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With a Little Help From my Friend – Beth Cornelison

Yesterday was the release day for Waters Run Deep, the first book in the Boys of Bayou Bridge series, and the first book I have taking place in my native state of Louisiana. It’s so exciting to bring my readers a new family, a new setting and a new venture into, well, semi-suspense. Here’s the link if you want to check it out  http://www.amazon.com/Waters-Run-Deep-Harlequin-Superromance/dp/0373717768 , but I didn’t want to spend my day talking about my book. I wanted to share a special friend with you….a friend who introduced me to my editor and started me on this entire adventure : Rita-nominated, Golden Heart winner BETH CORNELISON. Thanks for being here with me today, Beth, to talk about what you have going on 🙂

Thanks, Liz, for the chance to guest blog here at ENALR and give my testimony (Can I get a Hallelujah?) about how my great friends in the writing community have supported and encouraged me throughout my career.

I have no doubt in my mind that I would not be the multi-published, award winning author I am today if not for my writing buddies. My friends in the writing community, especially the lovely ladies (and you too, Dennis!) of the NOLA STARS chapter of RWA, patiently critiqued my earliest books and taught me craft of romance writing when I was a newbie who didn’t know point of view from a hole in the ground.  They encouraged me through the heartache of numerous rejections, introduced me to publishing professionals who could help my dream of publishing a reality, and guided me through the minefield of submitting my work to the right people. I remember one published author friend telling me “Never pass up the opportunity to meet an editor!” based on her advice and encouragement, I took an extra appointment at a conference with an editor from Harlequin. That editor ended up requesting my manuscript, loved my voice and stuck with me until we found the right manuscript to launch my career with Silhouette Intimate Moments (now called Harlequin Romantic Suspense).

When I finally received ‘The Call,’ my writer friends celebrated with me over the sale of my first book, complete with cake and balloons, and really understood what it meant to have  reached my dream. My writing friends have been my teachers, my fan club, my mentors and my sounding board for years and I treasure every one of them. It has been my pleasure to give back to each of them the same love and support they gave me.

When Liz sold her first book, I swear I was as happy for her as I was when I sold my own book. I’d been Liz’s roommate at her first RWA National conference, had critiqued one of her first contemporary books, and had introduced her to a certain editor I’d met through other friends earlier in my career. That editor just happened to later buy Liz’s books for Superromance– oh, happy day!!

I’m a big believer in karma when it comes to the writing community.  You get back what you give. I’m lucky to call Liz my friend and hope that I can continue to inspire, support and teach other writers the same way my friends have bolstered me. And in the spirit of good karma, I want to share two opportunities for you to get my books for FREE!  First, my small town romance TRUST IN ME is available for free download at Amazon May 3-7.

Escaping the cheating fiancé and sheltered life her father has arranged for her, Claire Albritton wants nothing more than to take control of her life and learn to fight her own battles. Kevin Fuller believes he must rescue damsels in distress, and Claire is decidedly out of her element in small town South Carolina. When trouble inevitably finds Claire, Kevin’s white knight protection and heroics are exactly what Claire doesn’t want. But his kisses…that’s another matter.

            I’m thrilled to be able to offer TRUST IN ME free for a few days, so be sure to head over to Amazon starting tomorrow and through the weekend.

Want more? Well, then leave a comment here and tell me something special a friend has done for you that meant the world to you. I’ll pick one comment at random on May 8 to win a copy of one of my backlist books (you can see your choices at www.bethcornelison.com) and a sweet treat. (Chocolate anyone?)

Thanks again, Liz, for all you do and your friendship too! Hugs!!

You are so welcome, Beth. I’ve loved having you as my mentor, roomie and all-around good friend, and I’m glad you dropped by to share with us a little about the friendships you’ve made on your journey 🙂 I have to say that I’m surrounded by such a wonderful support system, including these gals here at ENALR. Nothing like people who will buy your books, review them, retweet links and post testimonies about your books. Gotta say having friends makes the journey all the more sweet!


