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Moving Furniture – Freaking Husband

Wednesday I moved the furniture around in my living room. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? Au contraire, ami. A little backstory…

Some of you know I have bad knees. About five years ago I had a total knee replacement on my left knee. My right knee was crappy even back then, but at that time, the doctor told me I had about five more years with it. It’s now five years…I have an appointment with my knee surgeon next week to assess my situation. But suffice it to say…my right knee is going on me. I am on a cane at times when the swelling and pain get too bad. (No sympathy needed. I brought some of this on myself by my continued heavy weight.)

Anyway, I have a Lay-Z-Boy recliner where I sit to write, watch tv, etc but it’s been making my knee swell and hurt. I’ve decided the seat depth is wrong for me, placing pressure on the backside of my knee. I needed to move to the sofa, which has a narrower seat. However, the way the room was arranged, I could sit on the sofa but couldn’t have an end table. The room isn’t big enough to place a table at the end of the sofa without blocking the entryway. For me to have all my creature comforts near (pens, computer, light, a place for drinks, etc), I have to have a table nearby. This required moving the sofa.

So far, so good. But to relocate the sofa required moving two Lay-Z-Boy chairs, two big end tables, a tray, five lamps, one printer, and one paper shredder. Not a small order, especially given my current orthopedic situation. I talked hubby into helping me move the sofa. I moved everything else, which means hubby has been relocated to a new area in the room.

He is NOT a happy camper. Can you say creature of habit? Holy Hannah! I’ve promised him we’d give it a week. If he is still cranky, we can move all the furniture back to where it’s sat for the past seven years.

So furniture moving? Something you do often or never?

And tell me how I can talk hubby into buying me some new furniture!

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14 Responses

  1. Furniture moving is a bad word here. LOL If hubby even senses I might be needing a change, he runs for the hills. I rearranged my sons room a few months ago. It took an entire month for me to recover. I pulled or pinched a nerve in my neck. No fun! As for talking husband into buying new furniture….you must find a way to make him think it’s his idea! That’s the only thing that works for me. 🙂

  2. I wanted to rearrange our bedroom but no matter how I did it in my mind I would end up with my husband’s tall highboy on my side, which he generally forgets to close. I can see loads of problems there!

    Him suggesting buying new furniture? Not gonna happen!

  3. Oh dang, Cyndi – I want a magnet! Maybe putting THAT on my fridge will make me stop, before I shovel something in that’s doing to put the Bad in my BADonka Butt.

    Don’t even get me started on Lazy-boys. My husband is bonded (almost literally) with his. He had one from the 70’s with brown Corderoy! That wasn’t bad enough – the nap had worn off the arms and seat. And it smelled. Literally. When I finally got to the point of ‘it’ or me, he thought about it – then gave in.

    But he wouldn’t let me take it to the dump. No, he couldn’t stand to let it go. So it lived upstairs (where he never goes) in a spare bedroom (thank God we don’t have many guests) for six months until he couldn’t support the arguement to keep it any longer.

    So sorry about your knees, and your packrat live-in. I feel your pain.

    • My dad had a chair like your husband’s. Took us FOREVER to pry his butt out of that chair and into a new one. Now the “new one” is looking bad. I figure I’ll just let him keep it the rest of his life!

      Husband has a chair that is just awful. Lay-Z-Boy that had been repaired more times than I can count. The springs keep breaking. Plus the seat cushion is worn out. Thinking about hauling it to have it redone while he is gone fishing for a week.

      Send me an email with your mailing address. I’ll send you some goodies

  4. My husband sold furniture for 40 years. La-Z-Boy was his bread-and-butter. Then he retired. Fast forward 4 years. We’ve been trying to furnish the vacation home in Florida. DH has NEVER paid retail prices for furniture in his entire life! I have never heard so much whining and crying from a grown man. And when I requested no La-Z-Boys, you’d have thought I had asked him to give up a leg. I’m happy to report though that the house is furnished. It’s pretty, comfortable–and not a recliner in the place! (Go me!!!:-)

  5. My husband is a rearranger. Every 3 months or so, he’s moving things around in the den, bedroom or living room. I don’t mind so much except when he moves the couches and I discover an archaeological goldmine of kiddie paraphernalia.

    I’d love a La Z Boy rocker recliner! The only rocking chair I have in the house is an old antique that quite frankly is more for sitting than rocking.

    I’d also love a magnet for my refrigerator! I just cleaned it off so it’s looking bare. ; )

    • We won’t even discuss what I found under my couch and around my husband’s chair when I moved stuff!

      Shawna – send me your mailing address. I’ll mail some goodies. Same for everybody else!

  6. My husband wanted the couch under the bay window. Where the cat spends every minute she’s not eating. So, yeah, the living room is nice and open and airy, and the sofa is nice and squished and hairy!

    The rest of the rooms are so inflexible we can’t really move stuff around. Most we’ve done is the kids’ rooms.

    Good luck with your knee appointment!

  7. I know what you mean about the arrangement of the rooms being inflexible. I have the same problem with my rooms.

    and HAHAHAHA on the hairy couch. Since I’ve moved to the sofa for my “everyday sitting”, I’ve been joined by a shedding border collie. “If mom can sit here, I can sit here” is her new attitude.

    I’ll let you know what happens with knee appointment. It’s next Wednesday and I need a Friday topic anyway! 🙂

  8. LOL! I love that cat picture!

    I move furniture a lot. Dh is rarely involved because it makes him cranky during the process and after we’re finished. I’d rather just have the one time cranky session.

    The kid’s room I have moved a lot. I think his bed has been on every wall in that room. something comes out, something else goes in. right now I think he has the most floor space with his furniture.

    I WANT to move my living room around. want to want to want to! the only option for doing that tho involves losing my front window. then I wont be able to see if someone drives up so. *sigh* we’re stuck this way.

    • If I were your age, Keri, I would move all this by myself. But I’ve broken the legs on the couch trying to pull it around.

      And YES on the cranky DH when it comes to moving furniture!

  9. Sadly, I’m like your husband. I don’t want anything moved. I think because my mother moved stuff all the time, I just want it to stay put. Remember Mr. and Mrs. Smith regarding the curtains? “We’ll take they back if you don’t like them,” she says. “O.K., I don’t like them.” He says. “You’ll get used to them,” she says. LOL. He’ll get used to it.

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