grandmother’s description). I never eat, like, a whole pie or whole bag of cookies. I can make my Christmas candy last until…let’s see, May! Since I still have a nearly full box of Gertrude Hawk Dark Chocolate Irish Cream Smidgens from my birthday back in December. (All the other candy is gone, though, this is just the last of it. 🙂 )

    Being able to do moderation does NOT mean I’m “good,” however. I still eat too much. It’s just a lot of different junk in moderation throughout the day. LOL

    • I WISH I could do this! really, I do. I bought peeps at Easter. I had 3/4 of the package in 30minutes.

      I can make pecan pie and eat it all by myself in a day and half.

      *wears the cone of shame*

  6. Moderation…I’ve heard that term somewhere… ; ) Oh man do I want some ice cream now. Great post!

    My key to moderation is to think while I eat. I’m one of those people who, if you give me a bowl full of m&ms, will look up and think how in the world did I eat them all. Give me a whole pie, a good book and a fork, and it’s bye bye pie. So I only give myself a little and really try to enjoy what I’m eating. Also, the treat has to be worth the calories. Don’t give me cheap chocolate. Nope, I’ll give it to the kids who don’t know better. If I’m going to be pudgy, it’s on the good stuff. ; ) My husband gave me a bag of Cadburry eggs for Easter. I am proud to say I still have half the bag. It’s only because I put them out of sight, but still, it’s something, right?

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