23 Responses

  1. I got to spend four days in the company of a new writing friend last week…Stephanie Feagan. She came up to Montana for a storytelling event I help organize. OMG it was so awesome to just talk books and writing to the point of exhaustion!

    congrats on the release, Liz, and thanks for stopping by Beth.

    • Stephanie Feagan is wonderful, isn’t she? So fun to talk to! I can see why you’d be tired after a writing related weekend. I love conferences. They feel like class reunions more than business. After a couple days of laughing with friends, getting hugs and learning the latest writing scoop, I’m always exhausted too.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog! Beth

    • I met Stephanie once years before…maybe when I was a Golden Heart finalist? Don’t remember, but she was so gracious and warm. Glad you got to spend some time with her.

  2. Hi Beth – great post! And I agree, having writing friends to share this journey with – to laugh, cry, celebrate with and sometimes hold our hand or lend us a shoulder with – is a very precious thing. And your new book sounds fabulous!

    • Winnie! Lady, you are at the top of my list of precious friends, critiquers, supporters and commiseraters! Thanks for all you do! Love ya!

  3. Hi Beth! Welcome to the blog today! friends are a MUST in this business. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this business. Everyone loves helping everyone

    • I agree Keri. BTW have I told you how cute your horns are lately? (in your pic.) Too funny! Thanks for stopping by! Beth

  4. I haven’t been such a good host today, but I was a good mommy and aunt. I’ve been on a Field Trip, a parent lunch and then took my neice birthday shopping. After grocery, drop offs, pick ups, etc, I’m pooped. Still got a ballgame, but, see, friends understand, mostly because they’ve been there and done that. Whew! Thanks for being here today, Beth 🙂

  5. Writing is already such a solo job. Having writing friends is critical (for me). I need the chatting!

    And Liz – Your book hit my Kindle yesterday. it’s at the top of my reading list.

    Welcome Beth. So thrilled you’re taking care of our Liz. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Cynthia! (Weren’t you afraid I’d drink your coffee?) Yes, people, I met Cynthia when I accidentally sat at the wrong table at RWA National years ago and drank her coffee! Oops! But it was a happy accident since I got to chat with her and her friends! Take care, Beth

  6. Beth, what a great post and how fortunate that you have wonderful critique partners who back you and vice versa. They don’t make ’em better than Liz. I know Trust in Me will sell through the roofs:)

    • Thanks Donnell! From your lips (er…fingers?) to God’s ears! Fingers crossed you’re right!

  7. Sorry I missed you yesterday, Beth! No Internet at work, late away soccer game, etc. But you’re SO right about everything! Thanks for being our guest!

    • Hi Natalie- I’ve been following you since our Avid Press days! (Hm…that sounded stalkerish- you know what I mean!) Congrats on all your success! Thanks for stopping by!

      • LOL It’s been mutual stalkering, then! I was so happy when you first sold to SRS, and each new bit of success gives me warm fuzzies for you, because we started out together. 🙂

  8. Glad to have you join us, Beth! And congratulations on your new release, Liz! Love, Love, Love my writing friends! 🙂 Off to check out both books!

  9. Beth, friends are always needed in the writing business. I’ve always get a boost of energy at every meeting that pushes me to write. Only fellow writers know what each other suffer through.

    Your books are great and I look forward to reading your next one.

    Fellow Nola Star

    • Dennis! Good to see you here. Yep, you’ve been putting up with us crazy women at NOLA for years and years. Glad to know we energize you for writing. Take care, Beth

  10. Thanks for the post Beth and good luck with sales on your new book. Hugs and have a happy weekend.

    • THanks C.K. Happy to report the free book promo is going well! Have a great weekendyourself! Beth

    • And the winner of the book and chocolate is…Dennis! Congrats Dennis! Email me your choice of books and the address where to send it and I’ll pop it in the mail ASAP! Beth

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