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My husband laughed?

 I’m on deadline.  I’m working hard.  My son gets married in three weeks, so to say that the romance in my household is at a standstill is an understatement.  But Les is being so great about my work.  He’s supportive, he’s even doing laundry, and while I’m writing, he’s watching a ton of TV.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel guilty.  I mean, when the kids were little, I wouldn’t have left them all by themselves.  But my husband is approaching retirement, so ideally he can entertain himself.  Nevertheless, I should be spending time with him.

So imagine my surprise when I’m in my office working away, and I hear my dear husband on the couch in our den…laughing.  You heard it here, folks.  Laughing and cracking up and having the time of his life.

Well, that was enough to make a writer on deadline rise to the occasion to see what was up.  Before I go any further, I should qualify, my husband is a stoic (non-laughing)  chemical engineer.  But there he was. On my couch, with tears in his eyes, slapping his knee…and laughing.

What’s so funny? I asked, and he pointed to the TV and a new (for me) program called IMPRACTICAL JOKERS.  I couldn’t go back to my work in progress at that point, so I sat on the couch and joined him.  And pretty soon, there I was, on my couch, with tears in my eyes, slapping my knee…and laughing.

At times the program can get kind of obscene, but other times it’s downright funny.  This coming from a woman who hated the Three Stooges.

But the good news is, I’m not feeling so guilty anymore.  I can go back to my office without fretting.  My husband is happy now.  Thanks to IMPRACTICAL JOKERS, which he can watch On Demand, he’s laughing!

For everyone who needs a distraction, I highly recommend it 😉


27 Responses

  1. My friend’s husband just told me about that show a few days ago. He’s also an engineer. Guess we know their target audience!

  2. I’ll have to check it out. My husband’s not an engineer, but he’s an accountant. Same difference. 😉

    But hey, don’t ever feel guilty for doing your WORK that you’re getting PAID for! I mean, does he feel guilty when he’s at work and not entertaining you? 🙂

  3. I’m afraid what I would unleash in our house if I introduced hubby and the kiddos to impractical jokers. And I hate the three stooges too! I’ve never met a woman who likes them. I’m sure they’re out there, but maybe they’re afraid to admit it?

  4. Donnell, I too have never found a woman who appreciates the three stooges–not that I’ve looked all that hard, but I hear from everybody that retirement is hard and takes some adjustment. I am glad Les found something to entertain him and were it another man, I’d worry he’d become a couch potato, but I know your guy loves to run, so he won’t become an unhealthy starchy vegetable. It won’t be long before he gets in the swing of things. From hearing my retired friends’ schedules . . . I don’t have the energy to retire, so I’d better keep writing. Thanks for sharing!

    • Theresa, you’re right. He will never become a couch potato! Thank goodness 🙂 Yes, keep writing and heck out the show. I’m very curious to see if John will laugh!

  5. gag on the Three Stooges, but we love IMPRACTICAL JOKERS. omg, so funny. Those guys really nail that fine line between comedy and too much. It works because they’re such good friends. Sometimes I wish they’d show them revealing to the regular people that they’re on a prank show!

    • Oh, yay, Keri, glad to see we agree on both counts. Yes, kind of line Candid Camera, I’d love to see the people’s reactions. The funniest one I think was when the friends told one of the stars who was working in a bakery to talk to the croissant. You can practically see the red spread up his neck. He pulled the box close and said, goodbye little croissant. Have a good life.

      The customer, who I don’t blame in the least was probably horrified at his breathing on her food, said… I want a croissant you don’t talk to 😉

  6. My husband (computer nerd) has never been as busy as he’s been since he retired. And while I’m writing, he happily takes over the cooking, laundry, and gardening details (still can’t get him to clean toilets or vacuum or dust). It’s been a strange kind of role reversal, but he’s willing and I don’t feel guilty, so it’s all working out. I’ll have to check out IMPRACTICAL JOKERS, though: I’m really getting tired of those endless reruns of HOW IT’S MADE.

    • Kaki, see what he thinks, I think this might be a dynamite solution!!! Your husband is definitely a keeper!

  7. A husband who knows how to entertain himself is such a plus.

  8. My husband is a computer geek and plays games on-line so he does his thing and I have my reading. I hate the Three Stooges too.

    I have not heard of Impractical Jokers but will look for it – Kaki – I know what you mean about How It’s Made he will sit and watch that or Homes by Holmes (I think) a contractor show on HGTV for hours on end.

    Has anyone watched the show that Betty White has where the older people are pranking the younger ones? it’s very funny too.

  9. I did love the Three Stoogies. I’m not familiar with Impractical Jokers. I don’t like shows that play jokes on people where the person being pranked looks stupid or jokes where their scare people. Don’t find those funny.

    However, I have seen Betty White’s new show. Very funny. Reminds me a lot of the old Candid Camera!

    My husband has no trouble “entertaining” himself. BUT when there is work to be done (yard especially), he’s looking for me to help. 😦

    • Cyndi, well obviously the 3 stooges were so popular some women had to love them, right? This show, the people aren’t made fun of in my opinion. The 4 Impractical jokers get it. They’re buddies put them through the ringer. But again humor is subjective. I never understood grown men bopping themselves in the head, etc..

  10. I’ve watched Impractical Jokers a few times. It’s pretty funny. I always feel sorry for one of the guys though. He seems to get the worst of it. LOL I’m always looking for ways for my engineer hubby to entertain himself. I must introduce him to this show. 🙂

    • I agree, Melissa, I commented about one of the guys to my husband, but he was too busy laughing. I do think they’re great friends, at least I hope so.

  11. I’ve never seen that show! But if it makes one laugh that much, I’m gonna check it out 😀 — loved the image of your stoic husband laughing with so much abandon!

  12. Okay, I am definitely checking out this show! : ) And yay for guilt-free writing!

  13. Whoops, Shawna! My “h” was scarce there!

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