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Oldies But Goodies

Okay, I know this is going to say way too much about me, but I just can’t help it. I laughed so hard over the wonderful memories this song brought back I just had to share. Have you ever heard of My Boomerang Won’t Come Back by Charlie Drake?

Let me explain. From second to fourth grade, we lived out in the country in a little wooden farm house on about thirteen acres. Our closest neighbors were a mile away. We actually had a party line and everything. For you younger ones, that is a phone line shared by more than one family. You have a specific ring that belongs to you and you don’t answer the phone unless you hear it. Took some getting used to, especially for a five and seven year old. Ours was two short rings and a long one. I think. It’s been a really, really long time ago. 🙂

Anyway, this meant my younger brother and I had to entertain ourselves. Oh, the things we did and the fun we had. My mom would not be happy if she knew about our little adventures, but kids will be kids, right?

One of our favorite things to do when we couldn’t go outside, was to listen to records and dance around all dressed up in my mom’s old clothes. Yes, I dressed my poor baby brother up like a girl. And he loved every minute, no matter what he says now. Ha! The real fun began when I won about fifty of those smaller 45 record’s from a school fair during one of their cake walks. Awesome! We were so excited and couldn’t wait to get back home. I sure wish I had those records now. They were priceless. And so darn funny.

One of our all time favorites was by Charlie Drake called, “My Boomerang Won’t Come Back.”  http://youtu.be/uoBXAUNU1HE

Trust me. You probably won’t be the same if you dare to listen to the entire song and I do apologize. LOL

There were many others too like: My Friend the Witchdoctor, The Streak by Ray Stevens, and let’s not forget  Swinging by John Anderson. My favorite today because of my middle teenage daughter. The swing in our backyard has become her private get-a-way, her way to recharge after a long day at school. She’s so sweet sitting out there all by herself, I-pod in hand, legs dragging the ground as she’s just a swinging, oblivious to me filming her and the world around her. LOL I got the old infamous eye roll when I let her listen to the song. Yep, it will forever be priceless!

Torture your kids much? LOL Come on, share you funniest childhood memory or song.


26 Responses

  1. “Dead Possum on the Side of the Road.”

  2. There is no way you’re old enough to have had a party line! I only know what they are because of reading books set in, like, the 40s. LOL

    I love My Friend the Witch Doctor! I can’t think of any silly old songs. Does Flying Purple People Eater count? LOL

    • I’m afraid so, Natalie. LOL I can’t believe it either. Oh, how time flies! And we loved Flying Purple People Eater!! I actually have a copy my kids used to listen to. Love those silly songs! 🙂

  3. I had one of those “all in one’ record players children had back in the day that only played 45s. I’m sure no one will be shocked, but this is the very first 45 I bought with my own money, and it got played like *I* was getting royalties from it:

    No one will be shocked, I’m certain. I was 9, what can I say?? Lost this one somewhere along the way, but I still have a stack of 45s in the cabinet. Played hell finding a turntable a few years back, but I did find one!

  4. I loved Ray Stevens when I was young…that song about the squirrel going beserk in the First Self-Righteous Church? Probably my favorite. And I loved all those silly Halloween songs – Monster Mash, etc. My mom had some record that I use to play over and over and it started with “I’m on the Top of the World” and I loved it. I had to take turns with my mom who always wanted to listen to Gary Puckett and the Union Gap Band…or something like that. I can sing all his songs, “Woman….wohohohohohman…have you got cheating on your mind?”

    • Ray Stevens is a character. LOL Him and Weird Al Yankovic kept us in stitches growing up. And I forgot about Monster Mash. Are there even any new silly songs out these days. Geesh…kids today are really missing out! LOL

  5. I needed this today. Thanks to Natalie, I’ve had Hallelujah running through my head and while I love that song, I’m sick of it!

    Oh Liz…Gary Puckett and the Union Gap..what a nice memory!

    How about…Gary Lewis and the Playboys…Love Potion #9

  6. Isn’t it funny, I can’t remember my grandkid’s names half the time, but I can recite all the words of my favorite 45 as a really little kid – Bucky the Buckin’ Bronco. The flip side I memorized too – Rusty was a Rocking Horse.

    Maybe that’s where I got my penchant for the rodeo!
    Thanks for the memories this morning!

  7. I told the witchdoctor I was in love with you (boom, boom, boom). I told the witchdoctor I was in love with you (boom, boom, boom”. And then the witchdoctor he told me what to do, he said…

    Yeah, I think I know that one and listened to it so many times…I had older siblings, so the Beatles, Herman Hermits, and ABBA were played a lot in my house!

    A great flashback this morning…but now I can’t get the chipmunks out of my head! And I have you to thank, Melissa!!!!

    • Your very welcome, Tess! LOL Those chipmunks…what can I say. 🙂 I do remember ABBA too. I must find the witchdoctor and torture the kids a bit more! ha!!

  8. muskrat love. nuff said.

  9. This is so much fun!!! I LOVE oldies! The weirdest? I got a million of ’em. Alley Oop. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight? The Bird. Ahab the Arab. My Ding-a-ling. They’re Coming to Take Me Away HaHa.

    Shall I go on? 🙂

    • Pam, you’ve got me beat on most of these. But the Take Me Away was another all time favorite of ours!! Where did they come up with this stuff? LOL I just have to hear the Chewing Gum one!!

  10. My sister and I had Ms Piggy’s work out on I think a 45! I don’t remember much about it. I would have been 3-5yrs old, but I remember us dancing and laughing and love it so much!

    • I can see you guys now, Keri! LOL So much fun! Don’t know if young kids get to experience this type of bonding today in the I-Pod generation. I sure hope so. It would be kind of sad to miss.

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